TheChive pulls apps from the Windows and Windows Phone stores

After launching an official app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone just last month, it appears that TheChive has been pulled from both stores.

It's unknown why the apps were pulled, but it presumably has something to do with a problem that reared its ugly head shortly after their release in which users reported unresponsive power buttons on their Windows Phone devices after installing the app.

We're not sure when we can expect the apps to return to their respective stores, but we'll keep an eye out and let you know when they do. In the meantime, at least you can turn to unofficial apps to get your Chive on.

Thanks to Jason for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

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  • hey, sorry for the going off topic, but i'm in bit of a trouble, I saw a article few weeks back that one can hand over there at-most 4 month old device to Microsoft(in any condition) and would get few %off on next buy, can anyone tell how to proceed, I kinda broke my new 730 (1 month old) :/
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  • I believe the apps have been pulled for some time now. Got the bug on my 920 which I can't hard reset for now. It's a nightmare to use the phone.
  • Flash a new ROM to the 920 it should be fine
  • When my phone got jacked up from the Chive app I used the Nokia recovery desktop software and returned my phone to Windows 8 and then I reinstalled Developer Preview....I had 4 separate updates within the first hour after using the recovery software...My phone has been perfect ever since...Better actually!
  • Wow....on my 925 all I did was uninstall the app and my phone has been back to normal since then...
  • My 920 was entirely screwed from the Chive app and countless restarts and uninstalling the app did not help...Luckily the Nokia recovery app saved the day or else I would have been forces into purchasing a Nokia 830 to replace my 920 which as you know isn't exactly a huge upgrade...My wait like many of you guys continues...At least we might get Windows 10 preview next week!
  • I had the Ativ S before my Lumia 830, and two of my closest friends had 920s. One of them still has hers. The 830 is a worthy upgrade from either device. Especially if your 920 isn't running Lumia Denim yet...
  • Thanks for the info. If the 830 was running at least an 800 processor I would have bought it already...I'm hearing Denim is a fairly small and camera driven update so hopefully a W10 preview will wet my appetite enough until a flagship Lumia comes along.
  • Denim hasn't been released for any of the 920 OS variants yet, not in the US or abroad (Cyan is the latest for the 920 in all regions).  The 830 is a decent phone, but I am waiting for MS to release a flagship for my next upgrade (AT&T 920 flashed to unbranded ROM, GB country variant, but still on the AT&T network, no LTE, HSPE+ max). I am curious, can you run Internet Sharing on your phone without a "paying for your data twice" plan from AT&T, or have they dropped that yet?  How about Data Sense, does AT&T still block that?  By morphing my phone into a UK region device, I can Internet Share as a hotspot and have Data Sense, but would like to know what AT&T blocks before I chose my carrier when I upgrade my device (unless I purchase outright, I will probably be stuck with the carrier ROM for a while).
  • yes a hard reset wont fix it, you either have to flash a new rom with ncs or use the software recovery tool.
  • Factory reset was necessary to fix Chive bug for me.
  • A Factory Reset corrected the issue for me, I had to uninstall the app first. The phone has improved battery life after the reset.
  • i just had to soft resetted my phone, no data lost and every thing was back to normal.
  • ChiveOn is a far superior application, and it has been for a long time.  So good, that the offical app was created to look very similar. 
  • Actually the swiping left to right, pan and zoom were superior on the official app. COn (ChiveOn) supported animated gif better.   I find with ChiveOn when I'm zoomed in it swipes to the next picture when I pan around.   Still, until the official app returns bug free, I'll stick with ChiveOn.
  • Don't worry date-rapey bros, I'm sure they'll fix it soon.
  • As a side note, myTube official update incoming. Should be out to everyone By tomorrow but some may get it sooner
  • What a stupid thing to say.
  • First thought it was pulled because of low adoption...
  • Nope it was just breaking phones. Easiest platform to develop for but for some reason devs tend to be just outright lazy
  • Actually, the APIs shouldn't even allow an app to cause this kind of issue, I would say it's on MS to ensure this can't happen.
  • Yeah, this isn't the fault of the Devs. It just so happens they're using something in such a way that it's triggering a rare Windows bug.
  • Agreed. This bug scares the crap out of me... The Chive app may well be doing something wrong, but the fact that it is able to wreak havoc in an unfixable way on Windows Phone is completely on Microsoft. They need to fix whatever the issue is asap... before it is triggered by another app (I believe there is also a workout app that triggers the problem).
  • I agree, what's the purpose of sandboxing apps and only providing gateways through APIs if they can still cause this level of critical malfunction. While Chive might have written bad code, MS has missed something or has a critical bug that allows for this to even happen.
  • Ow yea that must be. I'm sure there are others as well. Like low ROI and a low and lacking eco system.
  • Why pull the Windows app though? There was no problem there.
  • It was a universal app.
  • Makes sense. Glad I already downloaded it. (on tablet not phone)
  • Considering the nature of the issue I bet it was some faulty wakelock. I agree Microsoft should look into it for sure. I wouldn't leave it to the developer if it can do this. In realize just because it manifested this way doesn't mean it is due to related code but that's where I would start looking.
  • It's probably because of that keep-awake bug that stopped lock buttons from working....hopefully.
  • Didn't know there was one but yep that's what I was thinking.
  • Meh it was a bad app anyways. 3rd party apps are way better.
  • I agree with you, even if its coming back I'm not risking my phone again.
  • Even if it comes back I'm not getting that shit on my phone
  • Shit on your phone is never good.
  • Yeah it stinks when that happens.
  • Y'know, after I developed my app for Windows and Windows Phone, For the Love of Tech, I lost all of my faith in the platform. I and my web site were longtime supporters of the Windows Phone platform but after submitting that app, you realize what kind of operation they're running over there. I lost my faith in the platform because after submitting my app, I thought "who in their right mind would develop for this platform?" It was like meeting your childhood hero and finding out he's a dick. My guess is that's why the app is gone.
  • Cool story bro
  • Thanks :)
  • I'm sorry nobody liked your app. There's many, many successful ones out there that ill continue to enjoy. I love the platform.
  • Tl;dr: No one wanted your app.
  • I'm a windows phone developer, and my experience with app submission to the store is really great. It's beyond better than Google Play, haven't tried iTunes to compare with, but it's really developer friendly.
  • Maybe it was a fluke then. My experience with support was that no one wants to take responsibility for some of the more obvious problems with the Store.
  • I'm thinking you might be my childhood hero :-)
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  • Couldn't resist. Thanks for being a good sport!
  • Your app sucked that bad eh?
  • Mind giving us some specifics? When I submitted my app for the iPhone, it was a nightmare figuring out how to do it - granted, it was years ago, and I would assume the process has changed. When I submitted my app the first day they took submissions for Win8, it was a breeze. When I submitted my app for WP, it too was simple. The development tools for Win8/WP are far beyond what the competition has (whenever I write that some fool tries telling me that Obj-C and XCode are far better than C# and VS, and it is an immediate way of rooting out those who are just here to troll). So with your vast experience, do tell us what was wrong with the process. And I assume that you have experiences with the much more "superior" Apple and Android processes. Looking at your post history, I see you have a post about 6 months ago telling people to not get a WP, but to go with Android because the apps there have better quality. What was the name of your app, and what rating did it get?
  • LOL! Nice! This should be good ;)
    Sad to see when someone is going through so much effort to make Windows Phone look bad. As clearly it's just great and getting better by the day.
  • I gotta say it's pretty interesting the lengths that some people will go through to distort things in their own minds.
  • ​Actually I also looked at the history of your postings and you're actually the one with the twisted mind :-S
  • Yep, just like I thought. Rather than give details, you instead attack me. It is amazing how many times people post on Microsoft specific web sites talking about how MS screwed them over, have a post history where they talk about how great MS' competition is, and when challenged to simply give a few details about the problems they had, then it is turned into the person asking for details is in the wrong and refuse to answer the simple questions.
  • Why would I give details to someone who is attacking me for no reason? Or someone who is going into my post history (of two posts) and taking one, where you don't know the context, and creating a profile on me based on that? Seriously, expect nothing from me. You're a troll, the scourge of the Internet. The reason that people don't like to post on forums or to Twitter. The reason that Internet abuse is such a hot button issue these days. The reason that the transexual killed himself. Abuse and you're part of it. I'm sure you go about your time on these forums thinking that you're the good guy. You're the guy that's fixing the misinformation on the Internet. You're the guy who says "If you tell me 1 + 1 is 3 then I'm going to correct you. If that makes me a troll then I am happy to be a troll." That's fine but don't expect to have a conversation with me. I refuse to stoop down to the level that you thrive in.
  • What the heck? He asked you completely legitimate and harmless questions and you're acting like the taxman has come to check on your dirty business.. You start crying about your experience while trying to look humble about it, then try to talk people into leaving this platform? Why don't you leave yourself if it's not working that great for you? Any respect you thought you had has been lost by insulting that guy and a fellow developer. We don't need people like you in our community, especially as developers.
  • If you complain so much about WP, give us the details of the app first. Maybe people just didn't like it. Don't move people from windows phone without giving out details.
  • I'm going to the concession stand... Want any Popcorn? Raisinettes?
  • Rich, the complete vagueness of your post makes it hard to take the complaint seriously. With the level of detail given, it makes it sound like a dev that had a poorly coded app and is mad that the store wouldn't post it. Not saying that's what happened, but the mind tends to fill in the details when they are lacking.
  • No need to be a dick to this guy. He had a bad experience and he shared it. That's a GOOD thing. Are you guys going to sit up on your high horse and say you don't wish there were aspects of WP that were better?
    Ranting and suggesting this guys app sucks is so pathetic. All of you need to stop the circle jerk. Its fine to be a big supporter of something, just try to do it without being an asshole to anyone who mentions critiques or criticisms... He wasn't specific- so what. Move on, or honestly ask for more info if you really want to know.
  • ​From the history of his postings, he probably just created that whole scenario about being a dev or that he had an app in the Store.
  • Dude what is wrong with you? I make a comment so you go on a personal mission to attack me? From the history of my TWO posts you seem to have created an entire profile of me. Seriously, get a life.
  • No dude, what is wrong with YOU!
  • Thank you so much for that. The problem I had with them was bugs in the Store. My app would appear and disappear from the Store at a moment's notice. I had people contacting me and asking me why they couldn't find my app. When I contacted support about it, some of the responses were just crazy. I really didn't want to get into it. I certainly wasn't going to respond to any of these jerks. I was just leaving that comment because after the experience that I had, I can understand why someone might want to pull their app. I considered it for a while until finally, things just started working.
  • There was an issue a while back where searching within the store produced undesirable results. Some apps just wouldn't show up. I would agree that your initial post was very vague. You shouldn't be surprised that serious supporters of the platform, community members and developers, would take your comment seriously and likely question your negative but vague feedback. Hopefully you'll give it a shot again in the future. Good luck.
  • Please. Mister Cheeseburger. You need a wife. Gtfoh.
    Stop posting shit.
    You had never an app.
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    Take me seriously and jump from the fifth.
  • This one goes a bit far... They had a misunderstanding and I think it is cleared up going by the latest posts. No one should be implying that anyone do harm to themselves. You might have been going for humor but it just post comes across as overly mean to me. Everyone has the right to day whatever they want, but they're will be less feuding and less misunderstandings if everyone stopped trying to shut down everyone else with mean(not witty) posts.
  • What was that experience? He said it was bad. What part? What failed? What went wrong? If I were to go to an Apple web site and say "I have a problem with my Apple device, either someone fix it for me or I am going to tell everyone Apple sucks" I would be justifiably questioned not only which device I had a problem with, what the problem is, and even questioned if I were telling the truth or just making it up to get people angry. And the response of attacking people simply for asking a question of where they had a problem, and turning it into I am the "scourge of the Internet" and an accessory to a death (seriously, WindowsCentral, you don't remove posts where someone is making a personal attack accusing me of murder even after I reported it?) just shows beyond reasonable doubt that he is here to troll. A simple search for his posts show that he likes to go to web sites complaining about his horrible experiences with WP, his horrible experiences with iPhone, when someone says that they like their Lumia 1520 he starts mocking them. He is a troll, plain and simple, who is just trying to stir people up. Calling them out to show who they are helps make the community better, because we see that he cannot be trusted.
  •   You see? I told you that you would try to justify your actions to yourself. I do have to thank you for reporting me and for calling out Windows Central for not removing my post. After I made my statement and people like you started attacking me, I wanted to delete my comment but there is no option to do so. Also, all I did was comment that I understood why someone would pull their app because I considered doing the same and you attacked me, so why would I explain myself to you? Why would I bother explaining what happened to some jerk that is obviously just going to pick apart the story and try to find holes and attack me further? After posting my original comment, I was disgusted by the people that commented. I have nothing to prove to you. I don't care in the slightest that you don't believe me. The funny thing is that you think that I am attacking you. This is not an automated system like Facebook where if you report someone it automatically takes it down. You report me, they're going to read the comments to see what happened and see that you were attacking me. That is fine though. I would love it if they remove my comments so I stop getting email notifications that trolls like yourself have commented on my post.
  • You also wrote "That's fine but don't expect to have a conversation with me. I refuse to stoop down to the level that you thrive in." And yet here you are, having a conversation with me, attacking me claiming that I am an accessory to a death, using childish tactics such as calling me names, and going to a much, much lower level. I wasn't even replying to you, I was replying to ade333 and you need to jump in with more whining about how mean I am to you. All I asked was what problems you had, and you have repeatedly refused to answer that simple question. There are Microsoft employees who regularly read and post on this site, they would be able to see what problems you had and be able to get someone to fix those problems. Instead of wanting to help and get things fixed you simply turn it around and start a fight. After rereading your posts to find where you claimed I would try to justify my actions (I don't need to justify asking a simple question such as "which problems did you have") I noticed this in your very first comment: "who in their right mind would develop for this platform?" Well, you did develop for it, so...
  • There you go again, taking my words out of context like when you went back and went through my two old posts.
  • I know, I am a horrible person, aren't I? I am just being mean to you with my abusive questions such as "What problems did you have." How could I ask such things? And here you are, putting up the good fight while not reaching to my low-level. It must be hard to be you, so oppressed by people like myself when all you wanted to do was go to a web site and make vauge complaints about something you never really did nor used all while trying to promote some other device. I feel so bad, it must be hard for you.
  • @nohone, you should seek professional counseling services. You have a personality disorder.
  • You are right. Asking the question "what problems did you have" shows that I have deep rooted personal and emotional problems that need medication. How are you today, doing well? Look at that, now I am asking horribly offensive questions of you. I must be stopped!
  • Care to extrapolate beyond 'its bad?' Curious to know what kind of issues you had.
  • For one, the app looks like it was made with Windows App Studio, which hardly anybody downloads those unless they're a web app. Plus, I've never even heard of the site "For The Love Of Tech" (no offense to you or anything) so if others are like me and have never heard of it, how do you expect others to download the app as well? Relevancy is an issue there. People have never heard about it, so how do you expect it to take off from the get go? Could you give us more details about this "operation" that is being ran by them? Rudy Huyn seems to have great success with Windows Phone, and I read somewhere awhile back that he even admitted that creating apps and submitting them for Windows Phone is a much simpler process than it is for iOS or Android. Not everybody can succeed, so to completely ignore or dump a platform just because you didn't succeed on it within a week is pretty ignorant. If your app is "gone", then why was I still able to find it, and notice that it was updated the 12th of this month? Not trying to be a dick or anything, but you're really not starting to make a lot of sense...
  • Homestly, I have never seen a group of people that like to take the words out of my mouth and create a story out of context more than you guys. This is truly insane. I will never comment on Windows Central again.
  • Whatever dude....I wasn't trying to attack you personally or anything, and I'm sure a lot of others weren't as well, but you seem to think so, so what the f*** ever. We were just trying to ask questions to what your post left unanswered (ok maybe my post twisted a couple things, my bad, get over it). But if you wanna get pissed off and run away from the platform like all of the other developers that do you're more than welcome to. I just consider people like that disgraces to the Windows community that refuse to do their job.
  • Well, not really. One person was just asking questions and I answered them. The rest of you have been trying to disprove my original comment. There's a difference. I'm not going to sit here and stand trial to a bunch of fanboys all because I made the mistake of commenting on TrollCentral.
  • Then stop replying to comments like you said you were going to 2 or 3 other users ago and just leave already. Nobody is stopping you from doing so. It's your choice whether or not you make comments on this site. So why do you continue to do so? Now I'm gonna do the smart thing and stop replying. Whether you continue to reply or not just shows that you actually still crave the attention from WindowsCentral, or what you ignorantly call "TrollCentral."
  • I may reveal my naiveté, but what the hell is The Chive?
  • Meetup for divorcees'
  • Seriously? Like Tindr for "experienced" people?
  • Pictures of nearly nude girls mostly.
  • Their charitable efforts have restored some of my faith in our species.
  • Aw, crap! And they pulled the app?!
  • .. its not bad .. not bad at all. Shame the app was pulled I have been using it since it launched on windows phone.
  • No issues on my 1520. Installed it last October.
  • It wasn't out last October.
  • According to my Store history I installed it October 25th.
  • You installed a third party app with an unremarkably similar name.
  • Ok I stand corrected. I'm using the "Full Revolution inc." version. Didn't realize that! Certainly fooled me-looks pretty damn official. So when did the official version come out then?
  • whahaha awesome! :{D Daniel! make a post about that app! :{D
  • It's understandable that you thought it was the official app. it's a complete copy, right down to the spelling and logo. I wish Microsoft would ban apps that copy, the store has a ton of copycats in it.
  • Except it doesn't have the bug apparently... So in this case the copy is superior. But yeah, they should have come up with their own name/logo whatever else. Brand identity I suppose.
  • I had no issues on my 1520 the entire time I had it.
  • Your headline suggests TheChive pulled its own apps; the first paragraph of the story suggests they were pulled by Microsoft. Sloppy.
  • The first sentence of your comment suggest you are a dick, after the semi colon suggests my first assumtion was correct...  
  • Hahaha Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Lol
  • Grammar and a superior intelligence are for assholes? Jack Neill, hero of the hoi polloi.
  • "Unofficial Apps..." The story of Windows Phone on the next Geraldo...
  • I did reset two times because of not knowing this,I got the same problem with power button and i couldn't download any app from my store
  • Chive, call Rudy. He can help.
  • 6ive
  • Probably the 6iest app in the world.
  • Chive6
  • #fail
  • #tail
  • Im pretty sure they pulled them because they are giving problems to the devices. Im sure they'll be back up soon.
  • What's the chive?
  • A similar site to 9GAG , its a site that posts funny pictures and more u may want to check it if you like that stuff
  • Sounds like something my gf would look at
  • Tell her to avoid "Things that Bounce Thursdays".. Or don't, and just see where it goes.
  • Tell her to check out the "Mind the Gap" section.
  • Good riddance! That app seriously sucked.
  • Windows app was fine.
  • I hope they add the ability to download pictures. I switched back to using the website
  • It took this long!?!? Dats crap!
  • People say "good riddance" "third party apps are better". Well, third party apps aren't going to switch people from iPhone or Android. Hell, if Windows keeps it up, Blackberry will be back in the #3 spot.
  • lol. Seriously. I can understand not particularly caring (especially if it's an app you didn't need/use) if an app is removed from the store but the responses on here are generally juvenile. It's the highschool boy who hits on a girl he's attarcted to and when she turns him down he insults her and says "you're ulgy anyway."  You may not have cared if that app was in the store but a lot of other people sure do, so it's always good for the platform to have those apps. In this case thou, that app seriously needed to be pulled and fixed. Hopefully it will return.  Having said that, I doubt MS could **** up in any way that would give Blackberry a leg up. Their position is pretty much cemented in 4th place.
  • Don't forget about Samsung Tizen Phone and the Amazon Fire Phone. I wonder what their numbers are? Do they have an internet site to discuss their phones?
  • They suck so don't bother
  • I hope they bring it back... Wonder why they just didn't patch it?
  • It's about time they pulled that P.O.S. from the WP app store at least. If it was my app causing that kind of issue, I would have pulled or updated it LONG before now.
  • Yeah, I had issues and uninstalled it. Hope they fix it and return it to the store.
  • How can I keep calm?
  • In the fridge.
  • Purple Haze
  • Well darn. I was wanting to brick my phone, guess I will have to find another way to do it now.
  • MS probably removed it, not them.
  • Happened to me, hard reset and I'm good to go minis apps that I had that are no longer published
  • Worst app of all time
  • Worst developers ever. I had to hard reset two phones because of that coding horror. Never again.
  • So much for the WinPRT locked-down API. An app can still screw up the hardware.
  • SERIOUSLY, why did it take nearly a month for this app to be yanked of the store!? There were problems surfaced from Day 1. I personally had to hard reset and put up with everything that goes along with that process. Another question - apparently there is no process to 'validate' apps before they go live in the store. This episode makes me question the legitimacy of WP could something like this happen????
  • There is no coming back for this app! Would anyone seriously consider downloading this app again after it's reworked/tweeked.....NO WAY!!
  • Starting to lose my cool with these shit apps now
  • It's disturbing that an app in a siloed environment can be this catastrophic to critical device functionality.
  • Had to do a factor reset after installing this app.Glad they pulled it.
  • Can't they manage to restore the missing element or get back to original shape with denim update itself? If they can fix any issue with patches in windows OS, then what makes it so tough to fix it over a OTA patch/along with denim? Hope this is possible...fingers crossed.
  • Same with 6snap :(
  • 6snap bricked phones?
  • The unresponsive power button thing happend with the disqus app. Sad. Luckily nokia phones come with removable batteries. What does the rest of the world do when that happens? The non removable batteried phones.
  • I had the power problem, and removing the battery did not help. Soft reset and restart also no help. The only solution was to factory reset the phone via the settings menu.
  • What Nokia Windows Phone comes with a removable battery?
  • 830, 520, many others.
  • I have my on giant billboard in big city here i put it in both windows.
  • Question is ..why was this app not properly tested ?
  • I remember this happening on my Lumia 800 back then and all three buttons on the side was my only option to get the phone working again.
  • So this why my phone wasn't shutting off!!
    Had to freaken hard reset my phone -_-
  • You can alway use ChiveOn :-) Has all the features of the official app, plus more, without the phone breaking.. WP W8.1 And I just happend to be the maker of it.. :-) Chive On all
  • What is this "THE CHIVE" app actually?
  • It is an app called "The Chive".
  • So this app in fact works as a malware for Windows Phone?
  • Google is behind this. /s
  • Had to factory reset my 1520 to get it working properly again after the chive app was even ununstalled.
  • Main problem is that devs are always in a hurry to publish their apps that they don't test them properly. It's a pity that this happens over and over again.
  • Might also have something to do with the "Official" Chive App being a bad port that ignored the Metro Design, and was less attractive than the unofficial Apps available.
    Lets hope they fix both problems, and Chive On!
  • My only though is how this app got passed the quality control and whatever mechanism Microsoft has to check for theese things. Anyway I won't be installing it again even if it becomes available again. After what i've beenj through because of it.
  • The answer is Windows 10
  • this is just for making better app. this version has a bug they have to fix it and upload it again!
  • I guess we can't 'relax and chive on'?
  • So that's why my phone won't turn on!!!! Fudge!!
    Now I have to use my Note 4 instead of my lovely 1520....
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android