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New job posting shows Xbox Live playing nice with Windows Mobile


Seeing Windows Mobile and the Xbox 360 coming together really shouldn't be a surprise to anybody -- we've seen evidence to that effect before. But there's a new job posting out that points directly to the future of WinMo. From the listing: 

We're connecting players via the LIVE services on new devices beyond the console. We need a Principle Program Manager who can help drive the platform and bring Xbox LIVE enabled games to Windows Mobile. This person will focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences "LIVE Enabled" through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multi-screen experiences.

That's just vague enough to make us wonder if we'll actually be playing games on Windows phones, or if they'll become some soft of ancillary device in the Xbox experience. Either way, it's something we're looking forward to. [Mobile Tech World via Engadget]

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  • sounds interesting, but if they are hiring for that today, there's not much time to get it into winmo7.
  • There is time, they haven't done too much beta testing yet.
  • I've been saying for awhile now a 'Zune phone' is aiming WAY too low. Show me an 'Xbox phone' (or Xphone or whatever) and I'll show you a surefire hit in the consumer space where people are increasingly realizing that games need buttons. But that seems too logical (and would also require Microsoft to get into the hardware game) so I'm not exactly holding my breath waiting for that one. It's so sad though. The Sidekick format (albeit in dire need of some weight loss) was just BEGGING to become a mobile gaming platform.
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