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Windows Phone 7.8 will share the same Start screen as Windows Phone 8 but little else

Although Windows Phone 7.8 is months from release, speculation as to what the update may or may not contain has been a hot topic for current Windows Phone users (see our editorial on the subject here).

The site have a mixed reputation when coming to leaks and rumors, so like anything we should take this latest release with a grain of salt.

The data itself contains the supposed feature set of Windows Phone 7.8 and it is what many of us have come to expect—mostly the same with a few new apps. For instance, Skype is still “only an app” so no new system wide integration should be expected. That’s a technical issue and we’re 99% sure the new NT kernel is needed for those advanced VOIP features to keep it “on” all the time without killing your battery.

For the browser, IE9 will remain on Windows Phone 7.8 while WP8 of course gets the shiny new IE10.  Everything else, as far as we can tell, stays the same for Windows Phone 7.8 users if this list is to be believed. Interestingly, users can expect DataSmart to come to Windows Phone 7.8 as an app. DataSmart is Microsoft's answer for keeping track of your data so as to not go over your allocated plan.

Rumored feature set of Windows Phone 7.8 vs Windows Phone 8

Of curious note, Bing Audio is evidently getting TV support on Windows Phone 8. What does that mean? It sounds a lot like Microsoft has a native solution to IntoNow.

The service IntoNow is a lot like Shazam or SoundHound, it takes an audio sample and IDs the content but instead of music, IntoNow works for TV shows. It then allows you to share that info via social networks so the world knows exactly what you're watching. So far, we have nothing similar on Windows Phone as IntoNow is a small startup and WP is not on their radar. If this info is accurate, it looks like Microsoft may have built this into Windows Phone directly. That’s pretty great of consumers who don’t want to sign up for “yet another service”.

Even though this info may be accurate, due to its source we’ll still treat it as rumor until Microsoft tells us otherwise.

Update: See our in-depth follow up article to the Bing Audio + TV feature

Source:; via WMPU

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Well, if there's one thing we learned tonight it's that a lot of you watch Kiefer Sutherland's "Touch" series on Fox, at least judging by the amount of tips we received. Evidently tonight was the two-part season finale (yes, the show was renewed) and the main child prodigy gets his hand on a cyan Lumia 900. What's more, the scene is fairly long by product-placement standards, resulting in some nice screen time for the hit device on AT&T.

Also note the appearance of the AT&T AirGraffiti app for Windows Phone. For those of you who don't know, AirGraffiti was a concept app from AT&T that allows users to "...leave videos, photos and songs “in the air” at physical addresses for friends or others to retrieve when they visit that location". It's a very cool concept that uses the phone's media resources, social networking and Location Based Services (LBS).

AirGraffiti on Windows Phone?

No word though is that app is actually coming to Windows Phone or AT&T and Nokia are just teasing the hell out of us. Let's hope it's the former as that'd be a very cool win.

Anyway we managed to get a video clip of the appearance on the show--there were two scenes--and we mixed 'em and posted 'em for you to peep. The video is on SkyDrive and if you're wondering why it's not on YouTube, you can blame their Draconian copyright enforcement.

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We last covered a Windows Phone version of the BBC iPlayer back in August last year, where we brought the unfortunate news that the corporation was waiting for the platform to support Flash before they'd attempt to bring the on-demand service to Windows Phone owners. Nokia has now informed The Inquirer that the BBC iPlayer will be coming to Lumia owners in the coming weeks.

Now, first question that springs to mind is how has the team at the BBC got round the no-Flash capability? Second, how long is the exclusivity going to be (if at all) with Lumia handsets? Nokia has been busy building relations with developers and companies to bring across apps to the platform and improve the selection of big brand names available. It would make sense for an iPlayer solution to be made available to all Windows Phone consumers, especially since Microsoft has also managed to get the service live on the Xbox.

That's the good news, and we'll look to update you all with more information on dates of availability, as well as any details on a potential Lumia exclusivity. The bad news in this article, and from the Nokia source, is that a Sky Go app is not looking likely for another few months. The service is a popular add-on for Sky customers and will prove to be an issue until a solution is available for Windows Phone with apps already in the iOS and Android app markets. Unfortunately, no details were revealed for 4OD, ITV Player and 5 on Demand.

Source: The Inquirer

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Nokia TV, a television programme streaming app for Lumia Windows Phones, has been confirmed to be launching in Finland in the coming weeks, according to an announcement article over at Nokia conversations. We previously looked at Nokia's latest Windows Phone OEM app courtesy of

A quick reminder of notable features:

  • View TV shows provided by local networks.
  • Videos can be downloaded to the device (presumably for offline usage).
  • Does not use technology for mobile TV (DVB-H).
  • Search for content / programmes within the application.

Nokia TV is set to be released in the next few weeks, and will then allow Finnish Lumia owners to enjoy programme streaming while on the go with offline functionality (similar to Nokia Music) hopefully implemented. Will the app be released beyond the borders? We're not entirely sure, but we'd certainly be excited at the prospect of Nokia TV expanding to other countries.

Requiring no registration or account creation, the app will provide users the means to browse / search available catch-up TV catalogues from major broadcasters. Mika Suomela, head of TV and video at Nokia, explains the idea behind the service:

"With Nokia TV we are bringing existing services in Finland together in a convenient way. We're making it easier for people to find and watch TV, while supporting broadcasters' existing internet TV business models. Finland is the ideal country in which to introduce this service due to its advanced mobile user base and great existing broadcaster catch-up TV services."

Nokia TV is expected to launch within the next few weeks in Finland only. 

Source: Nokia Conversation

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According to, Nokia is set to launch a new app for television show fans. Nokia TV will be released in Finland with three channels: YLE, MTV3 and Nelopen. The app will enable Lumia handset owners to watch TV programmes via WiFi (or data connection) by searching, browsing and streaming episodes straight to their device.

Some notable features of Nokia TV:

  • View TV shows provided by local networks.
  • Videos can be downloaded to the device (presumably for offline usage).
  • Does not use technology for mobile TV (DVB-H).
  • Search for content / programmes within the application.

According to the report, no information is yet available with regards to what countries will be receiving the app (and when) but it's safe to say that Nokia will be localizing the app for various Territories. Adding to the OEM collection, which already includes Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music, it's looking pretty bright for the Lumia Windows Phone future.

Source:; thank you very much @AngelWZR for the tip! 

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The Lumia 900 AT&T 4G Windows Phone has been spotted in an advertisement that we've not yet come across. What makes this different than the countless other videos we've already covered? It's a unique approach to show off the award winning polycarbonate design, with an emphasis on being "beautifully different" when compared to other handsets. This seems to be the new tag-line for the flagship phone as AT&T is also using it on their webpage for the device.

The AT&T 4G Windows Phone is set to launch on April 9th in retail stores, where consumers will finally be able to pick up their own Lumia 900. Nokia and the U.S. carrier are prepping everything for the release, so we expect the dates to be relatively accurate for early April.

Source: YouTube; thanks Ellis for the heads up!

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AndroidCentral's Phil Nickinson feels the burn

What we thought may be a one-off contest has seemingly turned into a viral campaign by Microsoft. The "Smoked by Windows Phone" contest was started back in CES in January and has since gone to the road with tours and most recently showed up at Mobile World Congress in 2012 and Hong Kong.

Now Microsoft is looking to the expand the coverage and even pushing it to TV--that's right, soon we'll all be able to see Microsoft "picking a fight" with Android and iOS broadcast everywhere. In an interview with Bloomberg, Aaron Woodman, director of Windows Phone revealed as much:

“It doesn’t feel like we’re really pushing apart from the competition,” Woodman said. “We need to go pick a fight.

We’ll do TV spots, the question is where. Microsoft is patient and willing to use deep pockets, but we’re also respectful of shareholder value so we want to pick appropriate countries and spend levels.”

Hopefully we won't be waiting too long as we think this is an effective strategy and would certainly like to see more.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks, Stephen M., for the heads up

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Nice to see the Nokia Lumia 800 getting some air-time, especially up in Sweden who just official launched the device, well, yesterday actually.

The above ad is from Swedish carrier Halebop, which we're told is owned by Telia (the largest carrier in Sweden). We've also been informed that, roughly speaking what is being said in the commercial is  "Dark and cold outside? Then I think it's time for a surprise, a mobile that is also social".

Certainly using the Lumia 800's colors against the black and white snow gives a great contrast and is quite eye catching.

Source: Wingadget SE

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Prime TV finally gets a Mango refresh with v2.0

Fans of Prime TV, the app that lets you track your favorite programs as well as viewing show info, will be pleased with version 2.0 which just hit the Marketplace. First up is the fact that it is now Mango-compatible, bringing many new features. On top of that, certain aspects of it have been redesigned for a more streamlined experience:

  • Live Tile with back flip and background update
  • Option to pin your favorite show as tile
  • Show reminder system with selectable time
  • Option to browse all shows airing that day
  • New calendar view
  • More customizations (group, sort and filter)
  • More shortcuts to mark episodes, sync and delete shows
  • New navigation system for browser through episodes
  • New upgrade system to upgrade from previous version
  • New streamlined organizer to manage your episodes and shows
  • Other Mango goodies such as fast app switching, background update and so much more

The app fetches for a fair $0.99 with a free trial. The new Live Tiles and fast app switching are certainly welcomed and the app is a nice addition if you need show reminders, or just want to see what this week's episode is about. See our full review of Prime TV here as well as a "showdown" with the just-as-excellent TV Show

Pick up Prime TV v2.0 here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Morten and Argenys, for the tips!

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The Walking Dead zombie sweepstakes

Windows Phones are used by the walking dead as well as the living. AMC and Bing are running a sweepstake that will see the lucky winner take part in The Walking Dead season 3. For more information on how to enter and what the rules are, head on over to the sweepstake page below. Note that this is open for U.S. residents only.

Source: The Walking Dead, via: WMPU

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Well, we asked and you answered. After documenting the HTC HD7S on NCIS: LA, you folks let us know in droves that last night on Psych, the Samsung Focus made an appearance.

(Image - 0)' author='Daniel Rubino' original='/sites/' height="229" width="400" />

Sure enough, we got the clip for you and it's actually pretty hilarious. It's still not as cool as the Hawaii FIVE-0 spot, but good to see the ol' Focus getting some screen time. Check out our collection of TV product placements here.

Thanks everyone who tipped us! Keep 'em coming...

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It's no secret that Windows Phone devices like to make cameos on popular TV shows lately. We saw it used on Hawaii FIVE-0 the other day, when we compiled a few examples of SkyDrive and Windows Phone in action.

Now we got word from you folks that NCIS: LA has been making judicious use of our favorite OS. Indeed, the HD7S showed up no less than three times on three different episodes this season. Heck, there's probably more but we only have so much time.

And because we're swell people, we did all the work and compiled those three cameos into a short lil' vid for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to take a look at our growing collection of Windows Phone product placements and like they say here in New York City, if you see somehting, say something.

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We received numerous tips that Windows Phone and SkyDrive were shown off, prominently, on Hawaii Five-0 recently. So we went ahead and found those clips for your viewing pleasure. Turns out they used it twice, with what looks to be the HTC HD7 and while the exact usage of Windows Phone is suspect, we suppose it can't hurt to show off some of those features, eh?

This is the third time, at least, that Windows Phone has appeared on Hawaii Five-0. See earlier last November here and here.

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Falling Skies - Review

TNT is a forward-thinking network. First they picked up the sci-fi series Falling Skies, which comes from executive producer Stephen Spielberg. Science fiction can be expensive to produce so we don’t see nearly enough of it on television. Only a few episodes of the show have aired so far, but it’s already been picked up for a second season. Further showing support for the show, TNT has also released a companion app for Windows Phone. It comes to us from Chaotic Moon Studios, the developers of numerous official apps like Best Buy and FlightAware.

Before we talk about the app, let’s touch on the show itself. Falling Skies takes place six months after a malevolent alien race has conquered the earth, killing most of the human population. A group of freedom fighters, the Second Massachusetts, struggles to push back the invaders while protecting as many civilians as possible. These defenders include the protagonist Tom Mason, a former history professor (played by Noah Wyle); his teenage son Hal Mason (Drew Roy); Captain Weaver (Will Patton) – the military leader of the group; and Anne Glass (the always attractive Moon Bloodgood), a pediatrician-turned-medic. The show features plenty of action and intrigue. Occasional sappy moments, mostly involving Tom’s youngest son Matt (Maxim Knight) may induce groans, but they’re largely overshadowed by the better bits.

Head past the jump for our full review.

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Looks like our favorite mobile OS has, once again, made a quite conspicuous appearance on that hit show 'Castle'. Flashing back, it was only like 2 weeks ago since the last sighting (and then way back in November). On the episode airing May 16th, Castle decides to use his Samsung Focus (though carrier and name are blocked) to snap a photo of some evidence for safe keeping. He then quickly creates an email and promptly sends it to his partners (nice use of Outlook there too).

Overall, we dig these little placements as hopefully it'll sink in eventually with the greater viewing public. Plus, Nathan Fillion rocks. Thanks, @benalewis, for the heads up!

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TVShow goes to v2.0, gets major overhaul [Video]

We first looked at TVShow 1.0 back in March. The app was coded in 30 hours by Rudy Huyn and we walked away impressed.

Now that he's had more than 30 hours to work on the app, he's released 2.0 and wow, is it impressive. The UI has been modified, many more options added (including a customizable live tile), social networking, YouTube and even the ability to choose those awesome backgrounds from your favorite show:

  • Get a quick overview of the all the upcoming episodes for all of your favorite shows
  • Get synopsis, screen captures, rates, news, subtitles, youtube videos and recaps for each episodes
  • Mark seen and unseen episodes
  • be notified right before a new episode of your favorite TV Shows aired even if the app is not launched.
  • Share comments with friends on facebook/twitter and with other users
  • offline mode with cache feature for pictures
  • rate episodes
  • Use your phone as a remote screen for subtitles
  • translation feature for recaps and summaries
  • for U.S. residents only: adjust air date/times of U.S. tv shows to your local time zone

Check out the video above as we give a tour of the features. We're throwing this up there with '4th & Mayor', 'Rowi', '' as must-have apps for your phone. Truly some exceptional development by Huyn. The app fetches for $0.99 in the Marketplace here that has a fully-functional trial e.g. it's like the old 'lite' version.

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Windows Phone first made an appearance on the hit TV show 'Castle' way back in mid November (see here, including video). Since then, we guess he forgot he had it since we didn't see it much...until last night.

Not only was the Samsung Focus (with 'Samsung' blacked out) featured by the main start Nathan Fillion, but also his lovely side-kick Stana Katic (who plays Kate Beckett). In fact, we saw the phone either featured or in the background being used (including once as a speakerphone) no less than four times--and that was us just skimming the show.

Some are calling the "Netflix moment" a little gratuitous and yes, perhaps it is but on the other hand, haters gonna hate, amirite?

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TVShows7 streams TV for Windows Phone [Homebrew]

If you're lucky enough to have a developer unlocked device, you may be interested in this sweet little project happening over at XDA. Martin_S has create a very lite app that enables searching and streaming of most major TV shows. In short, the app pulls down user-uploaded videos, presumably from various video-hosting sites.

Of course such grey-area usage of streaming and copyright concerns means we'll never see this app in the Marketplace, but hey, till then you can continue to flaunt those laws and stream some mediocre quality TV to your phone on the go. The app is still kind of rough and barren--but it does work as you can see in the video above. 

Follow the thread here and use the version in the above video here.

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WP7 Surprise TV Advertisement

This is a pretty neat advertisement on the WindowsPhoneUK channel, hoping to see it aired on ITV every three seconds (notably the worst TV channel on the planet for the sheer volume adverts inbetween programmes). Throw in a British accent that sounds similar to some video game podcasters and you got yourself a winner.

We also seem to be travelling down the route in having WP7 adverts for each network like the iPhone - same advert, but the ending is edited to included o2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, Vodafone etc. Have you seen this aired on the big screen?

Via: Daily Mobile

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Miso TV/Movie checkin app now available

For those who use Foursquare, Twitter and even Facebook (phew), you may have heard of the big "media checkin" apps like GetGlue and Miso. If so, you'll be glad to know we finally get an official version of the latter, Miso, for Windows Phone 7, right in the Marketplace:

Use Miso to check-in to what you're watching and earn points and badges! Add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and connect with your friends. See what shows and movies are currently trending and submit your comments.


  • Use Miso to check-in, track, and share all the TV shows and movies you watch.
  • Connect Miso with Facebook/Twitter to share and see what your friends watch.
  • Search for TV shows and movies from an extensive online database and see what hot new shows are trending.
  • See a list of your favorite shows and how many times you've watched them.

We took the app for a spin and...meh. Needs a bit of work. It looks swell but loading times are long and slow (we never finished downloading the artwork for the Rachel Maddow Show).Coupled with the fact you have to manually search for what you are watching and we're not that impressed...yet. With an update or two we're sure the developers can hammer out any performance issues and make it a little more appealing. Actually though, we're way more interested in IntoNow (see video demo)--it's like Shazam but for TV, meaning you just hold your phone out and it will ID the show/episode for you, then allow you to "share it"  or "check in". That seems way cooler and is rumored to be coming to Windows Phone 7, but no ETA.

Miso is of course free and you'll need to create an account for it. Grab it here in the Marketplace. And go here to learn more about Miso:

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