Tekken 7 will bring the fight to Xbox One and PC on June 2

Tekken fans, prepare yourselves: Tekken 7 will officially make its way to Xbox One and PC on June 2. The release date was finally outed in a new, action-packed trailer that gives us a taste of just what's to come.

As you'd expect, now that a release date is here, the game is also up for pre-order (opens in new tab) some bonuses in tow. Should you pre-order, you'll get "early access" to Eliza, a vampire character. Xbox One pre-orders will also get a download code for Tekken 6, which just recently hit backward compatibility for the Xbox One. And, of course, there's a Collector's Edition up for pre-order, which comes with a steelbook, soundtrack and collectible figure in addition to the game.

Are you planning on diving back into the Tekken universe when Tekken 7 hits the street on June 2? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Yes!!!! Hope it'll be on the Windows Store! Love this franchise.
  • "Tekken 7 will bring the fight to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 2" Fixed that for you.
  • People here aren't talking about PS4 so get over yourself.
  • I get it... it's a Microsoft focused site. And that's okay. But not everyone is gaming on Xbox or PC. I have been on board with PlayStation since the PS2. But I've also been on board with Windows since Windows 95 and have been running the Surface RT and currently Surface Pro 3. And I'm (still) with Windows Mobile (Lumia 920 -> 1020 -> 930). When a title like Tekken 7 is developed for several platforms, it feels a bit like censorship, when one platform just doesn't get mentioned. Because if I hadn't known better, I would have thought of a Microsoft exclusive (since only PC and Xbox One are mentioned).
  • Never had a lot of interest for Tekken but that video killed it even more.
  • Best news ever!!!!!
  • King is ready!
  • Where the heck is Jin I the intro?!?!?!
  • i haven't played tekken since arcade days in 1998 but this game looks like it hold true to the series. it always had cool moves and such and it was easy to button mash but after playing mkx and the new killer instinct those just make tekken look silly and outdated. each hit really has a little circle pop around it? looks really behind the times, but maybe it's fun as hell. virtua fighter and tekken were always the weaker of the fighting genre though. it's good to see these fighting games still living on after all these years. when men or women can't fight in real life or just don't want to, hopefully these games will always be around :)