Thar she blows! The white Diamond!

Well, look at that. We'd heard rumors that there was a white HTC Touch Diamond roaming the waters of Europe, and it looks like someone's managed to capture the elusive beast, albeit chained to a display.

Dutch site jouw Mobiel (translation) has the lowdown on the Touch Diamond Ice White, which is said to be on sale in the Netherlands next month. Specs are said to be the same as the traditional black diamond.

And there's an added bonus.

If you're over in the NL and pick one up, you'll also be greeted by a voucher that lets you "Pimp My Diamond." (Xzibit probably not included.) You send the voucher back to HTC and get your choice of a gold, silver or pink back cover that has Swarovski Crystals inlaid.

Let it never be said again that Europeans don't care what their phones looks like.

Via coolsmartphone

WC Staff