I've been vocal about my love for the Surface Laptop. It's the perfect Surface product! I had always wanted Microsoft to build a straight up laptop, not something that could detach or something that could fold or flip into something else; I have no need for that. I just wanted a laptop, and I wanted Microsoft to make it, so as you can imagine, the Surface Laptop is my favorite device ever. As such, I like to fully kit out my Surface Laptop with accessories. These are some of my favorites.

Mouse on the go: Surface Mobile Mouse

I used to use the Surface Arc Touch Mouse with my Surface Laptop, but I now use the Surface Mobile Mouse instead. It's available in platinum, burgundy, and cobalt blue, meaning you can get one that matches your Surface Laptop. The Mobile Mouse is a beautiful travel mouse that features a low-profile design allowing you to slip it into tight spaces for travel.

$35 at Microsoft

Bag it up: Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag

Thanks to a recommendation by our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino, I use the Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag for my Surface Laptop. It's a stylish and slim shoulder bag that looks good no matter what you're wearing. I hate big backpacks and bags, and considering the Surface Laptop is so thin and I like to travel light, the Benthaven Collins bag is an ideal fit for me.

$55+ at Amazon

Storage for days: Western Digital 4TB Portable Drive

For external storage, I use the Western Digital 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive, which has a USB 3.0 connection that fits with the Surface Laptop's single USB port. Yes, 4TB is a lot of storage, and it's more than enough for what I use it for. I often throw big files like ISOs, system backups, video files for editing, and a whole lot more onto my 4TB drive and still can't fill it up, so it'll most likely be more than enough for you as well.

$99 at Amazon

Lift it up: Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops

When at home, I like to use my Surface Laptop in conjunction with my main PC at my desk. I use a laptop stand to elevate the Surface Laptop a few inches from the desk for better multitasking between my ultrawide monitor and the Surface Laptop. The stand itself fits basically any laptop, and raises it about five inches from the desk. You can hook up a Bluetooth mouse or continue to use the trackpad, and the Laptop shouldn't fall off the stand.

$39 at Amazon

Ink digitally: Surface Pen

The Surface Laptop has full support with the Surface Pen, and is great for signing documents or making quick notes or annotations on PDFs or webpages. The Surface Laptop itself isn't a pen-orientated device, but the support here has proven useful many times. It's only $99 too!

$99 at Microsoft

High quality mic: Blue Snowball Microphone

Every week, I host the Windows Central Podcast alongside Daniel Rubino, and sometimes I'm out traveling with my Surface Laptop when those recording sessions need to take place. For those occasions, I take with me the $49 Blue Snowball microphone, which is an excellent, small cardioid USB mic that sounds great!

$49 at Amazon

So there you have it, these are the accessories I use alongside my Surface Laptop. I particularly love the Surface Mobile Mouse which is reliable and gest the job done. If you're interested in the Surface Laptop, make sure you give our review a read.

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