Give yourself the gift of an 'almost perfect gaming experience' with this 85-inch TV at a MASSIVE $4,000 discount

The right TV can transform your living room, whether you game, enjoy films, or love watching live sports. The Samsung Neo QLED QN900C is a well-reviewed TV that earns its spot as a flagship device from a company known for excellent televisions, but it comes at a premium price. While the current deals on the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C don't make it cheap, you can save up to $4,000. That massive discount takes 50% off the 85-inch Samsung Neo QLED QN900C. 

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900C | was $7,999.99 now $3,999.99 at Samsung

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900C | was $7,999.99 now $3,999.99 at Samsung

This 8K TV upscales content to take advantage of its incredible screen. The Samsung Neo QLED QN900C is a Mini LED TV that creates excellent contrast and brightness. Its Object Tracking Sound Pro system and Dolby Atmos support deliver high-end audio to match the TV's visuals.

Games look great on the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C, thanks to a wide range of features, such as support for 4K resolution at 120Hz, HDR10+, and auto low latency mode.

✅Perfect for: Those who want a flagship TV experience that delivers 8K resolution, excellent picture quality, and is built with gaming in mind.

❌Avoid if: You are on a budget or do not want a massive television.

💰Price check: $5,177 at Amazon

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The discount you can get on the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C depends on the size you choose. It's normal for sales to scale up with the size of a product, but the biggest discount on the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C is massive compared to the smallest. The 85-inch Samsung Neo QLED QN900C is $4,000 off, bringing it down to $3,999.99. That's lower than the starting price of the 65-inch model and below the discounted price of the 75-inch model.

If you don't want an 85-inch TV or want to save some cash, the 65-inch version is $3,299.99 ($1,700 off).

It may seem unnecessary to get an 8K TV in 2023. After all, very little content has native 8K resolution. But the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900C has 8K upscaling that's surprisingly good. Our colleagues at TechRadar said the following in their Samsung Neo QLED QN900C review.

"While upscaled 4K doesn’t look quite as pristine as native 8K, you’ll be amazed at how convincing it looks considering how many pixels are being created in real time by the TV’s processing. Focus on very detailed parts of 4K images and you can see a greater sense of refinement and texture than you see on the native 4K screen."

Despite its large size and the fact that you may have many devices attached to it, the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C does a good job of hiding clutter. The TV has a clean look with a thin frame. It also has a One Connect Box that acts as a hub for all of your connections. It's a bit like a docking station for a computer. You set up all of your cables and connections and then a single cable goes from the connect box to the TV. The end result is a much cleaner look than wires dangling all over the place

A TV built for gaming

The Samsung Neo QLED QN900C has a wide range of gaming features, including Samsung Gaming Hub. (Image credit: Future | TechRadar)

There's a good chance that you're here because you want a TV for gaming. The good news is that the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C ticks just about all the boxes (it doesn't support Dolby Vision HDR). TechRadar said the "Samsung QN900C delivers an almost perfect gaming experience." The television has all the bells, whistles, and features you need to get the most out of an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, or even a gaming PC.

All four HDMI ports support 4K 120Hz. If you have a gaming PC that can handle it, the ports also support 8K at 60Hz. Variable refresh rate, AMD Freesync Premium Pro, HDR10+, and auto low latency mode are all available on the Samsung Neo QLED QN900C.

The Samsung Neo QLED QN900C also comes with Samsung Gaming Hub, which allows you to stream games through services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

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