You can now test out real-time noise suppression for Microsoft Teams on macOS

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams preview on macOS now supports real-time noise suppression.
  • The feature has multiple levels of suppression to limit background noise during calls and meetings.
  • You cannot use the feature on Macs with Apple's M1 chips at this time.

As people continue to work and study from home, background noise can be a real issue. During a Microsoft Teams meeting or call, preview users on macOS devices can now use real-time noise suppression to limit background noise. The feature is already available for Windows 10 and is now making its way to Teams on macOS.

Microsoft announced that the feature was in preview late last week. It uses AI to limit background noise during meetings and calls to help you sound clearer. The AI that powers real-time noise suppression works to remove background noise while leaving speech unaltered. This AI-based real-time noise suppression is an upgrade to the already existing noise suppression within Teams.

You can enable real-time noise suppression in settings for Teams or during a meeting. Microsoft explains the feature in depth in a recent Tech Community post.

There are multiple options for noise suppression, including high and low settings. To use the high setting, your device has to support Advanced Vector Extensions 2.

Real-time noise suppression has some limits on macOS at the moment. You can't use the high setting when a call or meeting is being recorded or that has live captions enabled. You also can't use the feature at all on Mac devices with Apple's M1 chips at this time.

If you're a preview user of Teams, you can try it out now. We have a complete guide on how to enable noise suppression on Microsoft Teams for Windows 10. The process should be similar on macOS.

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