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Take control of your Facebook page with Page Manager for Windows Phone

Look, we know the official Facebook app leaves a lot to be desired from most of you. But thankfully we’ve got a great community of developers willing to step up and fill a need. If you manage a Facebook page as either a hobby or a more serious role you’ll want to check out Page Manager.

Facebook Pages are a great way for fans to interact with favorite brands, companies, and personalities through Facebook. If you manage one of those pages you’ll have noticed by now the inability to do anything through that official Facebook app. Here are some of the main features of Page Manager:

  • Update Status messages or post links to your Facebook page(s)
  • Upload pictures
  • View insights
  • View page(s)
  • Pin tiles to home screen for quick access to features

Page Manager SC

Even though updating a status message or uploading a picture seems like a trivial task, the official app doesn’t do that. Which is a shame if you’re managing your brand on the road and want to share photos from an event.

The analytics are fairly straight forward. You get to see the number of new likes, unlikes, page views, ‘people talking about this’, total reach, organic reach, viral reach, total impressions, and more for your page. It’s handy to see if the content you’re pushing to your page is having the impact you want, unfortunately I didn’t see any way to view more than the current day and previous day. Having the option to view longer periods of time would be a welcomed addition.

The app is still a work in progress and the developer is open to feedback and feature requests. You can hit him up on Twitter right at @SrikanthNairPro for any suggestions. Two things that are coming in a future version include the ability to manage comments and messages.

The app costs $0.99 for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. There is a trial that limits you to accessing only one of your pages, so if you manage more than one page you’ll want to part with the dollar. You can find it here in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. Update: The app is currently unavailable from the Store. You can read more about it here

QR: Page Manager

P.S. While we're on the topic of Facebook pages, why don't you go ahead on 'like' the Windows Phone Central page?

  • This is a great idea of an app. I just wished that FB would have actually come out with an official one >.>
  • I don't use Facebook, but this is a great idea. I know my girlfriend will love it for her business page. Thanks and kudos to the dev!
  • Can this app manage more than one page? Such as your own and your company's? That's what I'm looking for.
  • @WavingReds: Yeah, I think so. But sadly, they (Facebook team) didn't released their app for Windows Phones, yet -- for this time.
  • great idea? It has been on iOS and Andriod for so long... and sorry, while i appreciate the effort the dev is doing - the app is useless! Even the official App on iOS still lacks tons of features and can in no way replace the simple website yet.
    It's a shame.
  • I don't see where Microsoft's investment in Facebook is paying off.
  • I second that
  • THe investment is for facebook to increase share price.  That isn't the same thing is putting resources into windows phone which they probably dont thnk is viable enough at the moment.  Facebook is likely not going to be a key factor in wp8 exploding in marketshare
  • For small dev teams, I get this sentiment.  For companies like Facebook or Google, which have thousands of employees and their whole business relies on people using their services, this is BS.  Both FB and Google can take a team of 10 people and give them a month, and you'll have official apps that are at least 95% as good as the iOS and Android counterparts.  
  • The money the got was used to make Facebook Home lololololololol
  • Now that's funny! It just seems that for the close relationship they supposedly have, Facebook should pay more attention to WP. After all, Facebook owns Instagram also. And we all know how that story goes.
  • +1, because the Facebook team hadn't pay attention for Windows Phone ecosystem so far, until now.
    But, hey, if Instagram has been bought by Facebook, how about the app that they had been developing for Windows Phone?
  • Facebook uses Bing maps and Bing search. That's where the investment is going.
  • Edit last word on your first paragraph as you put Face Book Manger not manager
  • Thanks. Weird Word didn't catch that. 
  • Finally - was really surprised/disappointed this wasn't part of the official app
  • As someone who runs a lot of Facebook pages, YESSSSSSS
  • Thank you WPCentral for reviewing my app. To those who do choose to download it, do feel free to tweet me or email me. Page Manager is not perfect, but as Sam said, it's a work in progress. I am always welcome to suggestions, even criticisms :)
  • Just picked up the trial version, had to reinstall but now works fine. If it does what I hope it does then I will buy it. Looks like a nice app and should be very useful for a lot of people. Well done.
  • Thanks Stephen. I do test the app a lot before releasing updates, but one can never cover all the bases, no matter how hard we try. Please do share your feedback with me on Twitter or via email. I know the app isn't perfect & has some features missing, but they are on the way.
  • This will come in handy for my company page so I paid for it as its very apparent you are dedicated to your product :)
  • Hi Ryan, thanks for that. Page Manager has a long way to go, but I am committed to it because it's my baby :) If you have any questions/concerns/issues, let me know and I'll do my best to help. Of course, in some cases, that help can only be implemented through an update, so I hope you (and others) will bear with me.
  • Hi, thanks for developing the page manager app for Windows Phone. But may I request you to release the app for our region, please? It would be useful for us who are in Indonesia. :)
  • I didn't publish it in Indonesia because I thought there were restrictions placed on Facebook. However, I have now been told that this is not the case and Page Manager will soon be published in Indonesia as well :) Thanks for your support!
  • Thanks for replying my feedback. Hope I can use your app in Indonesia region! :)
    Yeah, Facebook doesn't restrict anything, except for some features that are experimental like new newsfeed or such, as they want to make sure people around the world get the same features... (but they're focusing their special apps just for iOS and Android users, not also Windows Phone, which made me disappointed for that)
    Anyway, good luck for your app development for Facebook Page! ;)
  • Dear Srikanth, can you please release this app in our region, Indonesia? I will help to promote it in the Store :)
  • Hi, please see my response to Eas195 above :) Yes, Page Manager is coming soon to Indonesia!
  • Don't understand the obsession with official apps, at least for services that has API access. Nothing wrong with unofficial apps. Some of the best social media clients are not officials.
  • Considering Microsoft has no clue how to make apps that are worth a shit, an official app would be better. It can't possibly be worse than the utter garbage that is the Facebook app they wrote.
  • Facebook are not developing apps for Windows Phone, yet. But let's see in the near future, if the official app isn't coming to the store, consider to 3rd party apps then.
  • I use a third party app already. That doesn't mean that Microsoft are completely incapable of writing an app that is even remotely useful, though. I'd fire every single person involved with the Facebook app they released because it's simply garbage. It's been out in that state for far too long to even consider letting the people involved from the bottom to the top of that app seeing the light of day to continue to be employed. They make the platform look like something a child would make, the app is complete garbage.
  • Sam, are you guys coming around about Facebook? Usually, any article about Facebook says "we aren't big Facebook fans around here" and now you're sending people to your page to like it? Well....I love it!! :)
  • I can't speak for the rest of the crew, but I do use it a lot.
  • I had no idea WP Central had a Facebook page till today, I was hoping you did. So THANK YOU SO MUCh for posting that link!  You all are awesome! 
  • you guys forgot the link:
  • Hrm. I guess I use FB so infrequently that I actually think our FB app is far more attractive as an app as anything I've seen on iOS or Android. What little use I make of FB is probably a direct result of OS/hub integration. I seldom need to do much else outside of hub activities even on my PC and Surface running Windows 8. /shrug
  • It looks good, but it's garbage. It literally doesn't work, and what does work is slow, buggy, and completely infuriating to use. I'd say you'd see the terribleness of it if you used it more. Looking doesn't is useless unless it does anything. Right now, iOS and Android have more apps, better apps, and more devs that actually try to make a good product backed up by OS and hardware manufacturers that at least try to care. Everything Microsoft writes is utter garbage, and the devs don't seemed to be pushed along to make it better by Microsoft. It's like they aren't aware that everything they are doing is at minimum three years behind the competition. They can do better, I just hope they start soon.
  • Wow, and all this time I thought they were pretty good. Its a comfort to know there are so many knowledgeable experts out there policing the smartphone ecosphere making sure that rubes like me don't get taken in by such unethical companies like Google. No wait, I'm sorry, that was supposed to say Microsoft. Did I get it right this time?
  • What? The Facebook app for windows phone really is crap. Why do you think there are about 15 alternative apps in the store? Hint: it's because Microsoft wrote a terrible app that doesn't even mimic the basic functionality of the website. When you write an app that does that, it's a complete failure. I really like WP8, but there is no denying they are missing basic features that a smartphone OS had 10 years ago. Apps on competing platforms are pretty much superior to the WP offerings. How long ago was Temple Run released for iOS again? Windows is very far behind, but I have hope they'll improve. Giving devs $100 to write apps for them was a pretty dumb move, though. Most high profile app developers voiced their opinion about that and almost all of them laughed it off. Those guys make more than $100 an hour on sales, much less commission to write apps for companies.
  • Even the official Facebook didn't publish their apps for Windows Phone (OS racism?). What a shame. But I disagree with you. Why? Even with the official app isn't available, Microsoft showed its 'kindness' by publishing Facebook app for Windows Phones. It's much better than have no Facebook apps on Windows Phone 8. That's one of the case.
  • Sorry, but having this app is worse than nothing. Way worse. Why? Because if this is the level if talent, desire, decision making, and overall worth they place on filling holes in Windows Phone, they are in serious trouble. The Facebook app they released is garbage. Completely and utterly worthless. I would fire every single person involved in getting it public. It can't even mimic the feature set of the website! That makes it a complete failure, and if this is Microsofts way of being nice to their customers I'd rather they not. I'd rather have no apps than ones like that steaming pile. It shows me they really do not care. If they did, that app wouldn't be the worst one I've ever seen.
  • Is there any alternative app that have working push notifications?
  • I just found out that there is a better version of the mobile facebook page at I don't know why on WP it links to the terrible by default.
  • Have you tried Looks to be the same as the 'iphone' one.
  • Cool thanks! Yeah it seems to be the same, but at least now I don't feel stupid for using the iphone page!!
  • Haha, true ;) You're welcome :)
  • The official app leavs a lot to be desried? That app is utter garbage. Microsoft should fire whoever wrote it, designed it, coded it, and allowed it to be released. I'd be ashamed to put my name on something that is that awful. It's the worst app I've ever seen on any mobile platform. Utter. Garbage.
    Pretty sad, and pretty telling about Windows Phone when the developers have to fill the numerous and very large holes that microsoft has left all over the OS and the apps they write. Makes zero sense to me, the OS is fantastic in a bunch of ways, but it seems like Microsoft has no direction and is completely okay with letting it wither on the vine and die. Even Nokia is filling holes they've left behind. Sad.
  • Agreed! It sucks!
  • So true, I feel the exact same way.. I'm really getting tired of not having the same apps and functionalities as other OS but I really like WP8 just need to let go and open up a little more.
  • Damn straight! Google sucks!
    Oh bugger, did I get it wrong again?
  • Yeah, you did. Its okay, reading is hard sometimes.
  • Damn that autocorrect!
  • I woulld change away but it has the best toast notifications
  • I can not abide Facebook in any guise, ironically its a faceless soapbox for many whom cannot bare the reality of actually talking or interacting with another person or persons. And for those who say it is a way of keeping in touch, go for coffee or USE A PHONE, or write a letter or an email so you can attach your photos and share in a much more personal way(i have travelled the world extensively, this works) Talk about 6% of separation!, how many people on your "friends list" have you ever met?. Do yourselves a big favor close your accounts and don't look back. Rescue your actual life.
  • Aw, somebody doesn't have any friends. If you don't like it, that's cool. But you sound like bitter person that has no friends. It's fine that you don't know anyone in real life, I know all 26 of my Facebook friends, and I talk/text with them all the time. Best part about being Facebook friends? Instead of emailing all 26 of them pictures, I upload it once to Facebook and they can all see them. Facebook has problems, but you need to quit being so ignorant and hateful towards people and what they use to stay in contact with one another. Not everyone that uses it is a 15 year old kid with 3500 "friends" despite you thinking that's the only people on Facebook.
  • All of them actually. Otherwise, they wouldn't be on my friends list. And its a bit silly to make a generalization about the kind of people who use Facebook. By the way, there are some old classmates from middle and high school who I hadn't seen or spoken a lick to since. Found them on Facebook and its been really nice catching up and keeping tabs on how much our lives have changed.
  • Ummmm...tantrum much.
  • Too bad it's not coming to my region.
  • I need this, but not available in Indonesia :( too bad
  • That's why I will await this app to be available in Indonesia. :D
  • Hey, Indonesian! :p
  • Hey! Banyak juga yah yg org ID :D
  • begitulah penggemar WP8 Indonesia yang akses WPCentral...hahaha :D
  • Hi, please see my response to Eas195 above :) Yes, Page Manager will soon be available in Indonesia!
  • Yeah...great idea...needed this.
  • Tell you what I welcome the effort in making this app. I'll buy to support the effort and ill use it. Great start....
  • Thank you for your support! It's much appreciated :)
  • why has it been removed from the marketplace?
  • Heidi, there was a complaint against the app from Facebook. Please read this post: I had to remove the app, but am trying to get it back in the Store. Facebook has also made changes to their API, which is requiring me to make more changes to the app, which is delaying everything even further.
  • I have read the complaint and thatnks for least i know understand why it has gone :)
  • If facebook has a problem with this app being in the marketplace Why don't they make an official page manager app for windows phone?
  • I have wondered this myself Amran, which is why I created Page Manager in the first place.
  • i got this and it stopped working.....i had to restore my phone and now cant re download as the app has been removed....he got my money and i got nothing :/
  • Heidi, it was not my intention to take your money and leave you with nothing. In this instance, what happened was out of my hands. Please see my reply to your earlier comment as well. If you feel bad about losing the small amount of money you paid for the app, imagine how I feel, considering the hundreds of hours of my personal time (I'm an independent developer, this is not my full-time job), only to see the app removed. Now, with the recent birth of my first child, finding time has become harder. I am disappointed at what has happened, but it was never my plan to rip anyone off.