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Weekly Software Wrangle 22

It's time for Software Wrangle 22 and we have a bunch of apps to rope in today. Whether you're looking for some new software, need to update some existing software, or want some free apps, take a few minutes and check them out!

This week, WM Standard new software is Spb Online Games and LoanCalc. Updated software includes Bankarama and DVD Catalyst 3. The free app this week is Vibrate On Connect.

WM Professional new software are exoVirusStop antivirus and Halma Sharp. Updated software includes VsNotepad 2 and IM+ Instant Messenger. Freeware is Remote Touch Beta.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Spb Online Games Smartphone v1.1 by Spb Software House. Want to get your game on with other real people online, all from your smartphone?

Spb Online Games is a pack of casual multiplayer online games. Play English Checkers, Russian Checkers, Hexagon and Reversi with real people in real time.

Features: - Two types of Checkers, Hexagon and Reversi - Play with real people - Easy to play casual games - No configuration

Updated: Silverlight turns 2.0 on Tuesday

Well how about that. Silverlight's getting the upgrade to the big 2.0. (Guess these guys won't be coming to the party.)

Says Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet:

Microsoft officials said Silverlight 2 will be available for download from the company’s Silverlight site starting on October 14. They also said that anyone using a beta version of Silverlight 2 or Silverlight 1 will be “automatically upgraded” via Microsoft’s various patching systems to Silverlight 2 in the coming months. (However, users will be able to block the Silverlight 2 download if they decide to do so.)

Microsoft's alternative to Adobe Flash has had its share of ups and downs, but it's still alive and kicking and hopefully a step closer to actually making its way onto a mobile device. And for proof that they're actively working on it, we again turn to Ms. Foley, who updated an earlier blog post stating that Silverlight for mobile would be a topic at this month's Professional Developer's Conference.

“In this demo-filled session learn how to extend your existing Silverlight 2 applications to work on Windows Mobile and how to build rich mobile Silverlight apps that access device peripherals such as camera; GPS or WiFi or the radio stack for location; as well as mobile web services. We also talk about tooling enhancements in Microsoft Visual Studio that support Silverlight app development on Windows Mobile, what to consider when delivering eye-popping UI on mobile, and help you understand the key differences from developing Silverlight apps for the desktop.”

That sounds like it's a lot farther than tinkering around in the ol' garage. Anyhoo, while we wait for the mobile goodness teased to lo' those many moons ago, snag the updated Silverlight on Tuesday and keep your fingers crossed that we'll see something when Windows Mobile 7 finally sees the light of day.

Update: It's heeeeere. Have fun.

Spore available on Windows Mobile

Can we say, "This sure took long enough?"

You can now download Spore for your Windows Mobile device. [via]

In case you've been living under a rock, it's essentially Sim Universe. Create a creature and guide it through five stages of evolution.

Price: $9.99 from Handango - and hopefully other retailers later. (A dollar off if you're part of "Club Handango.") You can also try it from the Spore mobile site.

Availability: Windows Mobile Pro and Standard devices. Nobody's left out.

Except, wait ... CrackBerries?

'Oops, I'm Late' now tweets and, er, Facebooks

If rule No. 1 in business is "Location, location, location," rule No. 2 should be "Your butt better be on time."

Consider the following:

You're on your way to an important meeting full of important people, but there's just no way you're going to get there on time. If only there were a way to discretely — or, not so discretely — let a colleague know you're on your way, but running late.

Enter "Oops, I'm Late", which uses your GPS (built-in or Bluetooth) to determine if you're going to make it to your appointment on time. It's recently been updated Version 1.2.2 with support for Twitter and Facebook, and it's now available for free, if you don't mind putting up with some third-party advertising.

More on the application, those third-party ads, pricing options and our (brief) concerns after the jump.

The application

We were fans of "Oops I'm Late" after our first taste of it more than a year ago. The basic premise is this:

Take an appointment. The app attempts to automatically find its location with Yahoo maps and It initially thought my HR Conference Room was in eastern Europe, but whatever. You can help it out with the address.

You then designate who you want to notify in the even that you're going to be late. That can be one of your contacts by SMS, or you can go hardcore and let everyone know you're behind schedule by posting on Twitter of Facebook.

We'll stick with the personal touch, for now, thanks.

"Oops I'm Late"  then uses your GPS to determine where you are, how fast you're moving and whether you're going to get to your destination in time for the appointment. If you're not, it fires off a customizable message and gives the recipient an ETA. Here's the default:

Time is very important, both yours and mine. If possible, I attempt to be on time, but cannot always control traffic; this message is intended to inform you. I'm running late but will be there in a moment. Current ETA: %ETA%. Thanks. %SYSOwnerName%

Actually, these messages are stupidly (as in holy crap!) customizable, calling on your phone's system properties to plug in the variables. We're not quite talking constant updates to twitter as to your location/status, but it's close. Here's another example, from

Sitting in my office and am 0.13 mi close to 7-Eleven. Likely to arrive 5:10 PM. My battery is only at 86% full. I haven’t read 39 emails.

It takes a few clicks to get everything set up. But once you get the hang of things, it at least becomes a little quicker (natch).

Advertising on the free version

When I first launched "Oops, I'm late," I was prompted to install a third-party app called Soma Launcher. Needless to say, this caused some hesitation and seemed to scream "Malware!" — and not as in, "Hey, Malatesta's got this great program ..." After all, we began this adventure to test out a free app, which any self-respecting Windows Mobile user will do before forking over any money.

After doing a  little digging at, it appears that the Soma software is just a means to push advertising to a specific application (or applications) on your phone. Check out more at their Web site, but here's the company line:

Smaato Inc. is an ad-enabler for mobile phones, pioneering with its mobile advertising platform SOMA™ (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) for the delivery of targeted mobile advertising. Smaato is partnering with international brands, advertising agencies, media companies, carriers and software developers for its cutting edge mobile advertising platform.

With its services Smaato addresses the rapidly growing mobile advertising market. Research company Informa Telecoms & Media predicts over US$11.35 billion of advertising spend on mobile channels by 2011 (informa research September 2006).

Silicon Valley based Smaato provides smarter, ad-enabled choices for global mobile phone users in their daily communication needs. Smaato News is an ad-enabled mobile RSS newsreader and ad-enabled Smaato Cost provides mobile cost control in real time. Independent software developers and content publishers are invited to use the open SOMA™ mobile advertising platform for their own mobile applications.

From the looks of things, this could have legs. There are beta clients for the iPhone and Android platforms, and Symbian S60, Java, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Palm clients are already up and running.

The question is: Just how much free advertising are you willing to put up with to us an application for free? You already see it in iPhone apps, as well as in gaming consoles such as the xBox.

The big difference here is that you have to consciously download a third-party application to do it, and that's when the hesitation comes it. Force-feed me free advertising, and I'll grudgingly swallow it. Give me a choice, and I'll likely eat elsewhere.

The bottom line

Fortunately, you don't have to put up with the free advertising — and that said, other than having to load an application just for ads, their placement within "Oops, I'm Late" is clean and for the most part non-intrusive.

And if you want to skip the ads altogether, there are several pricing options (Windows Mobile Standard and Professional): Add supported (free); Economy ($4.99); Standard ($14.99); and Professional ($24.99.) The features unlocked in each pricier version are a bit numerous, so check out the Web site for the full deets. Be forewarned: You can't send e-mail notifications that you're late unless you buy the full professional version.

The real bottom line here is that the app works. If being late is a problem for you, and you need to discretely alert someone that you're on your way, "Oops, I'm Late" will do it. If you're not prone to gridlock or procrastination, you can probably live without.

Or, you could just get your butt there on time.

Weekly Software Wrangle 21

Welcome to Software Wrangle 21! Although the days are getting shorter, there's still time to saddle up and wrangle some software before the sun sets! So draw your WM phones from their holsters, check out these apps, and do some downloading!

This week, WM Standard new software is Chronos Alarm Clock for SPV v3.9.6 and Spb Online Smartphone. Updated software includes 8 in 1: Arcade Park for Smartphone and PDATuner PRO LIVE Online Radio & Tv. The free app this week is CellSpin.

WM Professional new software are Oxford Beginner's Chines Dictionary and DiabeticDiary Free Beta. Updated software includes Airscanner Mobile Firewall and Diamond TV v2.0. Freeware is TodayAgenda v1.5.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Chronos Alarm Clock for SPV v3.9.6 by Activekitten Ltd. If the standard clock you have on your WM smartphone doesn't give you all the functionality you need, you can try Chronos Alarm Clock for a richness of features.

Chronos fills a gap in PocketPC operating systems by offering an unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound and time settings. You can select the sound file and volume. MP3 and OGG files are supported. Two countdowns with lap times lets you track time spent on certain task. A skin-able clock with screensaver and chime sound allows you to have better control over your time.

Get Chronos Alarm Clock for $14.95 here.

The next new WM Standard app is Spb Online Smartphone v1.0 by Spb Software House. This app gives you a little bit of everything to enhance your smartphone online experience.

Mobile TV, radio, news, weather and online games combined in one application with breakthrough usability optimized for smartphones.

Features: - TV: IP-TV with usability optimized for mobile devices - Fast channel switching - Picture-in-picture - Integrated TV guide - On-screen controls - Radio: Hundreds radio stations - Finger friendly interface - Built in radio stations catalog - Real time radio streaming - Online Games: Casual multiplayer online games - Much more.

Get Spb Online Smartphone v1.0 for $29.95 here.

WM Standard: Updated

8 in 1: Arcade Park for Smartphone v1.5 by Hero Craft is our first updated software for WM Standard this week. Not a bad deal to get 8 games in one package!

The Arcade Park collection has been carefully designed to revive legendary games from the past - this pack represents great value with 8 arcade games in one! Classics such as Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter and Galaxy Invaders are available alongside military games Real Tanx and Riverside Assault.

Features: - Eight different games in one collection - High-quality animation and graphics - Various game modes - Many bonuses, enemies and surprises - Customizable controls - The chance to create a record for inclusion in the hall of fame

Get 8 in 1: Arcade Park for Smartphone v1.5 for $14.41here.

PDATuner PRO LIVE Online Radio & TV v3.3 by Beta3 is the next updated app this week. How would you like to stream all kinds of media to your WM smartphone without using up a bunch of your memory?

PDAtuner - LIVE Music, Online Radio & TV. Over 2300 channels - Online - updated weekly online - no upgrade costs - NO download required - save on memory - uses your existing Windows Media Player or any of the free mp3 players! - Visit PDAtuner com on your pda/smartphone to see all channels available.

Features: - LIVE Music, Online Radio & TV from around the world on your Phone - Over 1000 US & Canadian streams - Over 1000 international (Non US) streams - Channels categorised by Country, State... - Fully searchable - Channels grouped by genres - 60s70s,.. Contemporary, CHR, Christian, Classical....News, Sport - over 30 genres - Windows Media and mp3 formats listed giving you the widest channel selection - NO download required - save on memory - and much more.

Get DATuner PRO LIVE Online Radio & TV v3.3 for $11.90 here.

WM Standard: Freeware

The free app for WM Standard this week is CellSpin at Do you like to blog and want to get your mobile blogging groove on?

CellSpin is a FREE and easy to use mobile blogging app that lets you blog photos, audio, video, and text to Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, Live Journal, MySpace, and more!

Things you can do with CellSpin: - Voice blogging - Photo blogging - Text blogging - Video blogging - Use CellSpin as a voice notes application - Use the Select Media button to select and post pre-existing media from your phone - Use MySpace and Facebook MoBlog applications from CellSpin. - And more!

You can get CellSpin for Free right here.

WM Professional: New

The first new WM Professional application for this week is Oxford Beginner

Weekly Software Wrangle 20

Welcome to Software Wrangle 20! There are several new, updated and a couple free apps to feature today.

This week, WM Standard new software is ExpenseIt and Farkle. Updated software includes Extreme Agenda - Your Organizer and mDesktop. The free app this week is FetchIt!.

WM Professional new software are Vehicle Master and MASPware GuardMobile. Updated software includes BlackJack Deluxe and Pocket Mechanic Professional. Freeware is Tiny Twitter v1.8.4.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is ExpenseIt by Cohosoft. If you are a business traveler and need to keep track of your expenses for reimbursement, then this may be a must-have app for your WM Smartphone.

Information such as a description, category, amount, city, payment method, attendees, notes, etc. can be entered for each expense item. A trip summary screen will display all trips in the main database with a total balance and user-defined status.

ExpenseIt also has the ability to export selected trips in HTML report format for viewing or printing from a standard web browser. In addition, CSV files can be created for importing into an MS-Excel spreadsheet.

Get ExpenseIt for $16.95 here.

The next new WM Standard app is Farkle by Escape Gameworks. Want a fast-paced game of chance that's fun to play when you have a few extra minutes, like standing in the DMV line?

Escape Gameworks is excited to bring you our first game for the Windows Mobile platform. Based on the popular dice game of the same name, Farkle consists of six dice rolled and held in combinations of three or more to score points. Rolls with no scoring dice are "farkles" and cause you to lose your points and your turn. The first player to reach the goal score of 5000 or 10,000 points wins!

Get Farkle for $9.95 here.

WM Standard: Updated

Extreme Agenda - Your Organizer v3.41 by Birdsoft is our first updated software for WM Standard this week. How 'bout pumping up your Windows Mobile PIM on some serious steroids?

Extreme Agenda features Powerful Agenda Views, Photo Contacts, Todos, Search, and even Notes and a Secure Wallet in one easy to use package!! And with complete customization and great high-end features found only on other platforms you can't go wrong.

And now we have taken Extreme to the Extreme in new Version 3.0 with a Project view, Innovative Spinner Selection screen, timeline week view, and so much more.

Get Extreme Agenda v3.41 for $24.95here.

mDesktop v2.0.2 by MotionApps is the next updated app this week. Enjoy the convenience of having your Smartphone on your desktop and controlling it fully with your PC.

Integrate your smartphone with your PC via mDesktop and make calls, send SMS messages and use your smartphone's data and applications from your PC's big screen and keyboard in a comfortable, practical, fun and user friendly way.

If your smartphone is your favorable medium of communication, mDesktop will clear the channel and make your work easier and more comfortable.

Get mDesktop v2.0.2 for $19.99 here.

WM Standard: Freeware

The free app for WM Standard this week is FetchIt! at

The fast and easy way to get news, sports, entertainment, blogs and podcast on your Smartphone.

Features: - Any RSS, ATOM or Podcast feed will work. - Speed Reader. - AideRSS PostRank News Filtering. - The Latest Worldwide Weather. - and much more.

You can get FetchIt! for Free right here.

WM Professional: New

The first new WM Professional application for this week is Vehicle Master from PPC Utils. With the dollar sinking and gas hovering around the ZOMG! level, it's not a bad idea to use an app like this to help you track your vehicle expenses to better help you budget and manage your money.

Vehicle Master enhances the performance of your vehicle and trips by managing Dealer, Fuel, Repairs & Services, Breakdown, Expenses, Alarm Reminder, Check List, Emergency Kit, Parking Manager, Trip, Preference and attractive icons.

Features: - Increase the performance of vehicle. - Manage 'N' number of vehicles and trips. - Vehicle Master integrated with multiple functionality. - Manage your vehicle picture. - and more.

You can get Vehicle Master for $19.99 here.

Next up is MASPware GuardMobile by MASPware. What if your precious WM device falls into the wrong hands?

MASPware GuardMobile is a security and control system for Windows Mobile devices. Its a silent, hidden program, which (e.g. after a theft) executes commands remotely initiated by the device owner.

Some examples of what you can do with this app: - Initiate an alarm and lock the device - Locate your device (GPS receiver is required) - Hard reset remotely to erase all data! (Use carfully!) - and more.

You can get MASPware GuardMobile for $14.95 here.

WM Professional: Updated

The first updated WM Professional app this week is BlackJack Deluxe v1.01 by Deluxeware. Hone your Blackjack skills on your WM device before you ever set foot inside a casino and lose your hard-earned dough!

Black Jack Deluxe is the first computer Black Jack game to accurately simulate Casino-style play while also offering features that will help you become a more skilled Black Jack player - essential for beating the house in a real-life Casino environment.

Features: - Enhanced digital music and sound effects - 2 types of play : Quick play, Career - Excellent 16 bit graphics - 3 casino for play - Statistics

Pick up BlackJack Deluxe v1.01 for $9.95 here.

Next up is Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.95 by Wizcode LLC.

Frustrated by annoying Pocket PC crashes, freezes and slowdowns? Try Pocket Mechanic Professional Mobile beta goes live

Last month we reported that the Mobile beta would be coming this month, and here it is. [via]

When you hear the word "Photoshop" you immediately think photo editing. Let that thought go. Basically what you get here is yet another way to view photos on your phone, upload them to the Cloud and share them with friends. The 5 gigs or free storage we previously reported, however, apparently has shrunk to 2 gigs.

One nice feature, however, is the ability to automatically upload photos from your phone to, but that certainly could be fraught with danger as well. Once your pics are in the Cloud, you can edit them at, and from there you can send them to other services, such as Flickr.

The beta currently is only open to the Motorola Q9h and Q9m; Samsung Blackjack I and II; and the Palm Treo 700w/wx and 750w.

If you're already signed up at, you can go to from your phone to download the app. Otherwise, check out the Web site, and be sure to swing by the informative video.

Weekly Software Wrangle 19

Fall is here, and it's time for Software Wrangle 19! Throw on your horse blanket, saddle up, and get ready to lasso and wrangle some Windows Mobile apps!

This week, WM Standard new software is Dashwire and Business Professional Ringtones. Updated software includes Elecont Weather and Tank Ace 1944. The free app this week is WeatherBug Direct.

WM Professional new software are Meon and Lyma Power Budget. Updated software includes MeTeoR Digital Multi-Track Recorder and Efficasoft Outliner. Freeware is Media Remote v1.00.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Dashwire. Dashwire makes it easy to connect your mobile device to your desktop or laptop and the web.


AT&T's October launch sheet leaked

The wily Boy Genius has snagged himself a copy of AT&T's roadmap for the next month or so, and we learn a couple of things.

That's about it for Windows Mobile devices. Of note is that the BlackBerry Bold now has an estimated release date of November, and the original Samsung Blackjack has been placed on the End of Life list.

Update: (From Dieter): As I noted on this story at TreoCentral -- note what's still absent from AT&T's roadmap: The **Treo Pro**.

Google Maps Mobile gets Street View - but you don't

";" alt="">

Ever have that rich cousin who always seemed to get the coolest toys before you? We're kind of feeling the same way right now. Our blogging brethren over at were the first to get their hands on the BlackBerry Bold (and we're really hoping they're not the ones who ponied up the $17,000 on eBay for that Javelin).

Now they get to enjoy Street View and walking directions on their phones. (For that matter, so do Symbian users. Don't even get us started on that one.)

Yeah, yeah, it'll probably be available on Windows Mobile soon enough. And it's surprising that iPhone users haven't yet called for a Congressional hearing. The app version that appears in the video is 3.1.0; my just-updated WinMo version is

So enjoy your fancy Street Views, CrackBerry users. Enjoy your walking directions. If you need us, we'll be wandering around aimlessly using Windows Live Search.

Weekly Software Wrangle 18

It's hard to believe that September is already half over, and it's already time for another Software Wrangle. See what's new, what's been updated, and what's available for free for your Windows Mobile device. Let's get started!

This week, WM Standard new software is Sunnysoft Calling Card and StyleTap Platform for Smartphone. Updated software includes MemoryUp Professional - Mobile RAM Booster and TerraTrack Recorder. The free app this week is mDiamondz.

WM Professional new software are AudioBay Podcast Player and SMS Reports Eraser. Updated software includes phoneAlarm and VsNotepad 2. Freeware is Stopwatch v1.0.1.

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Sunnysoft Calling Card - Smartphone v1.1 from Sunnysoft. Do you travel much internationally? If so, you may look into using calling cards for your cell service if you aren't doing so already.

This application handles the whole process of using prepaid calling cards to make cheaper calls for you. All that without having to type in a single number.Just choose the destination number you want to call directly from your Contacts list.

Features: - Quick management of calls with ANY type of prepaid calling card. - Create profile for your prepaid calling card (define name, PIN number, your provider etc) and define call sequence (describe step by step how the call will be made). - Enables creating as many profiles and sequences for as many calling cards as you wish. - Supports any service provider or operator. - Automatically detects your location (where you are currently) to choose type of call you need to make (International or Local etc.). - and more.

Get Sunnysoft Calling Card for $18.00 here.

The next new WM Standard app is StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile Smartphone v1.1 by StyleTap, Inc. Did you migrate from a Palm OS device into the Windows Mobile world? Do you miss some of your favorite Palm apps?

StyleTap Platform is a Windows Mobile application that creates a virtual runtime environment that enables you to run most applications for the Palm OS

Just how important is your phone, er, spouse?

"I love my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while." - Groucho Marx

Chances are if you're reading this, you're pretty passionate about phones. There's also a good shot that you're sitting in your underwear, eating cold Chinese food, but that's neither here nor there.

But there can be too much of a good thing, as evidenced by a recent survey of "workplace professionals." [via]

Apparently 87 percent of you take your, er, devices into the bedroom, according to the findings by Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. (Yes, insert your own "I leave it on vibrate" joke here, filthy reader. And for our money, we're betting it's mostly CrackBerries.)

What's worse:

In a potentially related finding, more than one-third of folks surveyed (35%) say if forced to choose, they’d pick their PDA over their spouse!

Gasp, indeed!

So to help you make your decision, we've worked up a handy questionnaire to help with your decision. Click through for more. (And for the record, tonight was General Tso's Chicken.)

Your significant other uses:

Your S.O.'s wireless plan includes

  • Everything unlimited (+10)
  • Unlimited nights/weekends, 200 texts, "unlimited data" (+5)
  • Plenty of minutes and texts, but just 5 megs of data (+3)
  • Bare bones minutes & data, pay-per-text (0, but they're probably smarter than you think)
  • No data (-10)

Your S.O.'s mobile browser of choice

  • Skyfire (+10)
  • Safari (+10 - So sue us. It's good.)
  • Opera Mobile 9.5 beta (+7, but add +3 if the device actually has the muscle to run it well)
  • Opera Mobile 8.65 (+5)
  • Blazer (+3)
  • Pocket IE (0)

For music, your S.O. uses

Bonus question: ARPU stands for

Your score

  • 50 to 60 - They're a keeper. And probably as big a nerd as you. And that's a good thing.
  • 30 to 50 - There's potential, but you have some work to do.
  • 10 to 30 - Outlook not so good.
  • 0 to 10 - You're better off with your phone in bed.

Full disclosure

This Windows Mobile user/writer is in the midst of celebrating his fourth anniversary with his Palm OS, Treo-using wife, and he bought her a new iPod Touch for an anniversary present. Do the math on that one. And, it's laying on the nightstand.

HTC Touch Cruise reportedly getting a 6.1 upgrade

The HTC Touch Cruise - the keyboardless follow-up to the Touch and precursor to the Touch Diamond - never managed to officially made its way into the United States.

And while that didn't stop people from importing the device, tempers have flared as we've seen other phones in the HTC family receive update after update, most noticeably the Touch receiving updates to Windows Mobile 6.1, and the Diamond getting multiple ROM fixes.

Finally, it appears that the Touch Cruise will get some 6.1 love, at least according to HTC's Twitter feed.

@danyw We're in the process of making sure the Touch Cruise upgrade is rock solid. It should be ready for release soon!

So congrats, all you Touch Cruise owners. Looks like you have just a little bit longer to wait.

Via Mobile Tech Addicts

Power up your texting with PowerSMS

Looking for a way to make sending text messages a little easier? Give PowerSMS a shot.

The free app is still in beta but is very well put together. With it you can:

  • Note to Self: Quickly send yourself a text message without having to lookup your own name first. Makes sense.
  • Group message: Just like it sounds. Set up groups and send them messages.
  • Auto reply: Again, just like it sounds. Set it and forget it.
  • Schedule SMS: Write a text and schedule it for later delivery.
  • Cool stats: See how many messages you've received in a given time frame, average per day, most active day, most active hour and who you text most. You're probably aware of these stats, but it's a quick way for a soon-to-be-ex loved one to check up on you.
  • Backup and restore: Hang on to those texts, or export as a .csv or .xml file.

Pretty handy stuff. The only thing I'd like to see added is the ability to send pictures, but that'd make it PowerMMS, now wouldn't it?

Check out more at the Trinket Software Web site, or download the CAB file directly here.

And for more SMS options, take a look at our reviews of SMS Chat and Vito Threaded SMS.

[via MSDN]

Qik adds more phones for live streaming

We've been enjoying the Qik video streaming and recording service on our iPhones, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia phones for a while now, and HTC devices are finally getting some love [via], as is the Samsung ACE and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. (Congats if you actually have that in your fat little fingers.)

Qik's Web site lists the following devices as newly compatible:

  • AT&T Tilt
  • HTC Touch Dual
  • HTC Touch Diamond
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • Samsung SPH-i325
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Check out Qik's signup page for a full list of supported devices. And hit us up after the jump for Dieter's Qik test video.

Weekly Software Wrangle 17

It's time for the Weekly Software Wrangle 17 and there are new, updated and free apps featured for your enjoyment.

This week, WM Standard new software is Virtual Caller and Callstat. Updated software includes PocketCopy and Softick CardExport. The free app this week is mGomoku.

WM Professional new software are Pokarus and PocketExport. Updated software includes Pocket 15C SE Scientific Calculator and Mobiola Video Studio Pro. Freeware is PictoPocket.

Let's get started with this week's Wrangle!

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is VirtualCaller for smartphone v2.0 from MobiTNT. Now your smartphone can do much more than calls, messaging and email. What about giving you an excuse to leave a meeting or end a boring conversation?

VirtualCaller can be used for a fake call or fake sms, or even as an alarm clock.


  1. Support making call/sms now
  2. Support quick call/quick sms, you can specify a call/sms after 1/2/4/7/10/15/30 minutes
  3. Setup a sms, you can select sms sender's name from contact list or name it whatever you like, compose content and choose the time
  4. Setup a call and choose mp3/wav format ringtone, and choose caller name from contact list or just enter from keypad as well; play your favorite voice during the call
  5. Unlimited calls and sms
  6. Support Delete/edit the existing call/sms
  7. Once you schedule the call/sms, VirtualCaller will exit until it's time for the call/sms.

Get VirtualCaller for $12.99 here.

The next new WM Standard app is Callstat for smartphone v2.0, also by MobiTNT. Need a better way to track all your calls and text messages?

Do you think the call logging system in your wm smartphone is enough for you? For example, you want to know the total time of calls that you have made with your girlfriend, what can you do with the existing call logging system in your phone? Nothing! Right? Then, try Call Stat.

Features: Call Stat will help you fulfill the following tasks 1. Count all incoming call logs 2. Count all outgoing call logs 3. Count all missed call logs 4. Count all incoming sms 5. Count all Outgoing sms 6. Support analyse between the time you specified

Get Callstat for $12.00 here.

WM Standard: Updated

PocketCopy v2.1.2.3 by Chapura is our first updated software for WM Standard this week. If you are switching from Palm OS and Palm Desktop and need a way to transfer your data into the Windows Mobile world, this may be the app for you.

Free your vital data from the Palm Desktop Software and put it where you can use it

Ditch threaded SMS on Windows Mobile 6.1

For many Windows Mobile users, threaded SMS long had been the Bigfoot of the mobile operating system. You were pretty sure it was out there, you had seen snippets of it, but you'd never actually seen it.

That finally changed with Windows Mobile 6.1 (yes, Palm had it much sooner, and there are hacks and third-party solutions out there, either as an alternative or for older phones).

But say you just updated your Blackjack II or your Motorola Q9h to 6.1, and you just don't like having your text messages look like instant message conversations (why, we'll never understand). The enterprising souls over at MoDaCo have you covered.

It involves a wee bit of registry hackery (and has also been neatly wrapped into a cab file), and reportedly works on touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices.

If threaded SMS on WM6.1 just isn't your thing, check out the solution here. And as always, backup your device first.

Microsoft apparently is working on an app store

Have 10 years in marketing, product management or development? Five-plus years in the mobile industry?

Experience working with mobile operators and marketplaces? Helped the initial launch of products in the mobile industry?

Why, that sounds like a few people we know around here!

Those are a few of the requirements of a job listing on and spied by CNET as a possible indicator that Microsoft has its own applications store in the works.

The job title is listed as "Senior Project Manager - Skymarket," with the following description:

This is a unique opportunity and time of rapid change in the mobile industry for a Senior Product Manager in the Mobile Communications Services team to drive the launch of a v1 marketplace service for Windows Mobile.

Along with the responsibilities you might expect in this sort of job comes this particular nugget:

Preparation and driving the cross group collaboration with stakeholders in the commercial launch of the marketplace service with the launch of WM 7.

Interesting. Might that mean that Windows Mobile 7 will be held up for the creation of an app store? That might just be worth the wait.

Weekly Software Wrangle - Week 16

Welcome to the Weekly Software Wrangle #16. There's a corral chock full of new, updated and free apps to overview, so pull on your cowboy boots and let's rodeo!

This week, WM Standard new software is Golden Tee Golf and Pinball Evolution. Updated software includes SmartMileage and Uno Free Fall. The free app this week is AIM.

WM Professional new software are WordPlay and Documents to Go Premium. Updated software includes Calligrapher 8.7 and Photo Contacts Pro 5. Freeware is PocketCAS.

Get those lassos out and lets rope in some apps for this week's Wrangle!

WM Standard: New

First up this week for a WM Standard app is Golden Tee Golf (Smartphone) v1.0.8 from InFusio Inc. I spent an awful lot of quarters playing the arcade version with my co-workers years ago.

Golden Tee

Sony says Xperia X1 still on for Q4

Sony Ericsson's doing a little damage control after reports over the past several days said the much-hyped Windows Mobile Pro device would be delayed until possibly January.

A Reuters report has an SE spokeswoman saying that they're still "on target."

"There is absolutely no delay. The product is on track," Sony Ericsson spokeswoman Merran Wrigley said. "We have said it will roll out in Q4 and we are on target to do that."

So, we continue to wait. And wait. And wait some more. To pass the time, enjoy Dieter's hands-on with the Xperia X1 from CTIA back in April.

Via Engadget Mobile & WM Power User

Update: Can't get enough Xperia? A new promo video from Sony, after the break.