Tetra Lockscreen app gets unpublished from the Windows Phone Store

Tetra Lockscreen, one of many apps in the Microsoft Garage project, has evidently been removed from the Windows Phone Store. The app infamously did not work on the Lumia 1520, due to an incompatibility bug that was being worked on, but for other phones like the Lumia 830 it worked just fine.

Reports started coming in early February that the app had gone missing, but some of it appeared to be regional or specific phone related. However, now it seems that for all Windows Phones, the app is indeed gone.

No word from Microsoft on the reason Tetra Locksreen was pulled, or whether it will come back at a later date. Complaints about the app varied with some users experiencing severe lag when turning on and unlocking their devices (Tetra seemed to run better on devices with modern quad-core processors).

It was only at the end of January that an update for the app was released. That update brought Weather Beta, which was a useful interactive plugin for the lockscreen.

Hopefully, this is just a temporary pull until any issues can be ironed out as the app had a lot of promise.

See the old Store listing for Tetra Lockscreen

Thanks, Mark R., Kris P., and Mike P., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Using it on my 1520 with no issues.
  • Yeah, works perfectly on my 1520... What are they talking about?
  • After the last update, new users could not download it to the 1520. If you already had it, you could of course update it.
  • I hope a replacement will come. The concept was very nifty.
  • Come to Android❓
  • Betasoft
  • Get a life, Rodney. I'm also glad MS products are on Android, because I use Android as well as WP.
  • Partially, my tablet is a Sony. Rooting is fun...till you try and flip internal/external memory...had to rewrite the damn code...took two weeks to get it perfect. I should have took notes or screenshots as I went along....
    Point is, being a fan boy or cheerleader gets you nowhere fast if they take a fall....the most successful CEO, managers know this. Mingling gets you noticed and separates potential perceived barriers created by colleagues, sort of like a bad form of siloing. Alright, enough free Ph.D. information to you cattle (not you, Rod) Pay me tuition, I'll give ye the tools, but if you drop the hammer on your foot, that's your fault......
    Well, that was philosophical...been doing to much research lately, theories of this, that, the other thing, qualitative vs quantitative (they actually go hand in hand), dump in statistics, samples, and observation...makes for a fine undergrad mess I gotta clean up.
  • It is an awesome concept. :-) I'd love to see further implementations of useful widgets on the lock screen like this. Imagine having a choice of a reasonable number of widgets that can be placed on and utilized via the lock screen along with all of the tiled Windows Phone goodness beneath. Best of both worlds!
    This is an amazing union of two concepts, widgets and Live Tils!
  • I agree. Great concept, but need better execution.
  • How often do we hear that around here❓
  • Ziinnngggg
  • Lol.
  • I agree. Wish they could get calendar too on the lock screen.
  • You can get the calendar on the Tetra lockscreen. Granted it's only a day by day view but it's perfect for quick lookups.
  • I see.
  • Not true..I had it on my AT&T 1520.2 and could not update to the latest version. Maybe on an unlocked phone it's different.
  • Lol❗❗❗ We know that... MS intentionally blocked us from the second update...
  • I updated perfectly fine...love the weather but hate the pixelated weather icons
  • Aren't the apps published by Microsoft Garage experimental in nature? I thought them going missing or being unpublished was to be expected?
  • True..... That's actually kind Daniels point.
  • Works fine on mine too
  • It lagged a bit but worked fine on the 1520.
  • Same here
  • ME TOO!!...I am just very frustrated about this bad news for that one modern and intuitive lockscreen app.. I AM SO UPSET
  • Same here.
  • Also on mine, and I just reseted my phone because the store didn't want to connect with a weird error code. Now the store works fine and when installing the OneDrive backup the app did get downloaded.
  • Better thab Rudy's lockscreen app tbh. Shows promise how powerful lockscreen can be.
  • Same here
  • Working fine on my Lumia 1520 India
  • Flipboard updated ! @wcentral
  • Same here, using it on my 1520 without any issues
  • Too laggy to use it anyway
  • Doesn't even work on Windows 10 for Phones....
  • Yeah it crippled my 830 on W10
  • It has no lag... Are you thinking about "live lock screen"❓
  • Will that live lock screen app ever be updated?
  • Nope! Never ever! In a billion years! Might be after that....
  • Well afaik Rudy huyn was the app's developer along with MS. So I do see a chance of the app being updated as Rudy generally doesn't drop support for his apps.
  • No.... Another Betasoft waste of a time joke.
  • The app was much hyped & everyone looked forward to it after build 2014. I hope they fix the issues or they make it a native app with windows 10.
    Also regarding the performance of the tetra lock screen app, it lags on my 520, but I won't really be whining as it is 520 & not a 1520 :P
  • Seriously... WP is horrible when it comes to customization..
  • Oh really? It's perfect when compared to Ios, Blackberry and Android.
  • Betasoft? The idiocy of your posts knows no bounds.
  • Why not Betasoft❓❓
  • I doubt
  • I don't think so. It would need deeper integration in the OS to work instead of simply running on top the actual lock screen, slowing it down
  • The app always made the Lumia 928 say resuming when unlocking the phone. Made my HTC one do that after you uninstall it. Always took longer to unlock too.
  • Yeah it wasnt that great ...not really useful..the stock lock screen app is better ..but then again it was a beta
  • Because of beatsoft's poor marketing... Lol.
  • Betasoft? This is not products by Google.
  • That there is funny.
  • Personal experience with Live Lockscreen (probably shared by many here): not extremely laggy when I was using it, but there was no way of deactivating it without uninstalling it completely, and even after that the phone became unnaturally slow and sluggish, couldn't play videos or music anymore (not enough memory left??), and so on. Had to do a hard reset - luckily for me, the backup facility works very well and I was back to speed in about twenty minutes... ;-)
  • This one also has lag, more so than Live Lock Screen. At least for me on my 1520 it does.
  • Flipboard updated dudes
  • Still gone.
  • Not cool
  • Super laggy app
  • Yeah, we covered that already.
  • It's coming out of beta.
  • They could just change the name then, so everyone who was in the beta would be upgraded. Now, if they give it a new listing, it assumes you will know this and find it in the Store. More likely: pulled accidentally, pulled on purpose (due to bug, but coming back), project canned/folded into something else for Windows 10.
  • .
  • Eh, I am very likely to believe this as it makes the most sense ;) Cheers. (and congrats!)
  • Congratulations :)
  • well there goes your job, for leaking info
  • .
  • Yes! Great news!
  • True...
  • So is out of beta or not yet?
  • Out of the store. And believed to be back in w10^
  • @Rubino,
    Well, your "more likely" covers almost every scenario....what predictive insight...narrow it down, then stand by your...online reputation.
  • Flipbiard updates guys! Yay
  • Even the extras+info app has been removed from store.....
  • Really?
  • Yes! This store is a mess. Big mess
  • Oh my God it's true!
  • Works just fine on my 920!
  • Yes, it Works fine, not perfect, but usable... I like it and find really weird this situation.
  • I tried this app on my 820. Didn't like it much, but it was okay.
  • worked fine in my lumia icon. now after reset I don't see it.
  • The standard lockscreen is far better and stable too!!
  • True, but that's because it is build in/native. Lockscreen apps still need some help.
  • Better in a sense of stability right? Unless you're not tired of seeing the same lock screen whole your life.....
  • I use the default lock screen with Bing. Surprises me everyday. No question of getting tired seeing the same lock screen.
  • Back from the gym so soon?? Btw, never used the app. Oh well...
  • He never went... He's helping with a NVIDIA show..
  • And snow....
  • And haggling with me ..which is a cardio workout in and of itself....as we witnessed prior to deletion....too bad, that was poignant.
  • Never made it. Damn job. Snow doesn't help either.
  • Don't worry, Daniel... I'll get it in for you... I never make up exercises... :-):-):-)
  • Damn... That sucks dude... Well, the next time you're looking at your love handles in the mirror, remember the millions of people you're helping in the world, and in India too, in bringing us all the wonderful Microsoft news!
  • lol, um, thanks
  • What he's saying is he admires your love handles ;) haha!
  • Yeah, they made the non Buffy one for Android..... Typical Microsoft garage group; they must carry Android devices after work
  • Or Android is better suited for these types of apps, perhaps.
  • Which is a damn shame.
  • I liked it, but it was a little buggy (and didn't work under BT driving mode). Still, looked great and had some neat functions. Hope it comes back.
  • No it didn't work well on 830 - royally screwed it up with all kinds weird bugs, most annoyingly making the camera not open up properly.
  • These stupid lock screen apps will always be laggy. At least until the core system is redesigned.
  • Maybe that's exactly the reason for it's removal: To integrate it within the OS core.
  • I think maybe the live lockscreen api is buggy. Thats why it is not even released to developers.
  • Had problems unlocking my 925 and it would either show resuming on the screen or tiles would refresh when the phone caught up.
  • Should be integrated with music controls into windows phone os
  • Perfection..... Say that again.
  • Say, that is a good one....
  • Perfectionn. With two nn's
  • Worked great on my 822. Just got an Icon, so I the the app was just incompatible with it. I hope it comes back.
  • I hated that you had to disable kid's corner to use it.
  • Me too, that's the only reason I stopped using it. Crazy to have to disable kids corner.... Hope it comes back baked in the OS with Kids Corner in tact
  • This!
  • Fail
  • No matter what I did, I just couldn't make this app work on my 820. I tried for a week and then finally uninstalled. I couldn't find any help online either.
  • Works great on my Icon right now. No issues at all.
  • Works fine on my 1520...
  • After unlocking it took almost 4 seconds for my screen to be responsive with this app. It was really cool but, but that issue made it unusable on my 920 and 830.
  • Que bueno!!era muy mala!! jajaja me eché el celular con esa basura. Jajajaja
  • It sucked!! I had to reboot several times to clean my Lumia 1020 from that crap.
  • Used it for a few days before uninstalling. Don't miss it at all. I prefer to see current music playing album cover on my lock screen anyway.
  • How do you see the album cover on your lock screen? I am using a Lumia 630 and didn't find such option. How do you enable that?
  • Tetra Lagscreen
  • Sucks to see, I use it on my 1020. I prefer it way more over the stock lock screen.
  • Have a 925 and it works great on my phone.
  • Works great on the Lumia 822 and HTC 8X. Super Fast, beautiful, and wonderfully amazing. Just overlays on our every day, changing BING images.
  • From garage to garbage
  • Lol
  • Tired of all the pulling!
  • Hm... I was excited to see an update for the app, but I was wrong... Hope this is not permanent
  • Lockmix is far better and stable !
    (btw I never used it on my 1020 )
  • Be consistent and pull Live Lock Screen Beta too then, or bring back Tetra, please. On the subject of lock screen apps. Anyone been having problems with Photostream? It doesn't update for over a day.
  • I think they will incorporate it in the windows 10. So it will be part of the is. It was very sleek and modern
  • Hey Daniel have you seen lollipop lockscreen app in the forums over here?? Its a beautiful app but that guy can't publish it due to some API restrictions!
  • Is that goggle?
  • Can you share the link please?
  • http://forums.windowscentral.com/app-spotlight/333457-check-out-my-live-...
  • Liked it on my 830. Didn't work w/ W10, so hopefully its features become parr of the finished version of W10.
  • This store is a mess
  • Try Google Play, then.
  • Yes! That is the problem with users and Microsoft. They see criticism as criticism and not as a scope for improvement. Google play as compared to Windows store is more refined, has a good UI, the reviews section is far ahead of WP's. If they seek inspiration from it they may do better. But its in their nature to mess up things.
  • Store is not a mess its growing
  • Yes it surely is growing. But Growing and maturing are,two different things.
  • At the change log they say they're still actively working on it.. Maybe its a temporary removal. .
  • I have the 830 and unfortunately I had severe lag issues arising. I really like the app a lot. So hopefully the lag issues can be resolved.
  • Love it, use it, need it. No issues on my 1520 at all. Hope it comes back!!
  • Good riddance! Microsoft never published any good apps for its own platform anyway. All the apps on my phone are from parties who care ONLY!
  • Movie Creator = awesome
    Office Lens = amazing
    Bing/MSN news apps = great
  • What j hope is that they make Tetralockscreen THE lock screen on windows 10 where developers can incorporate their app into the lock screen. Just like how we can put app notifications on the bottom I hope we will be able to do the same with this lock screen.
  • Everybody check out my sports app for the windows phone store. Currently its free. This app is in beta. And also five some feedback thank you http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/sports_news/7125e93e-3482-4b...  
  • They need to bring it back even if imperfect!
  • Using it on my Lumia 525 .. Love its way ,.. But really lags a lot ... But would like if it comes back with way better nd more options ... Just like I don't need a stopwatch at my lock screen I want something else ... Say if I could check my mails tat had just come ...which I check frequently.. At least the subjects ...from which we could directly jump to the full mail ... Or many other options ...
  • Something tells me you may get fired for running your mouth about company inside information if you really work there, I don't go running my mouth about my company's inside information because it may affect stocks, business plans, and competition.
  • Re : Gary Williams1,
    May I ask, who are you commenting to?
  • The guy who replied to my first comment back at the top of the page.
  • Please MS update "LIVE LOCKSCREEN BETA"....
  • Wrong site...
  • I'm using this on my 1520, and it has worked beautifully!!!
  • Should be skipped by low battery devices.... Hugh battery consumption... This and live screen beta
  • Both Tetra and Live Lock screen just slow down the unlock process. You have to wait a sec before you can scroll after unlock.
  • It's an awesome concept but it just worked so poorly on my 635 and 8X. I feel bad for the guys whose phones ran this smoothly, but it made MS look bad imo to have an app that has obvious performance issues on certain hardware published under their name.
  • Really not missing much
  • I don't know why microsoft doesn't release the API of lockscreen for third parties.
  • Started crashing this week, just disabled it. -icon
  • Works fine on my 520 :D
  • Seems like the apps removed from the store outweigh the apps added these days. The app gap groweth....meanwhile, back at the ranch...
  • What ever happened to the fancy lock screens that resuminged our phones?
  • Good, this app was garbage from the start. It was buggy and laggy. Better to have no lamp than a broken one.
  • Never worked very well on my dev preview at&t 1520. Kill this version with fire and return in W10 with a more fleshed out product please. Really like the concept.
  • App on Microsoft garage are either bug or totally crap, just like the squadwatch darn its freakin slow.
  • Worked well on my 1520.2...Denim w/8.1.1
  • Kinda sad, use it on my 920 and really like the features. Does lag at times and is pretty hard on the battery, but I chalked it up to old hardware. Hope they can fix it, I would miss it on a replacement.
  • Ha! Just uninstalled this too
  • If you want it, you could download it online. Considering it's free software, you wouldn't be pirating.
  • Works like a champ on Icon with wp8. or whatever just updated. Hope they bring it back.
  • Hopefully it comes back as part of windows 10.
  • How about we see this as a standard feature in win10??
  • I hope they do rerelease it with 1520 compatibility again as I lost it when I reformatted my phone. It is the best lock screen app ever!
  • Looks great but not yet available in the UK!
  • I'm using it on my Lumia 635. Great concept. Hoping that they release it before WP10
  • I used to use it on mine. Until it caused repeated backup failures.
  • Such a great app removed I hope it'll be come soon
  • Works on ny 1520 but 21% of the time does it not show when I unlock the phone.
  • It's cool app, but yeah, it's kinda laggy on my Lumia 530, hope when it'll come back, it's gonna be better
  • No Pbm.
  • Microsoft promised many lock screen features with Windows 8.1, but all apps they published so far aren't working as they are supposed to...too buggy and laggy...
  • I won't miss a thing.. seeing as it was never released outside of the USA.
  • As I have my phone set to US for the normal Cortana, it works just fine for me.
  • Ha just redownloaded it about 5 days ago for my 930. Good timing
  • Note to self, Do not uninstall Tetra....
  • It seems that the core of windows phone is just not meant for mobile devices. Apps load slow and they always seem to need 1GB of RAM. I don't see how this is an advantage over Android.
  • Most apps run smoothly even on the 512MB phones. I never felt apps were lagging, unless I had too many open I the background.
  • It messed up my 925 good. I was having difficulties trying not to download it on my 930. I hope they release a better and more stable version or a better lock screen altogether cause the current one is prehistoric.
  • It was a horrible app very buggy and it makes my lumia 925 lock screen laggy i couldn't use it even for one day then i uninstalled it and even after that my lock screen had problems until i rested my phone
  • Too slow. They should integrate it in Win10.
  • Windows Phone should leave lock screen modifications to Android. Seriously they look horrible. They should focus on other things like giving Denim to 1520 users in the Philippines!
  • Or denim to the 635 in the US.
  • 也许又回炉重铸了吧,毕竟只有高端机才运行的好
  • Its working on my Lumia 1520. Am in Nigeria
  • But this is smoothly run in my Lumia 520
  • Not so smooth on my Lumia 520...
  • Works fine on my old 1020
  • I feel Microsoft integrating this kind of feature in future Windows 10 preview builds...... And an awesome result in final v Windows10.....i feel a interactive lock screen coming l like the surface hub..
  • This was my thought. I hope they are pulling the app because they are integrating it into Win10 and don't want people running the app as well.
  • Doesn't work on my L920 (8.1DP) or my L830 (W10TP)...
  • Never worked well for me on 1020. I couldn't unlock the phone half the time and just got a black screen. Shame really
  • Not sure about reason but this app is totally unstable on my L930. Unable to unlock the phone when registered. Therefore not able to gain access to the phone. Even a power off/on doesn't fix this. So I wonder.
  • It was a layer over the top of the lock screen, so it did add some lag and unresponsiveness sometimes. Very cool concept, but still limited for what many were looking for. Not nearly as worthless as the animated screens. Talk about a let down from the presentation to the actual release.
  • Microsoft needs to make the features of this app built-in the OS and optimize them as much as possible!
  • How about release those apis promised last year's BUILD for public? There are some developers that can do better.
  • Using it on my 1520 without issues too
  • Not fluid enough for me on my 1020. Feels like a shell.
  • Not available for 1520. Pls fix.
  • When I look at what Microsoft is doing with Windows Phone right now, all I can think of is the straggler Japanese soldiers who kept trying to fight World War II even though their government had already surrendered. With Windows Phone, Microsoft isn’t just fighting a losing war, it’s fighting a war that’s already been lost. Nonetheless, a new report in The Wall Street Journal shows that Microsoft is still clinging to hope that Windows Phone will become a relevant mobile platform… if we just give it at least another six months or so. RELATED: Windows Phone has no shot at ever being relevant “Microsoft officials say the company is playing the long game,” the Journal reports. “It’s pinning its hopes for mobile revival on Windows 10, the next version of its operating system, which is expected to debut later this year.” Here’s the thing: Microsoft has been playing this “long game” for a long time now and it’s gotten Windows Phone nowhere. How many times over the years have we been told to just wait until the company releases Windows Phone 7/Windows Phone 8/Windows Phone 8.1/Windows 10 and then we’ll finally see some real movement? In the meantime, Windows Phone shipment numbers are barely growing at all and Windows Phone’s market share amazingly continues to sink, even though it never had a high market share to begin with. According to IDC, Microsoft’s mobile OS actually had a higher overall market share back in 2010, which is particularly stunning because the old Windows Mobile platform wasn’t nearly as compelling or capable as Windows Phone is right now. The iPhone came out all the way back in 2007 and Google unveiled Android in 2008. Ever since then, iOS and Android have absolutely dominated the smartphone market — iOS in terms of smartphone profits and Android in terms of raw market share. Consumers who use these devices are very used to how they work by this point and are used to having broad selections of mobile apps to choose from. Windows Phone’s app selection is terrible and Microsoft is always scrambling to pay off developers to bring the latest hot app to the platform. And even if this particular problem gets solved by Windows 10’s ability to let developers make apps that can be easily ported across different Windows platforms — and that’s a very, very big if — it will be far too late. iOS and Android account for 96% of the global smartphone market and Google and Apple have started turning their attention to dominating the next frontiers of software platforms such as wearable computers and cars. Now I’ll admit: I had hope for Windows Phone as recently as late 2013. Given how Apple was still stuck releasing smartphones with small displays and Android often delivered an inconsistent user experience, I thought Microsoft had a fleeting window of opportunity to nudge its way into the conversation. But then Microsoft spent all of 2014 doing absolutely nothing of note while Apple clobbered the smartphone world with the iPhone 6 and Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola all released high-profile Android phones. And given how great the early Android flagship phones of 2015 are looking so far, it looks like game over for Microsoft’s mobile platform. The bottom line: If Microsoft at this point is still devoting a lot of resources into trying to force Windows Phone onto the market then it’s really risking missing out on the next big thing.
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  • You're entitled to your own opinion. We all are. And my opinion says that yours is wrong. No offense. I see Windows Phone as the only great platform available if you want a smartphone, but don't necessarily have the budget for one. Many Windows Phones these days pack lots of features into a good-looking and inexpensive package. Android isn't really doing that, and iOS apparently never will. And to be honest, I think the pricing is why Microsoft can't make the platform successful. I mean, look at it this way: Why would people that can afford a smartphone want to get a Windows Phone, when the majority of them are inexpensive? It's probably because they think that they'd be getting what they pay for. There are very few expensive Windows Phones available that can run the latest firmware, so people with enough money would more often than not choose Android, since on that platform, they'd get more phones to pick from. The LG G3, G Flex, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Xperia Z, etc. There are lots of high-end phones that run Android out there, while Windows Phone only has the HTC One (M8) for Windows Phone, the Lumia 930, 830, 1520, etc. On Windows Phone, only three or four manufacturers make high-end phones, with the majority being made by Nokia/Microsoft. On Android, many manufacturers make high-end phones. There's a wider selection on Android.
    But if the device itself is the only reason for choosing a platform, then honestly, you might as well just start the selection process over again. Because in that case, you'd seriously need to reconsider the pros and cons of each platform, with no bias or anything. And then compare the specs of the device. Then experience the latest from each platform firsthand.
    Only if that is done can people actually see how much potential Windows Phone really has. And it's because of that that Windows Phone is having such a hard time winning over Android users. Windows Phone has so much potential for greatness. And many people can't realize that and understand that the way a Windows Phone user does. I'm perfectly happy with my Lumia 635, a phone that I got on T-Mobile for $25 a month. It's a marvelous device and I'm proud to be able to say that I understand that and accept it. And I'm proud to be a Windows Phone owner.
  • Was removed because it will be integrated with Windows 10, and doesn't make sense a separate development. Stop crying about the half of story.
  • It will probably be a built-in feature in WP10. 
  • Just in time.. Useless app
  • Why not just incorporate the features that worked into windows 10
  • It always caused backup errors on my 635, which is why I originally uninstalled it. I hope it'll get rereleased later with that problem ironed out.
  • Every time a app is removed it gets back with some new features
  • Worked fine on my 1520 for the most part. However I did experience some lag issues so I kept it installed but stopped using it. I hope that they fix it and bring new features though because overall it's a great app.
  • And also removed 520 support
    Or may be current update!
  • Working FINE in my Lumia 1520! Paid for the app, so please continue to support the app! Greetings from Portugal
  • I'd like to think this means they are gonna incorporate it into Windows 10 for phones as the default lock screen. Minus the laggines, it was already leaps and bounds better than the regular lockscreen both in functionalities and style. Hopefully making it native to the OS will solve the performance issues. 
  • performance was so bad, I disabled it after 2 hours.
  • I have it running well on an 8xt. Slightly laggy sometimes, but still an amazing feature that I love.
  • Installed the app on my 1520. ...no doubt, it has lag.
  • MS Gagare already posted "Tetra Lockscreen retired. Thanks" It will be integrated with Windows10.
  • oh man, this app which introduced the "resuming...." issue in my 920. I uninstalled this app long back but the resuming issue still persists.