Minecraft is collaborating with Netflix on an original animated series from the creators of Sonic Prime and Carmen Sandiego

Screenshot from the Minecraft and Netflix animated series announcement trailer.
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What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios and Netflix have announced a collaboration to produce a Minecraft animated series for the streaming platform.
  • The show is currently in development under WildBrain, the studio behind other Netflix shows like Sonic Prime, Carmen Sandiego, and Ninjago: Dragons Rising.
  • It'll be a CG-animated series with an original story and new characters, showing the world of Minecraft from a different perspective.
  • There's no release date for the Minecraft animated series, but it's now confirmed alongside the upcoming live action Minecraft movie.

It's apparently not enough for Minecraft to be turned into a live action movie — it also needs to be an animated TV series. Announced as a part of Minecraft's ongoing 15-year anniversary celebrations, Mojang Studios and Netflix have revealed that an original animated Minecraft series is currently in the works, and will release exclusively on Netflix in the future.

Mojang Studios is keeping its cards close to its chest for the time being, only providing a few tidbits of information alongside the short teaser trailer you can view below, but we do know that the original show is being developed by WildBrain, the CG-animation studio most known for its other original Netflix shows like Sonic Prime, Carmen Sandiego, and Ninjago: Dragons Rising.

The Minecraft animated series will tell an all-new story with an original cast of characters, giving viewers another perspective into the Minecraft universe. How long the show will be or even whether it'll be a limited series is unknown — we don't even know when to expect this Minecraft TV show to release. It joins the upcoming live action Minecraft movie (starring Jack Black and Jason Mamoa), which is expected to arrive sometime in 2025.

Personally, I believe an animated Minecraft series makes a lot of sense, given the breadth of stories that can be told within the universe and its iconic visual style. This won't be an interactive experiment like Netflix's Minecraft: Story Mode, though; this will be a proper, full-fledged show. I'm definitely interested to see what WildBrain, Mojang Studios, and Netflix are able to turn out, and I know my daughter is going to be very excited to hear about this.

In other news, there are rumors that Minecraft may be coming to Steam at some point in the future. On top of that, the best Xbox game is gearing up to release its Minecraft 1.21 content update to all players, which will include new features, mobs, and improvements. You can learn more about the update in our Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update FAQ.

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