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In most careers, larger salaries are usually linked to management. The Ultimate Leadership & Stress Management Bundle helps you adapt to a more senior role, with 11 hours of practical advice for just $39.99.

Many top CEOs are not born leaders. Rather than relying on charisma, they create systems to motivate their staff and keep track of every project. This bundle helps you master these techniques and apply them to your own workplace.

The training includes nine separate courses, each focusing on a different aspect of leadership. You start by learning the fundamentals of project management, from setting goals to giving constructive feedback, before diving into interpersonal skills and time management.

You also learn how to motivate people and keep your own stress levels under control. These skills can make a huge difference to your working life, no matter whether you are a team leader or a business owner.

The courses have great reviews, and lifetime access means you can revisit the material over and over again.

You would normally pay $1,791 for these courses, but you can grab the bundle now for just $39.99.


Sale 31771 Primary Image The Ultimate Leadership & Stress Management Bundle – $39.99

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