Test your trick shot skills with T.H.I.S. for Windows Phone

T.H.I.S. is an entertaining and minimalistic game for your Windows Phone that challenges you to shoot a ball into a circle. While this sounds like a simple task, your target is never straight ahead and there are plenty of obstacles to shape and time your shot around.

The Windows Phone game is loaded with high-powered graphics and a ton of features, but what is in place is nicely done and an enjoyable way to pass the time.

When you first launch T.H.I.S., you will see the current changelog that transitions to the main menu. The screen will flicker and you probably will think the game is suffering from a graphics bug. The flickering is not a bug, but rather a special effect. If it gives you a headache or you are seizure prone, you can turn the flickering off in the game's settings.


Once you reach the main menu for T.H.I.S. you will find options to jump into gameplay, access the game's settings, choose your ball, choose your color theme and view the gaming levels. T.H.I.S. will resume play at the level you exited the game from or you can replay a level to improve your aim.

Settings for T.H.I.S. cover sound and music volumes, as well as turning off that dang blasted flickering. You have six ball styles with more in the works and eight color themes or the option to randomize the theme.

The goal of T.H.I.S. is simple: shoot your ball into the target circle. There is a split ring revolving around the target and several obstacles to navigated around or use to bank your shots. You will also find midway targets to shoot for when your ultimate target is impossible to reach in one shot. Some levels will also span multiple screens.


The mechanics of gameplay has you tap/holding on the ball and pulling it back to set the power of your shot (much like you would a slingshot). A directional arrow is present to help aim your shot, but no projection lines are present. When you think you have everything lined up just right, release your hold to launch your shot. If you miss your target, the directional arrow will be positioned where your previous shot was aimed. This is a nice touch to help you adjust your aim accordingly.

There is no scoring with T.H.I.S., but you will need to sink your shot to advance to the next level. There are no timer or distractions, just the pressure of making the shot.

Sometimes it is the simplest of things are the best

T.H.I.S. is a simple, entertaining, uncomplicated gaming title for your Windows Phone. The game will not wow you with flashy graphics or a ton of gaming features. What it will do is offer you a challenging, fun way to pass the time with.

Graphics are minimal and the gaming levels have plenty of obstacles to test your skills at aiming and the timing of your shots. You will not have to worry about scores, timers or limits on your shots. You only have to worry about getting that darn ball to its target. I would have liked to have seen a dotted trajectory line to help with your aiming, but the arrow works and gives the game a bit more difficulty.

T.H.I.S. is a free game and if you do give the Windows Phone game a try, remember the flickering is intentional and can be shut off in the game's settings if it becomes too unnerving.

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George Ponder

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