Take a deep dive into the changes coming to Halo 5's Forge in the Monitor's Bounty update

Halo developer 343 Industries recently announced a big update coming to Halo 5 on December 8, and now you can take a deep dive into everything new with a video overview. Titled Monitor's Bounty, this update brings an absolute ton of stuff for the community to work with in Halo 5's Forge, ranging from new systems to more than 650 new objects. For an in-depth look at the update, check out the deep dive video below featuring 343's Tom French and ske7ch:

Over on the Halo Waypoint blog, French noted that community feedback had a lot of impact on the contents of this update, ultimately making Forge a better experience for everyone:

We look at fan feedback to help gauge the importance of things we're working on, sometimes bubbling things up front or even at times pushing things off if no one seems to be talking about it. The success of what we do is directly tied to the community's happiness with our tools. We directly asked the community for suggestions of Covenant and Sanghelli assets we should put in Forge. We didn't get them all but we got most of the ones they cared the most about. Sometimes it's also not even direct suggestions but more watching what hacky things they do and finding ways to do that thing better. Like the new physics hinges and joints were inspired by the amazing Mitake Machine. To get those hinges and joints he must have gone through some serious frustration and burn some unnecessary objects to make it work. With these new objects it's relatively easy and that creates more interesting opportunities for not just this getting updated but others to take them and do something unexpected with them.

Along with a look at some of the hundreds of new objects coming to Forge, 343 says the update brings a big boost to scripting that should help creators more easily create anything that comes to mind. One cool benefit to this is that it's much easier to create your own game modes and minigames with the scripting in Forge. 343 is even showing this off with the return of the "Race" and "King" game modes, along with a new "Battle Golf" mode that players should enjoy. All of this is in addition to two new backdrops that Forge creators will have to play with as well.

There's much more packed into this update than Forge changes, and it seems 343 is planning to trickle out more information as the release approaches. However, if you want the full skinny, be sure to check out the video embedded above, along with 343's full blog post. Of course, we'll learn much more when the full patch notes are available for this massive update when it launches on December 8.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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