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This Xbox video about a boy and his father may make you cry

Xbox (Image credit: John Wikstrom)

Microsoft's first Xbox console hasn't been made or supported for years. However, it is the subject of a YouTube video from an aspiring TV commercial director that's getting a lot of views and attention thanks to how it dramatized the story of an original Xbox gamer.

According to AdWeek, the project began with a YouTube comment from a person who recently found his original Xbox. The user claims he played games with his father on the console many years ago. Unfortunately, his father died when he was six and because of that, his son had not played on the Xbox for 10 years.

The YouTube poster wrote that he put a game, the Microsoft-published RalliSport Challenge, into the old Xbox. He says he found a "ghost" car still stored in the game. The "ghost" was created by his father in a time race for the fastest time on the track. Yes, his son got a chance to race with his father's "ghost" car 10 years after his death.

John Wikstrom, a 25-year old aspiring director, read that post and decided to dramatize it into a video using the YouTube commentor's own words in the background. Since uploading the completed video on YouTube and Vimeo, it has been generating more and more views and gaining lots of outside attention:

And what about Microsoft? The young director said he's heard from "someone high up" at the software giant, who wrote him personally to praise his work, but nothing official from HQ. Adweek contacted Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's head of Xbox's game marketing, who told us. "This is really inspiring. Connecting players through gaming is one of the best rewards of creating video games, and stories like this are always touching and inspire us to do our best work. We applaud this fan's courage in sharing his story and the filmmaker's artistry in bringing it to life so vividly."

The YouTube commentor has not made himself public, but he did reach out personally to Wikstrom to thank him for his video.

  • Best video I seen in a while
  • Right in the feels
  • The video would certainly explain why this 2 year old incident has suddenly cropped up out of nowhere...
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  • That moment...
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  • Seriously, is it time for another Claritin??
  • The problem with games getting rid of couch multiplayer...
  • Pretty sure I've heard this story a few years ago.
  • I know I have, was going to say the same thing.  
  • This is just a bs story and i heard same years ago... Ms is trying to make something in bg and saying that they have nothing with it...
  • Actually this has nothing to do with MS if you actually read the article
  • MS didn't make it... You mad bro?
  • This wasn't made by nor sanctioned by Microsoft... It was made by an independent person who based it off an actual youtube comment from awhile ago... Read the article
  • Old story but new video. Quite easy to understand
  • WOW, I've read that comment! And somebody made a film about it, chills.
  • OMG that was amazing!
  • Microsoft should hire that Director :P Marketing helps..!! Lumia 640XL LTE DS
  • Wow !
  • A little slow on the uptake but wow... Just wow...
  • Great video.
  • Who's been cutting all these damn onions in here? :(
  • Makes me wanna go dust off my OG xbox
  • Not only does that make my cry but I have a similar situation. By best friend and I would play project Gotham racing for hours on the original xbox with the soundtrack from 2 fast 2 furious playing. The skyline was our vehicle of choice. Unfortunately he died in car accident a few days when I finally beat him in the game. Every time I pick up a controller and play Forza I envision he and I racing so this video of this gamer and his dad touches home for me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That story made me really sad :'(
    Good job with the video
  • That was really sweet... =] Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Nice! Right up there with "Field of Dreams". You had me at "Xbox". Cudos to the director for a well done short!
  • So good
  • Incredibly soul cutting... the music and the narrator just draws you in and combined with the visuals - makes for an extremely well made short. But that story is what's really touching... to be able to relive those memories, litterally with a ghost... that's what magical about it.  
  • My original Xbox is still working
  • I've heard this story a million times and I'm pretty sure that YouTube comment wasn't the original person Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It doesn't matter if it was the original person or if we heard the story 1 million times. Fact is many people have lost someone close to then who they played Xbox with. If it's a marketing ploy so what at the end of the day it helps you to stop and pause and appreciate those moments you spend gaming. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed, the message still doesn't change even if it is just a marketing ploy or wasn't the original comment.
  • I'm 45 and I cryed like a baby. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That was really beautiful!
  • Very touching!
    A little smoky here.
    Sweet video.
  • Really old. Interesting story, but the article's way late to the party.
  • It's emotional
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  • So is the story about the kid true, or not. I've see it cited several times over the years, but being the internet, I'm curious if it's true or just a touching urban legend?