7 Little Words, a Windows Phone 8 word game that will keep you guessing

7 Little Words is a relatively new word game for Windows Phone 8 that has had decent success over on the iOS and Android platforms.  In the short time we have spent with the game, 7 Little Words should have similar success here on the Windows Phone platform.

The game is simple.  Each puzzle has seven clues used to solve seven words and twenty letter groups that will be used to build those seven words. 

7 Little Words is a fun, entertaining, simply laid out game for Windows Phone 8 that makes a very good first impression and is nice option to consider if you are looking for a challenging word game.

7 Little Words’ main menu has four daily puzzles that are free along with forty-five puzzle zones.  Each zone contains a collection of fifty puzzles with the first zone being free.  After the first zone, each additional zone will cost you $.99 via in-app purchase.  Settings are accessible through the main menu or gaming screens.  

The game settings cover turning on/off the game sound, revealing the number of letters in the word with the clue, playing the U.K. version of the daily puzzles, and your Live Tile background task.

Game play is simple.  At the top of the screen, you have seven clues and at the bottom of the screen are your twenty letter groups.  Tap on the letter groups to build one of the words and when you think you have everything just right, tap the guess button.  If your guess is right, the clue will be marked off the list.

To help you out with each puzzle, there is a shuffle and hint buttons at the very bottom of the game screen.  The shuffle button re-arranges the tiles to give you a new perspective on identifying the words.  The hint button will reveal the first letter, first tile or whole word.  You are limited to fifteen hints and if you run out, you can always buy more via in-app purchases.  If you do not have time to solve all seven words in a puzzle, 7 Little Words will save your progress for when you return to the game.

The puzzles can be challenging and overall, we find 7 Little Words to be an entertaining gaming title for Windows Phone 8.  If you complete the first free puzzle zone and would rather not fool with the in-app purchases, the daily puzzles are a nice touch to keep the game from going stale.  It would be nice to have seen a price break for multiple puzzle zone purchases though.

7 Little Words is a free game for Windows Phone 8 that you pick up here in the Windows Phone Store. 

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George Ponder

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