Taking it to the End Zone with Touchdown Run for Windows Phone 8

If you're looking for a simple game for your Windows Phone 8 device to pass short bits of time with, give Touchdown Run a try.

The game is about as simple as it can be but challenging enough to make it interesting. With Touchdown Run, you play the role of a football player fielding a kickoff or breaking away from the line of scrimmage heading to the end zone.

You have to navigate your player through a sea of defensive players, without getting touched, and make it safely to the end zone.

The main menu for Touchdown Run has options to view the game's settings and the information/about details. Settings have options to mute the sound and choose which field design you'd like.

Again, game play is simple. The football field is your playing field and your player starts on their own one yard line. Tap/hold the player and drag him safely to the opposite end zone without being touched by the other team. The instance you move your player forward, the defenders begin to run down field.

If you safely make it to the end zone, you advance to the next level where the number of defenders grow. The rule of having only eleven defenders is tossed out the window and there is no breaking tackles in this game. The slightest contact with a defensive player sends your player to the ground and the game's over.

Your player's speed is reflective of how fast you drag him and there are times you have to pause to create gaps in the defense to run through. Graphics are a little on the soft side and for the most part, the game ran smoothly. I did experience a few instances of lag between moving my player and him actually moving. The problem wasn't frequent enough to be frustrating but noticeable.

I can't say that Touchdown Run is on the same level of say.. Madden... but the game is fun, simple and worth trying. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I found Touchdown Run is a decent game for short bits of time but I'm not sure it could support marathon gaming sessions.

Touchdown Run is a free game for your Windows Phone and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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