My essential Surface Laptop accessories for everyday use

I've been vocal about my love for the Surface Laptop. It's the perfect Surface product! I had always wanted Microsoft to build a straight up laptop, not something that could detach or something that could fold or flip into something else; I have no need for that. I just wanted a laptop, and I wanted Microsoft to make it, so as you can imagine, the Surface Laptop is my favorite device ever. As such, I like to fully kit out my Surface Laptop with accessories. These are some of my favorites, and they're all perfect for the original Surface Laptop as well as the Surface Laptop 2.

If we're making suggestions...

So there you have it, these are the accessories I use alongside my Surface Laptop. I particularly love the Surface Mobile Mouse (opens in new tab) which is reliable and gest the job done. If you're interested in the Surface Laptop, make sure you give our review a read.

I also love the Surface Headphones (opens in new tab), providing rich audio quality in a stylish package. They really do match my Surface Laptop so well, it's hard not to get excited when wearing them. The touch controls and overal design aethestic is what pushes these further than the rest of the market for me.

If you're not a fan of trackpads, the Surface Mobile Mouse (opens in new tab) is a great accessory that helps you avoid having to use it. It small, compact, and relatively cheap, and provides accurate and pricise mouse control even on the go. It has removable batteries too, meaning you can swap out with a new pair in a flash if you start to run low, which shouldn't happen often.