Razer Quartz

Razer is working its way into the esports industry by becoming the official medal partner for the upcoming Southeast Asia Games 2019 tournament, which will see professional gamers take part alongside athletes.

Razer sponsors esports at SEA

The Southeast Asian Games 2019 has signed a new esports partner, Razer. Co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan has been pushing esports as a recognized medal event at the upcoming SEA Games 2019 and scoring a deal to become the official esports partner showcases just how much support is being thrown behind the scene.

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As the official esports partner, Razer will facilitate discussions between various game publishers and organizers for games to be featured at the tournament. The finalized line-up of games will be announced in the coming months, though we imagine the top performing esport titles will be added.

Check out Razer's website for further details.

Upcoming live events

  • Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup - November 30 - December 2, watch on Twitch.

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