Third-party alarm apps will soon be able to break through quiet hours

If you rely on a third-party alarm app on your phone to wake you up, there's a big tweak coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update that should make working around the "Quiet Hours" setting much easier. As confirmed on the Windows developer Uservoice, third-party alarm apps will be able to break through Quiet Hours in the Creators Update, meaning you don't have to worry about your alarm not going off if you use something other than Microsoft's built-in alarm.

Windows Insiders will be able to test this feature out on the Fast ring in an upcoming build. From the Uservoice post:

We just enabled this in the next Insider fast-ring flight of the Creators Update! All third-party alarm apps will break through quiet hours now, just like the first-party alarm app! (Build 14972 or newer).

This is a small, but convenient change that should come as good news for those who depend apps like Realarm to wake up in the morning, but also want to take full advantage of Quiet Hours. Of course, there are a lot of much bigger updates coming along in the Creators Update that are worth checking out as well.

Thanks to Adam and Paul for the tips!

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  • What's the alarm app in the pic anyone? TIA
  • Realarm
  • Thank you kindly *hat-tip*
  • Probably the best 3rd party alarm in the Windows Store. Also, it's UWP :)
  • UWP ftw
  • Why you don't make quiet hour with adjustable volume! Let's say I don't want my phone to be totally dead, but would like it to stay say on volume 2.
  • but then people would complain of their drunk's friend messages waking them up with a volume of 2, but being late to work because they didn't hear the alarm
  • Wouldn't that be the exact same as just turning down your notification volume to 2?
  • Just nice to have some presents. Could be useful while at the desk.
  • That's not quiet... That's a lower ring tone volume...
  • Good to hear!  
  • I hope this update will allow other applications than just "alarms". For instance, I'm very interested in weather alerts. If a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is issued (and I get an audible toast notification for it), I'd like to hear it (regardless if Quiet Hours are in effect...). Regardless, this is good news...   Cheers, Justin
  • Hey there I agree with you. I use chat apps to send messages and call people instead of the default phone and text messaging apps so I would like for the chat apps to break through quiet hours. I requested this in the feedback hub a while ago so I hope it gets implemented.
  • I've never had a problem w/ Realarm even w/ my quiet hours set. The rest I've tried never come on so this is definitely good news.
  • Finally!!
  • Epic!!! A break through!!! Features iDroid has had for years!!.
    Boy, it sure is looking like Blackberry around here.
  • Uh, what? We've had breakthrough and quiet hours for longer than Android Rodney...
  • Nope
  • Yeah, we have. Android haven't had it integrated until late 6.x.
  • What part of no don't you understand, my friend??
  • You saying no to facts being right.
    Google added a proper integrated dnd-mode the 11th of november of 2015. Windows got it in 2014. There, like I said... Windows had it long before Android and have had breakthrough lists since release.
  • Pwning 'em with facts. I like your style. ;)
  • Thank you good sir. :)
  • I've been using quiet mode on Android for years. So maybe get facts straight... Its one the main reasons I left Windows Phone cus Android had it but Windows Phone didn't. And yes, Windows Phone. Android had it before Windows was even 10.
    Sure it wasn't called DnD before Android M in October 2015 but the feature was there long before.
  • Look it up... The first proper and fully functional version was released on the date I said above. Everything before that was either not integrated or half-assed solutions like the rest of the system.
  • Half assed like MS Cortana region locked version? Indeed.
  • Sigh, so you throw outdated information (Cortana isn't region locked any longer) to win an argument? And also fail to realize that Google has region based limitations?
  • We are talking quiet hours arent we? Not any other features. And yes, Cortana is region locked. And that's a fact! I can't use Cortana in Sweden without changing my region and language. Hence I can't use quiet hours on my native language. Sigh indeed...
  • You have been able to since anniversary update... When she became region unlocked... Which I am doing in Sweden right now. Jag var ganska säker på att alla visste det redan, men jag antar att det är svårt att veta om man är Android-användare. She isn't available in Swedish, but that took Google five years to finish as well... So nothing strange there. Even with their monopolies and data mining, it took them five years...
  • "Jag kan inte hjälpa till i din region just nu" -Cortana
  • Did I NOT just type that? She has been available for everybody, everywhere since anniversary update. How about you update your facts a little?
  • Ooh, salty. I cant use Cortana i my region in my language (without changing region in settings to a none nordic one). Fact! Im writing this on a Lumia 950xl right now and Cortana along with quiet hours are not working... Have a nice day sir. Quick to state facts to others, slow on taking in facts your self, nice.
  • You can't use anything in a language that isn't supported... Your argument was that it was region locked, which it hasn't been for four months. You can set your region to whatever region you want and it will work... Read, please? One last time: Cortana was region unlocked since anniversary update. That is one year after Cortana was released in its current form which is five years faster than it took Google's assistant to be unlocked in Sweden. Do you understand?
  • See what I unnecessarily started.. Lol
  • Lol. You know I'm just choking your chain, right?
    I'm not sure who had it first.
  • I don't think anybody knows.
  • Right.
  • I like your logic. /s
  • Sad troll is sad
  • Awesome! I use ReAlarm alot and this change in Quite Hours would be very useful :D
  • Excellent, my 5am alarm will now work in realarm again!
  • I would love to have Quiet hours -feature to begin with. But no chance, it is tied up with Cortana which is not coming to our market in the foreseeable future.
  • Agreed. Since expanding to new countries doesn't seem to be very high on their priority list, they should at least release some sort of "Cortana lite" to provide functions like quiet hours or reminders. I know I wouldn't mind having to use it in English.
    #bringclippyback ;D
  • YOU CAN DO THAT >.<... I've seen this too many times but cortana isn't limited by region anymore. They have a disclaimer saying she won't bring all her features and you have too choose a supported language but then boom, she works, no problemo.
  • Right? Its not hard to find out why MS products arent "cool"... People just run with outdated information and don't seem to ever see that things get developed.
  • Okay, that set up was stupid. Easy and it works, but stupid. Since after charging region Cortana says she's not available in my region. No mention of language. That's where I gave up last time. Now peeked at settings and yea, now it works. Thanks.
  • This is actually good. Msft should continue to work on things like this that gratify developers, also developers should be working on apps that support Cortana commands. There's only a handful.
  • I don't quite understand. Why would one set an alarm in the quiet hour? Isn't quiet hour meant to be quiet? We should be changing the quiet hour instead. Am I missing something?
  • Say, you want quiet hours so your phone won't notify you of anything while you sleep, and maybe also for an hour after you wake up. But of course, you also still need an alarm to wake you up to begin with. Now, the built in app could do the trick, but not everyone likes that app, or prefers a different alarm app better, and soon Third-party alarms will work through Quiet Hours. If you set your alarm just after quiet hours disables, then I guess its no issue for you, but for others who need an alarm before their set Quite hours disables, its very useful :)
  • So the built in alarm app isn't UWP?
  • I believe the built-in alarm is a UWP. This is an adjustment in the OS for third-party Alarms like ReAlarm (in the photo)
  • How about break through on skype and messenger now too?
  • If I remember well, Realarm always worked for me. Even with Quiet hours on.
  • They should backport this to RS1 in the meantime. It's a long time until March 2017. Maybe even TH2, now that they are still supporting it.
  • Firstly will be fine, when Quiet Hours start working, now it only redirecting me to Search...
  • Wish they would work on opening up Cortana features for users outside of US. I can't even use such a simple and for me important feature as quiet hours because its locked to Cortana. Its a stupid lock and one of the most requested features in nordic countries, but MS simply don't listen...
  • So. When is build 14972 going to be released? Stuck on 965 for a while now.