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Big PUBG esports invitational and secret Rainbow Six Siege teams

There was $3 million up for grabs during the PUBG invitational in Berlin, with a third of that pool going to charity. It was a massive event with actual on-stage explosions, intense in-game action, and some glitchy moments. It showed us just how big battle royale esports could become.

Secretive team joins the siege

There's a new team that joined the Rainbow Six Siege family, but we don't know anything about them because it's all hush hush. Just kidding, it's Team Secret. The roster includes some big names: meepeY, LeonGids, Lacky, sTiZze, Elemzje, and Helbee.

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Check out the organization's official website and social channels for more details.

PUBG scored a huge esports dinner

Bluehole, PUBG Corp., and Brendan Greene were in a race with Epic Games as to who could smash its way into esports first in a successful push: PUBG or Fortnite. Turns out, PUBG won with the most recent invitational tournament, which saw an incredible opening ceremony (check the above video) and some awesome action between participating squads.

There were still some technical glitches and issues that need to be ironed out (face cams still on after players are eliminated) but overall it was a pleasant viewing experience for the audience, both in the arena and online. Having some of the biggest teams around take part certainly led to some intense fights.

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A total of $2 million was split among the teams in prize money, as well as a further $1 million to charity, taking onboard top PUBG streamers like Ninja and Dr DisRespect. It was a successful step in the right direction for PUBG as a whole. Even KEEMSTAR is looking to set up his own PUBG tournament, following Fortnite.

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We'll have to see how that comes about.

Upcoming live events

  • League of Legends Championship (LCS) - August 10 (EU), 11 (EU, US), 12 (US), watch on Twitch.

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