Telltale's Batman series is headed to digital shelves on August 2

Telltale has announced that its take on Batman will kick off on August 2 on PC and Xbox One. That date marks the digital release of the first episode, titled "Realm of Shadows," in what is expected to be a five-part series. Alongside the announcement, Telltale debuted the first trailer for the series, seen below.

Telltale previously stated that its take on Batman would carry a cinematic feel "akin to an R-rated film", and that looks to be true based on the trailer. The game also isn't planned to be a direct tie-in to any of the movies, comics or TV shows, but it does look to feature a wide cast of the same characters, with some left as a mystery until further episodes are released.

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Interested? If so, you'll be able to get your hands soon enough. Telltale says it also has a physical release planned as a season pass type affair, due out on September 13.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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