'Bollywood Ki Kasam' is a fun entertainment trivia game for Windows Phone

Based on the theory of Six Degrees of Separation, Bollywood Ki Kasam is a fun trivia game based on Hindi films and celebrities that will test your cinematic knowledge.

Fibbage review: An Xbox One game you play entirely with your phone

Fibbage is a multiplayer trivia game from Jackbox Games, makers of the popular You Don't Know Jack series of trivia games. Besides being the only trivia title in town for the Xbox One, Fibbage stands out for its unique control method: everyone uses a phone or tablet as a controller!

Guess That, three trivia games in one for your Windows Phone

Guess That is a collection of three trivia games that calls upon you to identify flags from various countries, corporate logos and celebrities. The Windows Phone 8 game has 21 level packets that total 420 trivia levels of play.

The game has a nice, clean layout with plenty of challenging trivia levels. A slight spacing issue is present with the game screen but nothing ruins the gaming experience. After playing Guess That for a few days, it comes across as a nice collection of trivia images that will test your knowledge and is a fun way to pass the time.

Quiz Bowl, an online trivia game for Windows Phone 8

Quiz Bowl is a fairly new Windows Phone 8 game that has you matching wits online against other players in a friendly trivia match. Quiz Bowl four trivia groups that are filled with eleven trivia categories that include tens of thousands of questions.

You can challenge friends to a game or an opponent will be generated at random to compete against. Each game has about seven questions and you will have ten seconds to answer each question. The faster your response, the more points you earn.

Quiz Bowl is a decent Windows Phone 8 game that is an entertaining way to pass the time with.

QuizBlaster, a competitive trivia game for Windows Phone 8

If you like trivia games, QuizBlaster is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that will test your knowledge and speed. 

QuizBlaster is played in rounds of ten questions and you compete online against other QuizBlaster players to see who can score the most points.  There is a little room for improvement but overall, QuizBlaster is a challenging trivia game for Windows Phone 8.

AppsQuiz, a game that will test your Windows Phone Store smarts

AppsQuiz is a new Windows Phone game that tests your knowledge of the Windows Phone Store icons (or logos) for many of the apps and games that are on the shelves.

The game is similar to the many logo/trademark trivia games (Iconmania, Logoarama, etc) but instead of guessing the manufacturer’s branding you are tasked with identifying a Windows Phone app or game based on its Store icon.

AppsQuiz is a fun game for your Windows Phone.  The game only has fifty levels, which may make it short lived for some, but we are hopeful that the next update will add more gaming to the mix.

Name the TV Show, a Windows Phone trivia game that carries a tune

Name the TV Show is entertainment trivia game for your Windows Phone that challenges your knowledge of television shows based on their theme song.

The trivia game covers television series from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with two gaming modes.  Name the TV Show will track your gaming stats and there is an online leaderboard to let you brag about your show tune knowledge.

Name the TV Show is an appealing, often challenging trivia game for your Windows Phone and is well worth a try.

Masters of Trivia for Windows Phone 8, challenging your knowledge forty-seconds at a time

Masters of Trivia is a new Windows Phone 8 game that will test your knowledge of sports, entertainment, geography and other topics in forty-second speed quizzes.

The game is an online, multiplayer game where you compete against others to see who can rack up the most points.  The pace of the game is quick and the questions challenging. 

We’ve been tinkering with the Beta version of Masters of Trivia over the past few days and have found it to be an entertaining Windows Phone game.  The game is now live in the Windows Phone Store and if you like trivia games, Masters of Trivia is worth a try.

Icomania, Windows Phone trivia takes on a minimalistic approach

Icomania is a Windows Phone trivia game that caught our eye due to its minimalistic artwork. While the game is eye appealing, it's not without challenge though.

You are presented a picture representative of a movie, actor or character and you simply have to fill in the blanks. Icomania is an entertaining option for those seeking a trivia game for their Windows Phone.

History Daily for Windows Phone, keeping track of the past

History Daily is a Windows Phone app designed a lot like those word-a-day calendars. Instead of offering up a new word, History Daily provides you with a historical event that took place on that particular day. 

History Daily doesn't have many bells and whistles, more of a bare knuckles version of the old History Channel app.  Still, History Daily is well presented and can give you a few historical facts to impress others with or simply expand your knowledge of things.

Trivia games for your Windows Phone

Windows Phone Central Roundup: Trivia Games
Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Trivia Games

What year was Julius Caesar born? What cartoon did Mickey Mouse debut in? What's the capital of Ecuador?

If you know these answers you may have a fighting chance at the Windows Phone games in this week's roundup. Trivia games on our Windows Phone can be an entertaining and educational way to pass the time with.

You've got trivia games to identify popular product logos, silhouettes of popular cartoon characters, and your traditional question/answer type games. There's a nice spattering of trivia oriented games in the Windows Phone Store and many challenge your knowledge on subjects that include subjects such as current events, popular culture and history. We picked four for the roundup and if we missed your favorite, sound off in the comments below.

Movies Trivia for Windows Phone, only thing missing is the popcorn

Movies Trivia is a Windows Phone game that will challenge your big screen knowledge. The game has two modes and thousands of questions on over 350 movies that include recent releases and those that are more dated.

Movies Trivia doesn't have many bells and whistles but will test your knowledge of movies rather nicely.

Star Wars Almanac brings the Force to your Windows Phone

While Trekkies will have the Star Trek App, those who prefer the Force over the Vulcan Mind Meld can dig into everything Star Wars with the Star Wars Almanac.

The Star Wars Almanac delivers a ton of Star Wars information to your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. The app covers the main characters as well as those not so well known tid bits.

Trivia Buff, a cornucopia of facts for your Windows Phone

If you're looking for a healthy source of trivia facts take a look at the Windows Phone app Trivia Buff.

Trivia Buff taps into Reddit for the facts and each factoid is verified and has a corresponding article in support. Facts can be shared and Trivia Buff has Live Tile support to display facts throughout the day.

Nokia releases Trivial Pursuit for Windows Phone 8

Trivial Pursuit is a Nokia exclusive Xbox title for Windows Phone 7 devices but was slow to make the move to Windows Phone 8. For those waiting to test their trivia skills on their Nokia Lumia 920, 820 or other Lumia Windows Phone 8 device the wait is over.

Nokia has flipped the switch and Trivial Pursuit is now available for your Windows Phone 8 Lumia device.

Some interesting "Did you know..." facts about Nokia

Nokia is a company with history, there's no denying that. The company has led the way in mobile communication for years, but lost the ball for a while with the rise of the smartphone. Moving across to Windows Phone, Nokia is rejuvenating the brand and developing new technologies to regain its lead in the market it helped develop.

Test your Gridiron knowledge with NFL Trivia

With the Super Bowl just days away, many will begin touting their vast knowledge of the NFL. NFL Trivia is a Windows Phone app that will test that knowledge and may give you a leg up on the competition.

The trivia game is laid out about as simply as you can get with two modes of play, Simple and Trivia. Simple Mode presents you with ten questions and awards you points for each correct answer. Trivia Mode also offers you points for each correct answer but has an endless string of questions.

NFL Trivia may not have many bells and whistles but it isn't a bad test of your NFL knowledge.

Challenge your IQ with Stupid Test for Windows Phone... well maybe

If you have ever wanted to test your IQ, Stupid Test for Windows Phone may not give you an accurate reading but it will test your powers of observation.

Compatible across the board for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices, Stupid Test presents you with a series of test questions to solve. To add to the challenge, you have to find the answer before the timer at the top of the screen runs out. While Stupid Test may not be an approved method to testing your IQ, it will make you say "doh" from time to time. 

Ultimate Cartoon Quiz, name that cartoon character

Ultimate Cartoon Quiz is a trivia game for your Windows Phone that is designed much like Logoarama. With the Logoarama you're given a brand logo and you have to identify the associated product.

With Ultimate Cartoon Quiz you are given a silhouette of a cartoon character and you have to name that character. Ultimate Cartoon Quiz is a decent trivia game just a little short lived.

Logoarama gets another update, adds over a hundred logos

Logoarama has been a rather busy Windows Phone game with regards to being updated. Not too long ago, the logo identifying game was updated giving the game a significant facelift and more logos. It was recently updated once again, taking the game to version 1.4.

The update adds 120 logos to the game, bringing the total number of logos you have to identify to 480. You also get the ability to share the game on Facebook and Twitter as well as the option to display the names to logos you've already identified.  For those not familiar, Logoarama presents you with various product/service logo and it's your job to identify them.

Oh... one more important feature of the update is that in celebrating reaching 30,000 downloads the game is being offered for free. The free offer will only last a few days so if you like trivia games, it might be the time to give Logoarama a try.

You can find Logoarama here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Once the free promotion ends, Logoarama will return to it's original pricing of $.99.