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Watch and win as we stream the word game/RPG Letter Quest Remastered tonight on Mixer [Ended]

Tonight on Mixer, we played Letter Quest Remastered, the stellar word game/RPG from Bacon Bandit and Digerati. Read on for quick impressions and contest winners.

Spellspire for Xbox One review: A challenging word game with a tower to climb and monsters to battle

Word games aren't common on Xbox One, making the release of Spellspire all the more special. You play as a wizard and climb a 100-floor tower, battling enemies by spelling words and stopping to buy upgrades along the way.

Best Windows 10 Word Games

Word games are a fantastic way to help pass the time. They can be entertaining and educational at the same time. The Windows Store is packed full of word games and these are some of the best the Store has to offer.

Letter Quest Remastered review: Spell words to defeat foes on Xbox One and PC

Letter Quest Remastered combines Scrabble-style spelling and role-playing, resulting in a unique game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Vita, and Steam. Read our detailed review to learn how surprisingly fun spelling can be!

Anagramble, a fast-paced word game for Windows Phone

Anagramble is a Windows Phone word game that gives you two minutes, thirty words and the task of finding anagrams within those words. Anagrams are words created by re-arranging the letters of a word.

For example an anagram for Mary would be Army.

Available for 512MB devices, Anagramble is a simple word game that comes across as a fun time waster of a game for your Windows Phone. There is a bit of challenge to the game and a faint educational value in finding those hidden words.

Spell-O-Mania, an uncomplicated spelling challenge for Windows Phone

Spell-O-Mania is a Windows Phone game that will test your spelling bee skills in simple fashion. The game offers a wide range of words with helpful hints such as word length, meaning and origin.

A Cortana-like voice guides you through game play, delivering not only the word to be spelled but also your hints. Spell-O-Mania doesn't have many bells and whistles but does a nice job of challenging your spelling skills. The game could use a little polishing up but, all-in-all, Spell-O-Mania isn't a bad Windows Phone educational game.

Trine’s Hangman updated, adds support for multiple accounts and much more

We haven’t mentioned the Windows Phone game Trine’s Hangman in some time. For those not familiar, Trine’s Hangman is a fantastic rendition of the classic hangman word games. The lifetime game mode tracks and saves your gaming progress, you can customize your gaming background images, and overall Trine’s Hangman is just a fun game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Trine’s Hangman was recently updated to version 3.0, which has a healthy change log. The most notable additions to the game will probably be support for 720p and 1080p resolutions, support for multiple accounts from one phone and fine-tuning to improve performance on low-memory devices such as the Nokia Lumia 520.

Hangman Pro for Windows Phone, a fun gaming option for the smaller screen

The other day we mentioned the release of Hangman Pro for Windows 8.  It is an entertaining and challenging game, well suited for tablets, and is also available for our smaller screens of our Windows Phones.

Hangman Pro for Windows Phone is patterned very similar to the Windows 8 version with a respectable list of word categories, one or two player game modes, and global leaderboards.  While Trine’s Hangman is a sentimental favorite, Hangman Pro is not a bad choice if you are in the market for a challenging word game for your Windows Phone.

Ruzzle lands in the Windows 8 Store - get ready to battle with the power of words

The hit word puzzle game, Ruzzle, has finally landed in the Windows 8 Store and is available for download today. There are already 40 million players worldwide battling out their word game knowledge and now you can jump in yourself. And don’t worry about the $3.49 price tag – that's for the premium version.

Word Soup, an enjoyable word game for Windows Phone 8

Word Soup is a relatively new word game for Windows Phone 8 that has had a fair amount of success over on iOS and Android platforms.  Word Soup is a puzzle game where you are given a sea of letters and have to find hidden words within.  The game does have a bit of a "find-a-word" puzzle game feel to it but with more pep.

Word Soup includes three single player modes, two two-player modes and comes across as an entertaining, challenging word game for Windows Phone 8.

7 Little Words, a Windows Phone 8 word game that will keep you guessing

7 Little Words is a relatively new word game for Windows Phone 8 that has had decent success over on the iOS and Android platforms.  In the short time we have spent with the game, 7 Little Words should have similar success here on the Windows Phone platform.

The game is simple.  Each puzzle has seven clues used to solve seven words and twenty letter groups that will be used to build those seven words. 

7 Little Words is a fun, entertaining, simply laid out game for Windows Phone 8 that makes a very good first impression and is nice option to consider if you are looking for a challenging word game.

Polyhegrams, a puzzling word game, is free for the Thanksgiving weekend

Polyhegrams is a challenging, wonderfully drawn up Windows Phone word game developed through the AppCampus.  You are tasked with solving word challenges by building words from letters scattered about various three-dimensional objects.

In celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday, the developer will be offering Polyhegrams free (a $1.49 savings).  The free offer will begin on Thursday, November 28, 2013, and will run through the weekend.

Wordgo, a puzzle of a word game for Windows Phone 8

Wordgo is a word game for Windows Phone 8 that calls upon you to guess the correct word through the process of elimination. The fewer tries it takes for you to solve the puzzle, the better your score.

As you get warmer with your guesses, correct letters will be revealed and if you get stuck, hints are available that will push you in the right direction.

Wordgo isn't a complicated game for your Windows Phone but that doesn't mean it's without challenge. If you're looking to build upon your Windows Phone word game library, Wordgo isn't a bad choice to consider.

Wordament updated to natively support Windows Phone 8. Also adds new languages and an Android version

Wordament is a game of many firsts. It was the first game with Xbox Live on iOS and on the web to offer achievements. It started as an internal project between two Microsoft employees, but was quickly bought by Microsoft once the potential was realized. It hasn’t seen an update on Windows Phone for quite some time, so let’s check out what’s new as of today.

Polyhegrams, a rather impressive Windows Phone word game that will drive you nuts

We made mention of Polyhegrams a few months ago. It's a Windows Phone game from LateNight Apps that was developed through the AppCampus and it just went live in the Windows Phone Store.

For those not familiar, the AppCampus is a joint venture between Microsoft, the Aalto University of Finland and Nokia to promote quality platform development of apps such as Polyhegrams, Dark Lands, and Project Tripod.

Polyhegrams, another AppCampus title in development for Windows Phone Store

Polyhegrams is another Windows Phone gaming title in the works that is a product of the AppCampus. AppCampus is a joint venture between Microsoft, Aalto University in Finland and Nokia to promote quality Windows Phone app development such as Dark Lands, Project Tripod and now Polyhegrams.

Polyhegrams, pronounced Pol-EE-HE-grams, is from LateNight Apps (named for the hours spent on development) and the game is a unique twist on traditional word games. The game is a combination of boggle-styled games, word search, word riddles and fill-in the blank word puzzles all in a 3D environment.

As promised, Ruzzle Free hits the Windows Phone Store

Not too long ago paid version of the Windows Phone game Ruzzle was unleashed on the Windows Phone Store. With the release, there was promises from the developer that a free version was in the works.

That promise was met today with the release of Ruzzle Free.

The Xbox Windows Phone game Wordament gets updated, adds Facebook login

Wordament is a boggle styled Xbox Windows Phone game where you have to create words from a 4x4 grid of letters. You earn points based on the letters used and compete against thousands of other Wordament players to earn the most points.

Wordament was recently updated to version 2.5 and adds the ability to login with your Facebook account so you can play against your Facebook friends.  You can still log-in with your Windows ID with the Facebook log-in being optional.

Wordness, Scrabble meets Othello on Windows Phone 8

Wordness is an interesting Windows Phone 8 word game. It has a Scrabble feel to it in that you have to create words from a 5x5 tile board of letters. It has an Othello feel to it in that you compete for ownership of the letter tiles. You take possession of the tiles (or own them) when you use them in a word.

On top of challenging game play, Wordness pits you against online opponents. You can challenge your Facebook friends or find an opponent at random from other Wordness players.

Wordness is a fairly simple game for your Windows Phone 8 device to pick up but it is very challenging to master.  Wordness is a peachy addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

Letter game Wordness now available for Windows Phone 8

If Wordament and Othello had a kid, it would likely be Wordness, a letter-based game that we saw teased in a video back in May. The tease has ended, as Wordness is now available for Windows Phone 8.