Microsoft has done a solid job at making its Surface line of tablet PCs easy to use on a desk or in hand, but there are times when not having to hold it by the side is just that little bit more comfortable. When using a Surface Pro in the field for work, it can prove rather cumbersome to have it in hand, especially when using a stylus and having to perform other tasks quickly. This is where a strap accessory comes in.

I've rounded up a few that would work well with the Surface Pro.

USA Gear T12

USA Gear is a popular brand for bags and other accessories, and the company has also made a strap accessory for 12-inch tablets, including the Surface Pro. This case is a great option because not only does it allow you to more conveniently hold the tablet with the adjustable strap — which can also suit carrying over the shoulder — it also protects the tablet against slight knocks to the aluminum edges.

And because the strap is adjustable, it opens up further deployment for the tablet, like on the rear of a car seat as an example. There's even a capacity screen protector, which doesn't affect the touchscreen functionality and renders the tablet useless. All this for $17.99 isn't a bad price, especially if you frequently use the tablet outside or in hazardous environments.

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LapWorks Gripzilla Pro

The Gripzilla Pro by LapWorks is much more than your typical strap for a tablet. Not only does it allow the use of tablets between 10 and 15 inches, but also comes rocking different modes. The hand strap is perfect for preventing fatigue, while the swivel hub stand allows for portrait and landscape modes to be configured without hassle. The spring-loaded bracket makes it easy to attach and detach a tablet too.

The only drawback to this accessory, in particular, is the lack of protection offered by the grip that wraps around the chassis. This can be easily resolved by using a case for the tablet and having the Gripzilla Pro wrap secured to the added case instead of the tablet itself. As an added bonus to the package is an included adapter, which supports the Armbot desk and wall mount stand. It's a little pricey too, coming in at $44.95.

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What do you use?

Do you rock a Surface Pro tablet at work? What sort of accessories do you rely on in the field to keep the tablet safe and prevent fatigue through prolonged use?