Take an inside look at Microsoft's new Surface Laptop 4

Sirface Laptop 4 Microsoft Mechanics
Sirface Laptop 4 Microsoft Mechanics (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • A Microsoft Mechanics video takes a deeper look at the Surface Laptop 4.
  • The video breaks down the laptop's battery improvements, internals, and options.
  • The Surface Laptop 4 is available for order now and starts shipping on April 14, 2021.

Every time Microsoft announces a new Surface device, we keep our eyes peeled for the ensuing Microsoft Mechanics video. These videos by the official Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel take a deeper look at devices and often share bits of insight not shared in the shorter marketing videos. The Surface Laptop 4 is no exception, as it received a Microsoft Mechanics video shortly after its official announcement.

We'll have to get our hands on the device before we can determine if its one of the best Windows laptops, but this video gives us a better idea of what's inside.

The Surface Laptop 4 is all about options. You can get it in either 13.5-inch or 15-inch variants and have options for Intel or AMD internals regardless of if you are a general consumer or a business customer. The video breaks down details about both models, including how improvements to efficiency across power states bring the battery life up to 19 hours on certain models.

An odd tidbit appears at the 2:13 mark of the video. The video states that the AMD Ryzen 5 version of the Surface Laptop 4 has seven cores and that the extra core "is used for GPU." It's unclear if this is a mistake in the video as Microsoft's website states that the Ryzen 5 variant has six cores.

The video also talks about the improved cooling system of the laptop. The Surface Laptop 4 measures temperature at several points on the device to help manage cooling. You can also manually configure cooling options.

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