Here’s a tease of QuizIt from Daniel Gary, a Windows Phone client for QuizUp

A few days ago we asked you guys and gals what apps were still missing from the Windows Phone Store. The response was overwhelming. At the time of this writing there are over 2000 comments, which means there are a handful of apps you still want to see make the jump to Windows Phone. I have a few personal favorites that I still want to see come to the platform, one of them is QuizUp. Not familiar with the game? No worries, we’ll go over it after the break. We don’t have any word on whether or not on official app is coming, but we do know that überdeveloper Daniel Gary is working on an unofficial client for Windows Phone. Let’s go over what QuizUp is and take a first look at Daniel Gary’s version called QuizIt.

QuizUp ( launched on iOS back in early November. It’s a super addictive quiz game that has me hooked. The game has over 290 categories, so you’re sure to find your area of expertise. There are your typical quiz categories like geography, history, and science. But you’ll also find some pretty fun ones like Breaking Bad, Beer, and the Winter Olympics. There are over 100,000 questions in the game and they’re a mix between user generated content and questions supplied by Plain Vanilla, the developers behind QuizUp.  

Gameplay is super addictive. You can play against either your friends on Facebook or those who create pure QuizUp accounts. Rounds can be against your opponents in real-time or in a turn-based format. Each round consists of 7 questions, 6 of those are worth a maximum of 20 points while the final is for 40 points. Not only do need to get the question right to get the maximum number of points for each question, but you also need to answer within a certain amount of time. You get 10 seconds per question, but answer nearly immediately to get the max amount of points. The little video below from QuizUp will help give you a general idea of what the game is about.

Right now QuizUp is only available on iOS, they’re still working on an Android version. Which is why it’s pretty rad that Daniel Gary is pretty far along in development of his QuizUp client, QuizIt. We’ve got some screenshots of the game for you to check out. He’s been working on the game for a few weeks and hopes to start a private beta soon. Any interest in a public beta? This isn't the first time Daniel has helped bring a highly desired app to Windows Phone. With Pinsation he brought Pinterest to Windows Phone, while Instance brought us Instagram. 


QuizIt has a lot of functionality working, like live multiplayer. You can also see the early stages of the UI coming together as he works on the app. We’ll have more to share in a few days and will you all in a better look at it then. Until then enjoy the tease. 

Sam Sabri