Telecom in New Zealand rolling out Lumia 920 firmware update to enable 4G

We've received a tip that the New Zealand mobile operator Telecom is currently rolling out a firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 920. It's believed the update unlocks 4G connectivity, which was previously disabled. The network will be launching its 4G upgrade next month and this update will ensure Lumia 920 owners will be able to enjoy faster data transfer speeds.

It's good to see the mobile operator roll out Windows Phone upgrades prior to launching 4G. Let us know if you've also received the firmware update in the comments.

Thanks, brucexli, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Second!
  • Doh!
  • Mine already has the option in settings for 4g don't use it though coz I am not contracted for it
  • Why cant nokia personalize lumias just like we personalise our desktop, we can get our own configured phone, but still thats me
  • Are you talking about the hardware?
  • Yes off course, just like i need 1 gb ram, 2.2 GHz, 32 gb internal like that, so that everyone phone will be diffrent and personalization ohh love it
  • U all lucky guys using blazing fast internet..and we are stuck with 2g still in India :(....
  • GPRS? Or some intermediary step between 2G and 3G?
  • Airtel/BSNL/MTNL (Delhi/Mumbai)/Vodafone all provide excellent HSPA+ networks
  • All population of india doesnt live in Delhi,Mumbai mate
  • I dnt live in mumbai/delhi or any metro...but still i have HSPA+
    What century are u living in?
  • Delhi/Mumbai was only for MTNL users, Airtel and BSNL do have good coverage throughout the country IMO
  • Ouch 2g...
  • And I think 3.5G is more than enough in windowsphone as we cant download and save any big files on this dumb OS.. For watching videos 3.5G itself is more than sufficient... And 4G will kill the battery like anything....
  • Soon?? Its been 3 years 3g launched in India with very low penetration rate
  • That is an excellent point you make there, akks.
    What is the point of super fast 4G/LTE when Microsoft impose silly download limits? A good HSDPA or even DC-HSDPA is all that is needed to enjoy online content.
    Here in the UK, 3 network have speeds up to 18 Mbits/s on their DC-HSDPA network which is actually faster than some broadband providers can offer.
  • Exactly..
  • 3g is very expensive in India n without unlimited plans
  • if you compare to other country I think its cheap as 1GB 3G of Rs. 250
  • BSNL 3G ₹252/- for 2GB in Kerala.Recharged half an hour back only :)
  • Thats funny. 250 RP for 1GB?  In Germany you have to pay about 25€ for a Gig with 3G Speed. LTE is approx. 40€ for a Gig... Just to remember... 40€ = 3500 RP ...,
  • Its not about price,The coverage sucks here...only 20-30 % of India is covered in over 4 years after 3g Auction
  • Gotta wait bro.. Soon it'll be 3G everywhere.. Like GPRS was replaced by EDGE.. But it may take years :P
  • How i wish they do this with 810 and enable lte
  • They said the raido is not comparable with tmos lte
  • We also want a firmware upgrade for lumia high end series for 4G, we have 4G in our country.
  • Airtel?
  • Try flashing the NZ 920 firmware and see if it enables LTE?
  • I think 4g is just for data cards, not for phones. Correct me if I am wrong!
  • Its for both
  • 4G will b an essential part as technology is moving ahead day by day and reliance Jio is also coming.So When samsungs r having 4G in non signal feild, then y cant a Nokia will have when 4G is setting up its footprint..
  • I dont think it would be possible to enable TDD 2300 MHZ band in 920 just by upgrading the firmware coz this is the technology which India has adopted for 4G whereas the world except china has adopted FDD technology which the 920 currently supports.
  • That's choice, ay bro!
  • That guy seems to be live in stone age there in India.
  • Updating now!! :D
  • Hmmm I bought my 920 from telecom but use Vodafone network I wonder if this will allow me to use 4g on Vodafone?
  • I dont see why not. Its an update to the phones firmware, so it should work with any 4G network. Theoretically.
  • Correct.
  • Me too. And I have installed the update. Now need a 4G plan. Vodafone is ripping off its customers by charging $10 premium to use 4G. I'll switch to Telecom very soon if Vodafone does not drop the price.
  • They dropped that $10 fee a week ago  
  • You sure about that got a link source? still says $10 for 4G for me