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Teenagers: Apple no longer cool, Microsoft Surface is in

Apple is done and Microsoft's Surface is now down with the kids, according to a report by Buzz Marketing Group. The company specialises in youth marketing and has discovered that younglings are more into Microsoft's Surface tablet than Apple's competing hardware. This might be proof to show just how similar new generation of hardware is to predecessors, with little to excite consumers - teens in particular.

Microsoft has innovated with Windows 8 and its Surface RT tablet, which sports an attractive design and boasts an array of features. It has been a hit with both consumers and ourselves. But why has the younger demographic shown more interest in Microsoft's product than the trendy Apple? Buzz notes that Apple is now too popular to be popular and teens are into replacing iPhones and iPads with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Microsoft Surface tablets.

"Teens are telling us Apple is done. Apple has done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but I don’t think they are connecting with Millennial kids. [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops and Galaxy."

The teenage demographic is an important one, which Nokia highlighted back when the company was joining forces with Microsoft on supporting Windows Phone. Should Apple be losing such mindset with young consumers could prove to be a slight dent in the company's sales numbers, with Microsoft picking up some points.

The software (and now hardware) giant has been jabbed by Apple in the past for being dull and not cool with consumers, particularly with the Mac vs PC commercials. With the refresh of Windows and other products and services, it's reports like these that will progress being made by Microsoft to rejuvenate its brand. Windows 8 is now alive with Live Tiles that update with real information, as well as improved user interfaces that incorporate bright colours and clever use of typography.

Could Windows and Microsoft be the new cool? We certainly believe so, and it would seem younger consumers are on the same wavelength.

Source: BGR

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I'll really believe it when I see sales of the Surface take off.
  • i actually already believe that the surface is becoming popular with the teenage demographic. I was just hanging out with a friend of mine who is still in highschool. she's in her senior year. i mentioned randomly that i wanted a surface and she went off saying how there's a guy in her school that has it and how "cool" it was. she went on to tell me that she askd her dad not to get her an ipad for christmas because she wanted a surface.
    as a side note, she fully knew the surface was the "microsoft tablet."
    also, having just finished my first week of the spring semester in university, i've already seen 2 surface users inside 2 different lectures i have. this is in stark contrast to when i first got my Asus zenbook. it took me months to find 2 other users.
  • Just seen a highschooler come through my line at work with her surface.
  •   Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)   Happy New Year!    
  • Haven't you heard? iMacs aren't cool any more. I'd click your link if you were using a trendy computer, too bad for you.
  • wrong URL.  It's supposed to be:
  • Wrong URL. It should be: http://idi.ot/StFu
  • My daugheter got a Surface to replace her ipad at college the first weeknd it was out. She gets comments on it all the time. She said now that the new semester has started she is starting to see a lot more of them on campus in classes.
  • I have three teenagers living with me (girlfriend kids).  One of them really wants the Surface. 13 year old girl
  • Most teens can't afford to buy it, so don't look for demographic sales data to support it. You have to go off this kind of research data to believe it.
  • @jsnod25
    Most teens can't afford to buy anythng out of poket but they still have all the latest devices.  They have these things called parents.  Perhaps you might have heard of them....
  • Someone missed the point. Yes, teenagers have parents, but most teenagers do not get the newest and greatest right away. They usually have to wait until birthdays, holidays ect to ask for these things as gifts.
  • It's ridiculous how people give gifts based on traditions. I taught my kids the truth about Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc. They get gifts from me anytime of the year b/c of my love for them and what I can afford - not out of traditions.
  • It gives them something to look forward to and get excited over. You're missing the point if you think it's just about gifts...
  • I don't celebrate Christmas because it was created to attract people to the Christian faith by mixing non-Christian beliefs and practices to make it more appealing. Nowhere in the Bible does it indicate that early Christians celebrated Jesus birthday nor did Jesus himself. Even the celebrating of Christmas was banned in the U.S. for a time. And comments like, "It gives people something to look forward to and get excited about" is indicative of the reason why people celebrate Christmas - to give and get gifts on a day created to make the Christian faith look appealing; basing it on the unknown birthdate of Jesus: And there is no historical record that indicates he ever celebrated his own birthday. And how did Santa Claus, Saint Nick, reindeer, and trees get associated with the birth of Jesus? And why is Jesus still depicted as a baby after millennia? I teach my kids the truth. Just like I teach them Windows Phone based smartphones are the best ;-)
  • This entire comment reply chain is getting out of control. Not only is it totally off topic now, people are voicing severely open ended statements that beg response in a controversial way. Like "I'm a teenager and I work for money" or "18-19 year olds are teens too". I started working when I was 14 years old, so I know teens work for money, and I know kids have parents, that's ridiculous to imply otherwise... These comments aren't productive and don't warrant the responses of the original comment or their immediate reply's. This is a runaway chain and needs to end. I'm tired of getting tons of emails about ridiculous comments such as these, just begging for idiocracy responses. PLEASE END THIS NOW!!!
  • I agree that it's very off topic, but if you want to stop receiving notifications there is a link in the email that you receive to do so.
  • Christmas is the Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice. The traditions of gift giving, trees, mistletoe, wreaths, yule logs, Santa Claus & reindeers etc are all Pagan. The Christians (one of the Caesars I believe) twisted it to be about Jesus, but it is false. They also did the same with Easter, which is a Pagan tradition and also known as passover by the Jewish - both of which pre-date the ressurection of Jesus. That's why Easter has hot-cross buns, easter bunnies, gift giving etc as they are all Pagan traditions!
    I am not Christian and I couldn't care less about any extra meaning the Christians place on those days. I'm not Pagan either, but the Pagan origins is the truth and that is what I will teach my kids. But I still celebrate Christmas as sadly it's pretty much the only time of the year that all families make an effort to be together - so it's a good thing in my perspective. Americans have Thanksgiving for that too, but obviously that doesn't exist in any other countries.
  • Super cool. i think just the same way. My kids get gifts whenever I can effort ones and they deserve it
  • Sounds like a sure way to raise a spoilt brat. Congrats.
  • NO, he's doing the opposite. He's giving them what they want WHEN they deserve it and when he can afford it, not just giving a brat an ipad while he/she is disrespectful just because it's christmas.
  • Hence why I said "don't look for demographic sales data" have you ever heard of demographics? I don't doubt that it's this thing you call parents that buy gadgets for their kids, but sales data won't support that it's the teens driving the sales.
  • @jsnod25 You missed the point of the article. The article is not about the demographics of who buys the MS Surface but about the poll conducted by Buzz Marketing Group which is orientated towards the youth so it was the youth they asked what they thought of these gadgets.. They did not poll the parents who buy these devices for their kids. The conclusion about the "coolness" of the MS Surface came from the young people themselves.
  • @Tips_y
    You missed the point of my reply, and likewise the point i was making towards the original post. Maybe its my background in business, and your lack of it, but I was telling the guy who made the original comment not to look for supporting sales data to reflect the data found in this article...
  • While most teens may use their parents to buy things like this, there are many who work very hard and actually earn the money themselves.
  • In California it is practically illegal for teens to earn money for themselves.
  • You realize people between the ages of 16 and 19 are teens too right?
  • I am young and an app dev and I earn money..
  • Apples products aren't so cheap either. At least you can vary with what you want with Microsoft. With apple you're confined to just the iPhone and just the iPad. There's not much farther you can get. With windows phone you can find some fairly cheap ones with a upgrade contract of course.
  • Most teens can afford an iPad? What is the Price difference?
  • Probably a gross exageration in the headline but I'm getting a feeling that a lot of people are becoming tired of Apple's stuff. Not just teenagers but the under 30s too. 
    The Surface, Lumias, and HTC 8X do have designs people would take a second look at and want to talk about. The software I'm still not sold on.
  • This I agree with. I had an HTC One X prior to my Lumia 920 and the first day my sister in law and her family saw my phone they knew it was new, despite both being in white. I've had non-geek friends say how they like the design of my phone. I thought I wouldn't be getting that attention unless I had the red or blue. Ah well, go Lumia.
  • Me too
  • If only they would add commentary to their commercials...*sigh*
  • I personally see something brewing.. The older generations does not see it but it's there. I see it with the coming Nokia Lumia 620 which may well be the phone that will burst the bubble and make WP go boom in a big and positive way. The momentum is here, a device like the 620 is pretty much what is needed. WIth the arrival of more and more WP8 devices the WindowsRT/Windows8 ecosystem and the look and feel will become more and more familiar. Couple that with roughly 200million new W8 PCs coming in this year and I would predict the landscape may be a lot mor W(P)8 colored come fall..
  • Well then, once we're there,
    Smile for the PureView!
  • Older... Almost 50 , but sees very clearly it's building up. 920 sold out everywhere, google and apple panicking.... ;)
  • I know I'd be first in line for a Surface Pro if it came with HSPA/LTE built in.
    Otherwise I'm still toying with a Pro or a Lenovo Yoga 13. The only thing stopping me from the RT Surface was it didn't run desktop apps so couldn't guarantee dongle compatibility.
  • I don't see the need for cellular at all, I can tether to my phone just fine and why would I pay twice for a data enabled connection.
  • It's only $10/month to add a tablet on, so not much more of a cost. Would be nice not dealing with internet sharing, especially for phone battery life.
  • Its $10/month to add the device itself, but you forgetting the family data plan you have to adjust (i have the 10GB), it also allows tethering on all phones on my plan. So if you family members own an apple device or droid and don't install App Killer, you're going to exceed the data plan and incur major charges every month. You'd be surprised at how many people this happens to. Sales people don't tell you about this until you call inquiring why you received a text 1 week after purchasing your phone saying you .3 left before you incur charges
  • I do see the need, I like to keep my options open - and not kill my phone with WiFi tethering. I could get local Sims or 30 day contracts for my tablet. I use most of my data plan on my handset now so sharing it wouldn't be advised unless paying for more - which then cant be downgraded in the life of the contract on my network.
    Being able to call on my handset while still use the internet on the tablet would also be handy, or let my mates borrow it for a presentation etc while not needing to tether to my phone. Better to include the radios and not need them, than not include them and need them. So much more flexible.
  • Not all carriers permit tethering - I found this out when I was travelling overseas with my laptop & mobile. I would get a SIM with a data plan easily enough, but a couple wouldn't allow the laptop to use the connection via tethering. It was often difficult to explain what I wanted in foreign languages - it would be easier to buy a dongle in such cases, as it's obvious what the intended purpose is (as opposed to just buying the SIM)
  • There should be an update in the near future that will allow the dongle to work.
  • The Samsung Ativ-S T700 Smart PC. (Tablet with removable keyboard to make a nice Netbook) i5, 4Gb Ram, 64-256 SSD, Micro-SD Slot comes with a Telecom 3G Modem and Sim Slot... But it is expensive. I got one and it is amazing!
  • I cant find a Smart PC Pro anywhere. Been looking since they were announced.
  • I have seen it first hand! My 9 year old niece asked for a Surface for christmas. I was so proud.
  • So did my niece and I was like wow no iJanks... Now that's what I'm talking about when she ask me.
  • I have to replace my daughter's PC, and she asked me the price for the surface arguing it's cheaper than the alternative, and that she only use it for Word and web anyway. She's 9 years old.
  • Omg BGR posted this?!!
  • I saw that too and was confused. They're usally Apple fanboys.
  • Maybe they're all kids over there and now thinks the Surface is cool.
  • I'm actually excited for the Surface Pro. I'd rather go all out if I'm willing to spend money for a tablet.
  • I bought RT and am so delighted at the amount of work I can do while remote (production dba) that I just might pick up a Pro to be done with it and use RT for personal stuff or give to my mom to replace her older PC that she uses for games and Facebook. People Hub won't be an issue, were a WP family. As for others at work, if RT and certainly Pro support USB serial ports, then our datacenter managers are all over it; I haven't tested one way or another. Exciting!
  • I feel young...
  • My little brothers are really into Microsoft right now as well. They both want Windows Phones and Surface tablets. 
  • You better buy them something before they get hooked on Android or iOS
  • Heh, my brother was telling me that just before break a friend at school asked him what he was using (he saw Xbox tile) and freaked out. He's spoiled rich and threw his new iPhone 5 and stomped on it. Next day, he had an HTC 8X. I asked for video proof and bro said it happened so fast they were in shock.
  • I can't believe this.
  • I don't believe this.
  • thats because it never happened
  • Did so. Twice.
  • He'll regret that, lol.
  • Maybe this will happen, but what I would really like to see is the Nokia of my teenage years. I love my new device, but I loved being able to easily customize my old nokias, and make them my own. I hope Nokia embraces that past in the future...I like personalizing my stuff and would love to have that option in the future.
    In todays age we can have different cases, but at the expense of adding bulk to our devices. I want to be able to customize the shell of my phone again and make it my own, like 10+ years back.
    Just a though. People like having something different than everyone else, companies need to realize what they forgot and make this happen.
    Personalization is the key to having a product that is adopted by the masses. We have the os with wp8, now we just need this option for the device itself.
  • Lumia 620 and 820 have this. I sort of wish the 920 did too.
  • Agreed, I miss the Xpress Covers! I still have my Rolex cover for a Nokia 3510i , I sold the phone 10 years ago, but I loved that cover so I kept it... Gold I feel old now lol
  • Hello! You have the most customizable phone in the world. :-)
  • Hmm slow windows 8 sales, surface sales are nominal, windows phone not even third yet... I love Microsoft more than anyone but I still see kids asking their parents for apple products. Cool is one thing, status symbol is another.
  • Slow Windows 8 sales? Are you living under a rock? Microsoft just announced its on the same selling rate as Windows 7 (which is the fastest selling OS ever)
  • Licenses are selling the same, not the same as actual windows 8 machines. Once Microsoft releases a new OS you buy the latest OS license and then you can use the previous (Windows 7). That's pretty much what every enterprise is doing right now... Research any OEM, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus all says PC sales are slow. Look at the stock market too. Do some research.
  • Windows 8 is the fastest selling OS. You drunk? You know we're talking about "OS" here.
  • Yes. OS licenses. Big difference.
  • I think we did have a good holiday spending this year but technically speaking isn't the economy still trying to recover? Also many have just kept what they already have and some are reluctant to try a new os. Just look at the bad taste Vista left in people... Not only that there's that 1% of people out there that's very vocal and make it sound like w8 is a mess when in reality its just new and they are afraid of change... I think the sales will steadily increase once we start hearing better words about w8 instead of what some numnut in a desk wrote how bad it is and hundreds of people read it and base it off that... I have no clue what you mean by status because Microsoft I assume is up there in terms of status as a company...
  • I agree. All the vocal bloggers don't know what's going on inside the enterprise. We welcome the change, and our company, like many others I work with, are planning on and will move to one device... A windows 8 hybrid. No more iPads and laptops.
  • I'm an IT Manager at a state/local govt organization in Texas and just replace 50 computer with the Dell Optiplex 9010AOI touch win 8 pc's and everyone there is loving them. Old/young alike. These are domain joined pc's
  • Its an awesome platform. with the MetroUI side, it is like getting two options for the price of one. And its faster too.
  • I'm not a teen but I refuse to go with crowd just because everyone is doing it. I want Microsoft to succeed in both the mobile and tablet markets but I'm not one hoping they get anywhere above 45% of users. I want them to be relevant but I don't want something everyone else have.
  • Well, your not actually getting it because everyone has it. Since your already on the boat before the 'everyone'. ;)
  • I kind of feel the same. I had my mind set on an android phone but I got a WP because lets face it, android was a rip off of ios. So i went with something that did not resemble a rip off lol. And it had Xbox integration, Office, nice Xbox live titles, and its different! I hope WP does catch on and grows but I will still continue to try new things, I am not big on being a follower or sheep as some say.... I am looking ahead at BB10, maybe the new Firefox os if it becomes available in US, the Tizen OS from Samsung with an Intel chip if again it becomes available,etc etc although I am very impressed and love my WP phone... We will see what the future of tech holds for us...
  • I can understand the feeling of wanting to be different, but sometimes, there's a damn good reason why something gets so popular. Like when the iPhone first came to Verizon... At the time, the Android phones were just shit. Battery life sucked. Performance sucked. Everything just sucked. He went from an Incredible to the iPhone and is still using it. His only problem was that he felt like he was "selling out". 
    I told him to like what he likes and what works best. He shouldn't feel like he's selling out for using a product that works better for him.
  • I listen to 91 Jazz FM a lot and they are always mentioning their app for the iPad. Of course it ain't cool! Haha. Apple stuff is more for older people. Kids still want it for now because that's what everybody else has. This just means there'll be some teenagers who'll want to do something different, set a trend, and start a new wave.
  • I really don't think so. I'm 20 and know a lot of teens, all of them still lust for iPhones/Pads/Pods and Macs. Besides the guys who did this research don't really seem to know a lot about what they are researching: " [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops" what are surface laptops?
  • I think they mean Surface tablets and Windows laptops, or they're referring the tablets as laptops, which is possible with the keyboard, etc. It's like a little netbook with the keyboard and stand both in use.
  • Kids don't want what their parents are using.
  • This.
  • I did. And so did a lot of my friends (with their parents).
  • A good majority of the teens I know get an iPhone just because it is the popular thing and don't even realize that windows phones/surfaces exist. Microsoft may be gaining in coolness but I wouldn't say apple is done by any means
  • I'm actually learning to become a software tester and pretty much everyone in my class loves wp8, w8 on the other hand will take some time. Sadly no surface tablets in the Netherlands just yet. :(
  • I have yet to see this translated to my neck of the woods (I live in a well known and popular Western Massachusetts college town). Due to my wife's job at one of the three colleges in town, we actually live on campus (she';s a resident director). The local high school is right next door to where we live and work as well. I see college and high school students around all the time. Maybe the word hasn't hit here yet. But all I see are Androids and iPhones around. That's not to say some don't have MS devices. But what I have notice is that many of my peers in my age group (late 20's, early 30's) are recognizing the stuff that MS is doing. Especially with the Surface. One of my friends, who is the computer guy we all go to for advice, is pretty much sold on getting the Surface Pro and a kid I went to high school with asked last week on Facebook what should he go with, an iPad or a Surface. I told him about my experience with W8 on my desktop and how its really optomized for touch devices. I don't know if it put his decision over the top, but he went with the Surface
  • I know my 7 year old prefers a surface. I know that's young, but it is what it is. No, I won't be getting her one. She wants the one with the "pink" keyboard.
  • My two boys who are 10 & 12 and who each have Xboxs, Kindle Fire HDs and Ipod Touchs, can't keep their hands off the Surface RTs we have. My 10 year old literally picked it up having never played with a Surface or Windows 8 and mastered all the swipes and gestures in about 5 minutes. It was too cool to watch. I was like I gotta record this, this like a commercial.
    Several other cousins in their late teens and twenties gave gotten Surface tablets. Its encouraging, I think it eventually clicks for them how much more a Surface Tablet compared to their old ipad. There really is a difference.
  • I see what you did there... 'clicks'
  • My 8 year old loves my Wp8 lumia810 and asked my when my work will be getting me a new phone (my work issued me a iPhone 4) my son says that they (my Company) better not get a new iphone because those things are crappy! 
    The windows 8 tablet will soon be the hot item.
    No more Ipads for the kids thats for sure. - I mean really!!   think about it!    its the same software that they have on the ipod touch and iphone just with a bigger screen. I was actually very suprised when I played with an ipad the first time a few years ago... I laughed at the Apple sales rep and said really its just a super sized ipod and he giggled and said pretty much! I knew then I would never buy one. 
    Microsoft had built a Windows Phone and a tablet that work together yet have different UI's they offer very similar experiences yet totally different . I dont feel like im using the exact same peice of equptment jusrt in a magnified mode like with ios.
    I couldnt imagine paying $500 for an iphone 5 then buying an Ipad 4 for $600  and the only difference is a larger screen to play my AngryBirds on.
    At least wtih WP8 and windows 8 I get a totally different experience on each device.
  • That ipad\iphone thing is so reality.. Only screen size gets bigger.
  • Certainly not in Australia, we're a very very Apple-centric market.
  • You're also one year behind the rest of the world.
  • Actually they are 364 days behind the rest of the world....
  • Your water also flushes in the wrong direction...
  • LMAO!!! @funkygeneral that was funny out of all the comments here that was the only one that stood out.
  • I'd love to know which teenagers where asked, the Surface has hardly taken off and I don't think many teenagers are disappointed with their current iOS, Android and even BB devices, so find this quite false and rather unbelievable!
  • With such limited availability and OEM partners crying at each step, it is basically a no-brained that it hasn't taken off. It is still Microsoft's attempt to define what a "cool tablet"is supposed to be like and they have done a good job at it. In short, this product was never meant to have "terrific" sales. Also, while we are at it...lets just say that despite such limited availability and an iPad-esque price tag, it has had modest sales. Sure enough, it hasn't set the world on fire but that's not the point.
  • also unlike apple and kindle and with the exception of android, microsoft has oem partners that they have reasonably good relationships with. Theres no reason in my mind why a company thats pretty much ran on partnerships is going to kneecap said partners.
  • I would think most kids don't even know about all the Microsoft lawsuits and stuff of the past. And they probably don't remember the "mac vs PC" commercials either. What they DO know is that Microsoft makes Xbox, and that makes them cool. Grandparents use iPhones and ipads now. Grandparents are not cool.
  • My grandfather is cool, he buys a new pc every 3 years so he can keep shooting Germans (game). Nothing against Germans personally tho. ;)
  • Is OK. I would shot the "old Germans". I'm German.
  • Unless apple changes the UI of their entire OS, Microsoft will slowly but surely gain market share. This is because when you see a surface or any other win8 device, its just begging you to touch it. Its new, its fresh and has eye popping colors. This is why tiles are the way to go nowadays.
  • iPhone is not cool because it's iPhone... It's 'popular' because that's the core medium of communication for teenagers. It's like when cellphones with cameras were in, we communicated via SMS and kept posting up crappy pics of stupid crap... Today, it's the fact that iPhone attracts the popular apps first, before everyone else gets it -- so to not have an iPhone is to basically be out of the full loop. It is/was similar with the BB kids, BBM was part of their loop.
    To be frank, I think Surface stands a great chance to dive in towards teens in the tablet segment. I don't think teens care as much as about apps and stuff on the iPad, in fact, it's as though they want a tablet for the sake of having a tablet. In other cases, they might get one because it's being integrated as part of the education curriculum. In that case, MS should push for wider standards in terms of the applications and extensions used, so as to push in more Surfaces into that scene.
  • Exactly, it's instagram, ichat, snapchat, and a proper Facebook app with chat. It's not the "cool" factor, it's the "what everyone else uses". Had my son on WP for a while, wanted an iPhone so he could do all the things above. Things you can't do very well, or at all on WP.
  • I'd agree. That's the main complaint I hear from kids that I recommend Windows Phones to.
    "It doesn't have this cool app!" or I can't "take pictures and add the vomit effect on them" or how "the Facebook app isn't good enough"
    Yeah, 100,000 apps don't mean a lot when the cool apps aren't there. It's stupid but that's how stuff works now.
  • True.
  • Write e-mails to programmers and developers for WP.
  • You mean send checks and money orders that is.
  • No, write for developing. And this all over the same. Everybody wants earn money. One way is, you pay or spamming, adds....... The same i the app store. You and all the people you know should write e-mails for developing apps on WP. And if they see there is big interest..... They will develop, because they can earn....
  • I agree with you for the most part in regards to contacting developers of lessor known apps that I may want. Also, I would gladly purchase those apps and support those developers, and I have done just that. However, I don't feel I should have to contact the companies that produce mainstream apps such as Amex, Spotify (no WP8), Runkeeper, Pandora (stopped using anyway), Instagram (don't use it, but the kids do, something going on behind the scenes preventing this app from being released) the list goes on. MS needs to work that out, not me.
  • yes, thats correct, but in the first have WE as customer show them, that we are intrest in these or any app we like. MS marketplace is a platform for apps. MS mp for Win 8/RT or WP 7/8 needs the response of users. And if app programmer and developers are intrest to put it on marketplace they do it, but we have to give them a reason why they should.
    the rest will go by selv. only see the trouble with google maps and WP. we have tyo give them a reson why.
    oh. Im german and live in norway. that means we have also market economy.
  • Writing to developers and businesses with iPhone and Android apps is actually a good idea.  I would love to convince my bank to finally get around to porting their online banking app to Windows.  Even if it isn't a huge market share right now, they are still going to get some customers who could use it.  It's not that expensive for them to port over an already existing app from iPhone or Android.
    If there's a business out there who you think should develop a Windows app, send them to the Windows Phone Dev Center.  Microsoft has even developed some tools to help developers port from iOS and Android.
  • Hey guys! Just purchased my Surface two days ago and love it!!!! Sleek, smooth, and fast. I'm really impressed. However, the Best Buy store I bought it from didn't even have a working model there. What the hell!!!! And the sales rep didn't even know how to use it. Wow!
  • Best Buy doesn't know what they're selling they just stand there pretending to work.
  • Same! My sales rep didn't even know it existed! The staples next door knew alot about it and had it sitting right at the front of the store though :)
  • That's strange. Out here all the 9 Best Buy's I visit on a weekly basis have the Surface on display. Some stores have it in two departments. Mobile and tablet/PC. And some associates, young and old, are ecstatic about it. I even talked to some associates and they have been accommodated with Lenovo Yoga's for work but they can still use it personally and many absolutely love it. I have seen a couple of them accommodated with surface tablets but not much. I even talked to a store manager who purchased a surface for himself because he was tired of his iPad. Lol.
  • This is true and love it. Forget mac lion is or macpro boring piece of crap
  • All you here who don't see it happening are just bunch newbie's. I went to CES and saw many people loving the windows 8 and surface tablet, ultrabook and laptops. Apple totally sucks just like there OS. Surface rt and pro kick ass.
  • I saw way more ipads than surfaces at CES. And most people I ran into were either unimpressed with windows 8 or avoided it like the plague!
  • There was a sea of Windows 8 products being pushed at CES this year. Maybe you missed that.
    Now if you can just have CES a week earlier during the AVN awards, you'd have something.
  • More proof that everyone on here is ahead of the game!
  • The Surface is the single most used W8/RT device...
  • Look around, old people use iPhones everywhere. It's not hip to use the same phoned as your parents/grand parents.
  • Well if this is true, its good news. But not for now, but in the long run. MSFT need to prepare the next generat generation to be relevant in the future. Future Prof ? :-D
  • I do expect my generation helping W8/WP8 more then older ones. Right now I'm the only one in my my high school with the surface rt.
  • Apple is done? Dream on. And be a little realistic. How about supporting sensationalist statements with a little sales figures? Because last I hear the iPad outsold all other tablets. Surface wasn't even in the top 5 for Q4 sales.
  • I'm really beginning to wonder: why do you even bother showing up here?
    The article didn't say "Apple is doomed" or "Microsoft is gaining tons of market share". No, it said "products are starting to get noticed because of this survey."
    Why the unnecessary hatred? You obviously don't take kindly to half the stuff posted here so again, why do you bother showing up?