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The biggest takeaway from Nokia's Q4 2012 earnings report is obviously that Nokia finally turned a profit after deciding to make Windows Phone its operating system of choice on its smartphones. But one tidbit that also stands out is that Nokia officially confirmed the demise of Symbian, saying that the 808 PureView was the last of the Symbian name. Amongst 22 mentions of Symbian in its earning report, a short blurb from the Finnish phone maker put their former platform to rest:

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Nokia's releasing a Lumia-edition of the Nimbuzz messaging app

Although we already have an official Nimbuzz app on the Windows Phone Marketplace, a service that seemingly was more popular years ago rather than in 2012, Nokia is evidently crafting their own take on the service.

In a recent article on Mashable, Nokia revealed that the new Nimbuzz app will launch “this Thursday” for their Lumia phones. The new version of the app was developed in conjunction with Nokia and it is expected to have some design differences with perhaps even more features than the current non-Lumia version.

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Nokia has reached an agreement to sell its Qt app development tools unit to Digia as it focuses on Windows Phone 8 and its future partnership with Microsoft. Nokia will be placing all its eggs into one basket and will be pushing its next line of Windows Phones harder to continue the increase in platform shipping and sales figures.

Purchasing the Qt technology back in 2008, Nokia provided its developer community with tools to write apps for both Symbian and MeeGo devices, but the manufacturer has since halted expansion on both platforms, favouring its partnership with Microsoft and the Windows Phone operating system.

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Nokia surprised many at the Mobile World Congress 2012 event in Barcelona this year by announcing a beast of a smartphone - the PureView 808. Boasting a 41MP sensor, coupled with advancements in camera technology and research by Nokia, the Symbian powered smartphone is set to be a diamond when it comes to snapping those memorable moments.

While the Nokia 808 is no Windows Phone, it's exciting to see how Nokia can stay in the midst of the competition with available resources. It has been confirmed that technology used in developing the 808 will eventually be available on Microsoft's platform (an extension to the exclusive partnership with Carl Zeiss reaffirms this possibility) - something many of us wouldn't mind witnessing. 

The Finnish manufacturer has published a press release (three in one day - not bad) detailing plans to start rolling out the Nokia 808 in select markets this month. The smartphone has received multiple awards, including Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress and Best Imaging Innovation for 2012, and also features full HD 1080p video recording (with 4x lossless zoom).

Would you be interested in a Windows Phone from Nokia that features such a camera, and will you pick up the Nokia PureView 808 just to see how it is? Check out the press release after the break.

Source: Nokia

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Remember that insane Symbian cameraphone that was unveiled at this year's MWC, which blew some of us away? Looks like the PureView camera technology that provided the Nokia 808 with a 41MP shooter has been confirmed to be heading to a Windows Phone near you (check out some of our hands-on coverage to witness what this will mean for consumers).

Nokia's Jo Harlow validated the speculation that the manufacturer would be brining this technology to the Lumia Windows Phone family in an interview with Finnish newspaper Aamulehti. When queried about when we should expect to see such a device, Harlow replied with (rough translation): "I can’t say precisely when, but it will not take very long." Windows Phone Apollo (when we're more than likely to see PureView on Microsoft's platform) just got that little bit sweeter, no? 

This is sure to rock the socks off of both our George and Dan if all goes ahead. Say cheese!

Source: Aamulehti, via: e's phoneblog; thanks damthman for the tip!

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We've played with the Lumia 610 and now it's time for Symbian. But only because the Pure View 808 sports a whopping 41MP camera sensor allowing unprecedented photo taking (not to mention killer audio quality). Allowing you to save in 5, 8 or 38MP photos, it's really quite a technological feat that brought cheers from the crowd when announced.

No doubt, the phone is a bit chunky but what do you expect? To be honest, it's not that bad and we actually like the feel of it in our hands (the thin 2/3 of the body helps in holding it).

While this isn't a Windows Phone, you can bet Nokia and Microsoft are itching to get this on a Lumia, something we'll be waiting for this fall.

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In a happy yet somewhat odd metric of success, Windows Phone sales are on the verge of passing those of Symbian, at least in the UK. The data comes by way of Kantar Worldpanel Comtech who collected data from 15,000 users including which device they are using and if they bought a new one.

The story of who's at top is a familiar one with Android with 36.9 percent and the iPhone at 28.5 percent for installed-base stats. But the site Electric Pig points out, the monthly sales figures are a little more revealing with Symbian crashing from 15% a year ago to 2.8% in January 2012--not at all surprising with Nokia all but abandoning the platform. But Microsoft's Windows Phone has bounced from 0.4 percent to 2.2 percent year-on-year with a current adoption rate which will bypass Symbian's figures in the next month.

Of course passing a nearly dead OS is perhaps not the best thing to celebrate and clearly Windows Phone is miles behind iOS and Android in terms of market share. But trends are important and it seems clear now that Nokia is having a big impact on Windows Phone sales in the UK (Comtech's scores don't break down by OEM, just OS but we think it's a safe assumption).

It will be even more interesting to see Kantar Worldpanel Comtech's numbers in the coming  months to see if the +0.15% per month increase for Windows Phone has increased with Nokia's recent marketing blitz there--those January numbers were just the beginning of that push for the UK.

Read more at Electric Pig; Market photo via Shutterstock

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This is certainly an odd observation, but yes it appears Optus, an Australian carrier, has got their Samsung Omnia 7 packing Symbian according to promotional material (see above). Obviously this is a simple error when creating the sheet, but it's amusing to see the Metro UI being displayed with Microsoft Office and Xbox functionality, powered by Symbian. We bet the folks at Optus are having some giggles behind the scenes.

Source: WinPhoneXAP, thanks Gaille for the heads up!

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Nokia has unravelled plans to attract developers to the Windows Phone platform in collaboration with Microsoft. Keith Varty, head of apps and partnerships at Nokia, told The Inquirer that the game has changed since the partnership between the two companies was formed. Microsoft already has a superb connection with new and established developers, something that Nokia can look to build ontop of.

Varty continues to explain that the manufacturer will offer marketing support to developers, and ways to reach new markets where the company has a strong presence, such as China and the far East. He moves onto say that Nokia is working with Microsoft to create a programme that will help developers translate apps for these multiple markets.

Nokia won't be abandoning those who are closer to home, however. For starters, the manufacturer will run a number of UK based workshops, which will target Symbian and Nokia developers. We've already witnessed what the Finnish phone maker can do with some funds for promotion and product advertising, so it'll be interesting to see how this partnership grows with the software giant.

Source: The Inquirer

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Something that we seemed to have missed at Nokia World (even our one-to-one walkthrough of the extra software never covered this) is the Contacts Transfer app, available to Nokia Lumia owners. The app will allow users to pair their existing Symbian handset to the Windows Phone and transfer contacts across via Bluetooth. These contacts will then be synchronised with the Live ID associated with the phone.

The functionality appears to be limited to contact data and will only work one-way. Once the app has been launched, it will search for local Bluetooth devices, and once the correct device is selected a pairing request will be sent to the Symbian handset. Couldn't be simpler to upgrade to Windows Phone.

Source: AllAboutsymbian

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Own a Symbian device? Curious what Windows Phone feels like? Don't want to go down to the local wireless store to see?

Nokia has the answer. If you have a compatible Symbian device from Nokia you can download a demo of Windows Phone as it appears on the Lumia 800 and take it out for a test drive of sorts.

The interactive demo is just another example of how Nokia is investing heavily with the Windows Phone platform. The demo app has limited functionality but should give Nokia fans a glimpse of how Windows Phone can make life easier.

You can download the Nokia Lumia 800 app here at Nokia's OVI Store. There is a Nokia Phone Selector on this page to let you see if your current Nokia phone is compatible.

via: MyNokiaBlog Thanks goes out to Just Visiting for the tip!

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Developers for Nokia's Symbian system have to make a decision in the future: will they or won't they support Windows Phone apps development? The question is a tricky one as going from Symbian QT to the languages for Windows Phone is not so easy nor direct.

To aide in that, Microsoft has created a whole package of tools, white papers and even a roadshow to help devs come on over. For those who remember, Microsoft did a similar program with Android and iOS a few months back, so this is just a continuation of a theme to lure in new devs by making the transition a bit easer.

The new tools are the following:

Read more at the Windows Phone Dev Blog here.

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Free US Windows Phone Camps

We have more camps being listed so be sure to get your calendars out and insert events. The array of Windows Phone developer camps will be freely available for all. Developers from other platforms are recommended to visit one of the days should they wish to expand their reach onto Microsoft's platform.

We've bolded the two special days in Boston (12-13 October) where the second day will be a hands-on for developing apps and will feature successful developers providing advice and support.

  • 9/20/2011 - Charlotte NC
  • 9/22/2011 - Alpharetta GA
  • 9/27/2011 - Malvern PA
  • 9/29/2011 - Reston VA
  • 10/12/2011 - Cambridge MA (Day 1)
  • 10/13/2011 - Cambridge MA (Day 2)
  • 10/18/2011 - Chevy Chase MD
  • 10/19/2011 - New York City
  • 10/25/2011 - Tampa FL
  • 10/27/2011 - Burlington VT
  • 11/2/2011 - Raleigh NC
  • 11/4/2011 - Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • 11/8/2011 - Orlando FL
  • 11/10/2011 - Coral Gables FL
  • 11/10/2011 - New Paltz NY
  • 11/15/2011 - Blacksburg VA
  • 11/17/2011 - Washington DC
  • 11/29/2011 - Atlanta GA
  • 11/29/2011 - Pittsburgh PA
  • 12/1/2011 - Hempstead NY

Be sure to check out the announcement article over at MSDN (link below) for more information and links to register at each event.

Source: MSDN, thanks minibeardeath for the tip!

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Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has spoken out about when Nokia is expected to be releasing the first Windows Phone handset - Q4 this year. We've previously covered this prediction even though many speculated that it will be delayed until 2012. What's interesting about the above video interview, is how he explains the process that Nokia will launch the device internationally.

Nokia is planning to release the first handset on a country by country basis with adding more over time (this ties in with the Australia 2012 launch mention). The company is currently working with operators in multiple countries including China. He goes onto preach about how awesome Nokia Windows Phone handsets will be, which will hold true with their navigation and map capabilities as well as a history of interesting hardware to ensure the user experience is something new.

Something for Symbian users, Elop mentioned that the company will provide the help and support for Symbian users who may wish to migrate to newer hardware running other operating systems, whether it be WP or MeeGo.

Source: (Bing translation)

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Microsoft and Nokia announced today that they would deliver Symbian software updates called Microsoft Apps. The updates will add business productivity tools for the new Symbian Belle device and further bolster Microsoft and Nokia's business relationship.  Plus give a boost to Symbian's business use.

The apps will also be available for anyone looking to upgrade from Symbian Anna to Belle. The free apps include:

  • Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile – for cost efficient IM, presence, audio and web meetings on-the-go
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast – quick broadcast of presentations directly from PC to mobile
  • Microsoft OneNote – rich note taking with images
  • Syncs with Microsoft SkyDrive. Microsoft Document Connection – single view to documents stored on mobile, including email attachments as well as documents on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 sites.

Expect to see these apps during the fourth quarter of 2011. Additional updates are scheduled for 2012 which will add Microsoft OneNote sync with Sharepoint and native applications for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

source: nokia conversations

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Accenture taking on Symbian through 2016

Nokia are kissing Symbian goodbye in the light of Windows Phone 7 development really kicking off for the arrival Mango. They have now finalized the development and support outsource for Symbian to Accenture who will hold it through 2016. Nokia will move 2,800 employees from around the world over to Accenture through the outsourcing, while their WP7 team remain hard at work for a rumoured October 26th launch.

Accenture will also work closely with majority-owned Avanade, a technology service company, to aid Nokia in the future with a Microsoft technology focus.

Check the press release after the break.

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Nokia in trouble and banking on WP7

Seems Nokia's problems are worsening with each passing day. Their devices are being out-sold and out-preferred, not to mention conditions arising that is preventing the handset manufacturer to provide 2011 forecasts. While they have joined Microsoft with Windows Phone 7, the journey ashore will be a rough one until Mango is here and upcoming Nokia devices are released.

Symbian is a sinking ship, which Nokia has to milk as much as possible, the company said in a statement that their operating margin “could be around breakeven.” Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, said:

"We recognize the need to deliver great mobile products, and therefore we must accelerate the pace of our transition. Our teams are aligned, and we have increased confidence that we will ship our first Nokia product with Windows Phone in the fourth quarter 2011."

Until the time to jump ships arrives, Nokia are to work on adding capabilities to its Symbian portfolio and will up its retail marketing. Do you think Windows Phone enough to save Nokia, and will their WP7 devices sell?

Source: ZDNet

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PocketNow has published a video comparing the different implementations of copy & paste (including old skool WinMo) that takes us through the variations and shows how it's all extremely similar, yet indifferent. A great watch for all your copy & paste lovers. The devices used in this demonstration include the Blackberry Torch, Samsung Galaxy S (4G), iPod Touch and Nokia N8.

Which platform performs the function best for you, and what would you see improved for your choice of platform? Let us know below.

Source: PocketNow

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Nokia CEO (and former Microsoft bigwig), Stephen Elop has told Reuters that they are "right now, today, having people work on the first Windows Phone devices from Nokia." This comes just over a month after the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft was announced. [Edit: Though at Mobile World Congress, it was revealed that Nokia and Microsoft had been working together for "months" already at the engineering level]

When asked about a possible acquistion of Nokia by his former company, Elop sounded doubtful, saying:

 I’m not aware of a strategic interest that Microsoft would have in the rest of the business.

To the extent that a partnership has been formed around what they’re really interested in, then what would an acquisition bring other than a good year of anti-trust investigation, huge turmoil, delays?

Elop hopes to see a Nokia hadnset by the end of the year, but had previously stated that they would realistically be "be shipping in volume in 2012.” Despite falling stock prices and unhappy workers walking out after the announcement, we are excited to see what the two technology giants' partnership produces. Until that time, we only have some concpets dreamed up by Nokia and their fans.

Source: Reuters; Via: TechCrunch

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While Microsoft and their platform are slowly expanding grounds, Nokia is continuing to travel down a negative path with sales plummeting and revenue decreasing. Compared to the glory days when the company’s brand was used to describe mobile phones as much as the term mobile, at present a radical change is required for them to continue within this competitive market. Analysts know this, consumers know this, and more importantly so does Nokia.

Along with countless reports and articles covering a potential join of the hands between Nokia and Microsoft, an investment analyst, who has sent a memo to the CEO of both companies urging them to work together and create Windows Phone 7 handsets, has provided a huge push in a positive direction.

The analyst, Adnaan Ahmad of Berenberg Bank, doesn’t hold back in his note with covering WP7’s (and – to an extent - Nokia’s) competitors and pointing out that he knows both Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop must be “both sick and tired of hearing how great and innovative Apple and Android (Google) ecosystems are”. Moving onto say that “they have hundreds of thousands of applications, growing revenue at 50%+ per annum and gaining market share globally,” and he is absolutely correct in his referencing – but Microsoft already know this, they are in it for the long haul.

Directing at Nokia, Adnaan continues, “I remember the days when Nokia (with Jorma Olilla at the helm) ruled the roost, European market share was above 50% and US market share was in the 35% range.” While quoting what Stephen said in his recent Q4 earnings release, “Nokia faces some significant challenges in our competitiveness and our execution. In short, the industry changed, and now it’s time for Nokia to change faster,” he agrees that now is the right time for Nokia to change (perhaps from Symbian altogether?) and with WP7 readily available in it’s infant stage, now could prove to be the only time for action.

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