Microsoft announces the locations of their first three new stores for 2014

Over the past year, Microsoft has opened 35 stores with now a total of 83 full-line and specialty stores across North America. They are pushing forward by announcing the locations of the first three new stores for 2014. Is Microsoft putting a new location near you? Let's find out. 

If you find yourself in the following locations, consider yourself lucky. You're getting a new Microsoft Store. 

  • Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 
  • Westfarms, Farmington, Conn. 
  • Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus, N.J.

Don’t worry if you don’t live near these locations. Microsoft will continue to open new stores while also transitioning some of the specialty stores (usually kiosks) into permanent full-line stores. Unfortunately, no plans have been shared about Microsoft brick-and-mortar stores outside North America. You can see the complete list of store locations at this page (opens in new tab).

We love going to the Microsoft Stores because everyone can play with the latest products. You can try out the new Windows Phone devices or the latest Windows tablets before buying them. There are also a variety of events and workshops running every week.  They are also home to some really good deals. For example, they are currently running the 12 days of deals. Some of the deals have included the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 for just $99.

What’s also great about the Microsoft Stores is the Answer Desk. Whether you bought your PC from Microsoft or somewhere else, their Answer Desk experts will repair any software-related issue, including the following services, for free:

  • Extended diagnostics on any device
  • Software repair or support
  • Virus and malware removal
  • PC tune-ups for increased performance
  • Recycle for Rewards appraisal with store credit

There are paid services for other things like upgrades, installation, or data needs.

We are glad that we’ll be seeing more Microsoft Stores in the coming year. Are you still waiting for one to open nearby? Microsoft says you can let them know where they should open their next store at their Facebook page.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab), Via: ZDNet

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Microsoft please one in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney
  • You do know that this is WPC,, right❔..... Lol❕
  • Just because it's WPCentral, doesn't mean they can talk ONLY about windows phones.
  • I think he means if there's any chance of Markp74 getting through to Microsoft to open new stores near him, it should probably be stated on their site, not WPCentral lol
  • I know.. I was just being facetious.. Boy, I could go for a McRib..
  • Ditto.  
  • Don't they sell Windows phones at Microsoft stores?
  • Totally, how can there be 80+ stores in NA but none in other world cities?
  • Microsoft is based in the US, so of course they have to start there and slowly expanding into Canada.  Worldwide domination will happen, just be patient.  Apple stores started in the US the same way before they went global.
  • Im a Microsoft fan (windows 7, 8.1, Office, windows phone), but the truth is that in terms of shops and local support were not even in the same league of apple. Worldwide, I seriously doubt we will ever be.
  • Apple had to back the every store didnt carry apple products were as windows was in every store, so thye had to start doing that, windows is alrady in evry store so it doesnt make since to open to mny store as they will compete with the stores that already carry windows products, the only reason for them now is there are now so many new products and type of product that when you go to your local walmart you many not find the windows product that your looking for thats the reason for them. 
  • Nokia has a lot of stores worldwide, maybe now they will turn into Microsoft Stores ;)
  • Yeah that would be sweet but with the free service of software problems might piss off a few local pc stores where service is there bread an butter....
  • I hope they turn the Roseville store into a full-fledged store. What's ironic is that it's right next door to the Apple store -_-
  • Ya, they really need to turn that location at the Galleria into a full store.
    We need to get a WP NorCal hookup together.
  • Trying to hookup with Ticonfreek❔.... Yeah..
  • Heh. We have enough people from the Sacramento, SF, Roseville area to do a meet up.
  • Tahoo, Reno area as well.
  • I'll be in Reno on Christmas.
  • TAHOE/RENO raised! Reno needs a Windows Store, it would destroy the Apple store here. BestBuy doesn't carry any windows phones or windows tablets either, other then a few (Surface).
  • The Best Buy on S. Virginia has stepped it up and they have a lot more Windows tablets and Windows spotlight than they used to.  The Apple table used to be packed with customers but now it is dead with Windows and Samsung taking over.  I do agree with you, though, that they don't have any Windows phones on display--very annoying. Windows store in Reno please!
  • Its
  • I agree! Would go there more often, but it's just a tiny kiosk! I hope so!
  • How is that ironic? Competition is typically located nearer each other.
  • I can't believe the largest mall in America, King of Prussia Mall, only has a Microsoft kiosk, while Apple has a gigantic store. There's plenty of room there to get a full-blown MS store, too. I'm waiting for that day!
  • That definitely is a big mall.
  • Toronto Eaton Center is also a huge mall, and it only has a small pop-up store  as well (which gets lots of high traffic since it's in a busy area in the mall).  They do this as a starting point in those malls, and when prime mall space and local budget allows, they get in and get a full store.  Be patient my friend. :)
  • Been waiting for the Westfarms location to open for a while. Now I won't have to drive 45 minutes to my nearest one. (though they've had a holiday store there since last year).
  • I was expecting a store in WFM. The kiosk there is always busy, plus nearby West Hartford people have a lot of dough.
  • Absolutely true. All the shopping areas in West Hartford are packed with well-to-do folks waiting to spend their cash. Their Whole Foods is huge compared to the other ones I've been to.
  • Microsoft please one in Montréal and Brossard.
  • Oh yeah. No need to open Stores outside the US, by all means. Hey, why doesn't Microsoft also restrict the sale of Windows, Office, Xbox and Windows Phone to the US too? Oh, that's right. Because they can't survive on the US market alone. But judging by would think they could, wouldn't you?
    God, Microsoft's new CEO can't come soon enough. And please make it a non-American. This stupid US-centric strategy has to change. Otherwise that "transformation" they talk about won't happen in a million years.
  • Ranting again? It's getting old.
  • It really gets old. Essentially these types of trolls bol down to "Microsoft hasn't done 3242341234 things in 2 weeks yet, so I'm angry".
  • Normally I'd agree, but I actually agree with his points for once. Perhaps the tone is a little strong, but really MS do need to look more outside their borders. It's not like they don't advertise and do other things, but they need to do more and make this a global strategy. It was a good decision to open physical stores and give people a chance to try products out in a nice environment; and it really would help their brand if people had a chance to do it in other countries. Personally for me in London I think the city is crying out for an MS store. London is a massive market and they need to do more to stop people ignorantly buying Apple products. 
  • Exactly, this time I also agree with him. You just have to look at Zune to see what happens when you go US and Canada only!!
  • I guess you missed that one of those stores isn't in the USA...
  • He must think Canada is part of the USA
  • Luckily I'm not American. I can point other countries and my own country on a map. Unlike a fifth of  Americans (and this is a statistical number. Not something I came up with).
  • You know I was going to reply a thoughtful well executed rebuttal to you but then djcbs what's the point your a hater and will always be one
  • Usually, but today I will defend him, but his statistic is sadly and shockingly true. As for US vs Canada, obviously there's a big difference but in the end of the day Microsoft are too US focussed with these policies.  
  • You're right. There's ONE in Canada, a couple of miles away from the US border. Big difference that makes regarding the idea of the comment, anyway...
  • There's actually 3 already (1 of them being a popup store), with the 4th one being the new one listed above. Also - they have to dominate North America before going global.  Opening physical stores in today's age is risky business and they can't play that game yet until they dominate certain parts first.  Just like the Apple store which originally started as US only then went international as well.
  • Lets throw some more statistical facts at you, 80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border*, so lets make it safe to say that the majority of the stores opening in Canada will be some form of "miles" away. Though you say a couple of miles, which if taken literally...a couple is 2. I can assure you that these Canadian stores are opening a bit farther away from the US than that, though its not like they're pumping out stores in Nunavut. As pointed out, there is more than one store in Canada.** So if you're such an educated person that wants to put yourself above others (as taken from your comment about Americans and Maps), take a few minutes to do some research. Some of the things you mean to defend yourself with are woefully inaccurate at worst or hyperbolic at best. Also, for a final thought, doing things on an international level, even for a large company can be difficult. They could be and likely are planning on non-north American stores, but you still have to deal with getting your hands on the floorspace, adapting it to your needs, hiring staff, complying with local regulations. No matter how big you are, you can't handwave that stuff, though its usually easier once you've got at least one that floorspace thing is key...they're not exactly going into cheap stripmalls here, and premium real estate can be hard to come by. * ** <--will likely need to switch region to Canada for ease of view.   
  • This may shock you DJCBS... I'll let you in on a secret... Microsoft is actually a US company. So it may not be that surprising that their first efforts for pretty much anything are based in their home country. Did I blow your mind?
  • No sh*t, Sherlock.
    Still, Microsoft is a global company, whose earnings come majorly from outside the US. So, when you want to become a vendor, any globally established company with CEOs with functioning brains would open stores in all major cities around the World. They could open more stores in the US than around the globe. But it's still darn stupid to keep opening stores in places where Judas lost his shoes inside the US, while not opening stores in more important places like London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo etc.
  • I tend to forget just how toxic and nasty an individual you are DJCBS. I'm sure whatever multi-million dollar corporation you head up is very glad for your input. It's so good to know that there are people out there who can instantly analyze a corporation's strategy, factoring in all of the variables that they are not even aware of, and easily come up with an instant strategy for world domination. Oh, what's that? You're just some ignorant twit know-it-all who likes to accuse others of being idiots? Well screw off then. What a lonely and desolate life you must lead if these are the best social skills you can muster.
  • I agree his posts and points are usually vitriolic and negative, but I think he's spot on here. MS may be American, but they are global and a huge chunk of their revenue comes from outside North America and it would really benefit them to focus more on other markets. Here in the UK we've been badly served with shops like PC World giving incredibly poor service and I am sure some MS stores here would really help to increase awareness and educate people to the benefits of Windows. Only yesterday I was in a PC World; half the PCs were locked and couldn't be used. The ones you could use were locked down and password protected so it was hard to do much other than use the default software installed on the machines. Most were still running Windows 8 and hadn't been upgraded. To me the first thing I'd do as a reseller would be to install some apps and programs to show off the products in as best a light as possible. Something like Fresh Paint so people could play with the touchscreen I am sure would really help make a good impression. I imagine they do such things in an MS store. Hell there's a big Chromebook section and Apple section in my local PC World, with dedicated staff to help. The PC section is bigger, but as I have pointed out is sad because of all these issues and often empty and when there is a member of staff there it's rare they are educated or interested and helpful. So DJCBS toxic or not makes a valid point here. MS need to look outside America if they want to win the mindset of the world and turn people away from Apple and Google.
  • I also agree with you here, MS is a global company, the problem is that they are lethargically slow to do anything outside the US.
    I used to work for PC World and what FeedTheShark says about them is true, we need Microsoft Stores here in the UK to show PC World what a decent retail experience is all about.
  • Although I think everyone is correct that MS needs to get more stores out in other countries, you gotta think of this as a beta test.  Since they are based in the US it makes sense to test this out in their own country.  They are most likely going to see if this will generate more revenue first before blasting a bunch of stores out there.  The normal person doesn't really shop in stores anymore they just browse and try stuff out and then go online to order because most of the time you get a better deal.  There is a lot of overhead for opening brick and mortar as opposed to website traffic which could be gathered by smart marketing.
  • After 2 years and 83 stores I think they are well past "beta". Plenty of people still go into stores to try out products, and even if they don't buy it there and do subsequently online it at least gives them a chance to try out products in a premium and optimised way. The stores don't even need to make profit, just showcase their products, teach people about Windows, MS don't care if they buy it instore or online afterwards. Not having that presence on the street gives Microsoft a huge disadvantage; which I'm sure is on the main reasons for the success of Apple over the past 4 years with their large world-wide presence . Now this is something Google with their shops-within-shops for Chromebook and soon to be (maybe) barges are looking to capitalise on. I don't understand MS's reluctance to open outwith the US (and Canada), it's not like they haven't worked out their format yet.
  • I think there are many internal factors at play that have a bearing on where and when they decide to open stores.  They haven't covered their home territory... they may feel that the goal is to have better coverage here before branching out to other countries.  I can tell you the experience with Microsoft products here in the US at stores other than MS is the same... horrible.  The other major outlets like Best Buy couldn't setup a Windows machine to save their life.  It's all Apple/Samsung, with a few Windows machines stuck in the corner.  They have just recently started addressing that with mini stores in Best Buy, which are a big improvement.  But I would assume many companies would choose to fight on their home ground first and then expand outward.  It also seems that, ironically, here in the US is where they have their biggest image issue, and they may want to try and attack that head-on as a priority. I too wish they would expand quicker, and wish they would devote funds to these types of things on the basis that "even if sales aren't that great it is at least creating mindshare and getting positive views of our products out there".  However, similar to how they seem to handle Windows Phone, they seem much more compartmentalized... funds mostly go to areas that actually bring in a shorter term return, rather than spread around to less popular products or services (liek WP and possible Micorsoft Stores) in the hopes that they will improve.  I agree that is a mistake from our point of view. However, I also think it is important to remember that it is easy for us to sit back and be armchair critics, telling MS what they should do without having all the information or even knowing the though process that goes into these decisions.  Microsoft is a massive company with responsibility to shareholders (who are notorious for prioritizing short term profit), and can't turn on a dime as we would like them to.  I think they are actually starting to make some strides, openeing stores at a faster rate, and finally being serious about merging their Windows products code as well as interface.  I hesitate to condemn them for doing something that I may want them to, but there may be valid reasons for them not to.
  • 100 % agree with DJCBS. Spot on.
    Major tourist and business cities across the globe such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, ... badly need dedicated Microsoft stores.
    Still beyond me how MS keeps missing on these opportunities! And MS really don't have to reinvent the wheel. Apple and Sony are doing it very successfully. Wake-up Microsoft, you can do better ...
  • You're so angry at MS for not going global and dominating the world that for a minute I felt like their earnings were paying your bills!
  • People can say whatever they want but on this issue you are 100% right.
  • Microsoft are doing well, steadily growing in other markets without the need for a physical store. In North America, it's home continent, it is not. The fact of the matter is, it's good strategy for them to start in their own continent (not just their own country - they have stores in Canada too, which is in fact a different country to the USA.) I'm sure stores outside the home continent will happen - much as they did for Apple stores to much success. All good things come to those who wait. Trying to analyse a multi billion dollar companies global strategy without all the facts is completely pointless...and only reflects badly on yourself if I'm honest. Yeah it might feel frustrating for you...but make that constructive rather than destructive.
  • Oh seriously I'm getting sick of the fan boys here who say amen to every decision MS makes. You guys are ridiculous. When someone is criticizing MS he is a troll. Yea right! This guy is a 100% right. MS makes bad decisions. I mean, how much does it cost making a few stores in the major capital cities of the world? Let's say 3 million per store, that would be enough per store. Some nice decorations, tables, put the products on them, and hire a few people to run the store. How many capital cities are there worldwide? Don't know, but maybe a number of 30 will do to start with. 30*3 million is only 90 million for such a huge company is nothing. But it is a huge step forward. Did apple need 10 more years to build shops everywhere? No they just build them! You must invest to grow! There is even an apple store for years in a small city called Maastricht 25 kilometers away from me. Jesus Christ, it has probably less than 100.000 citizens. There are apple stores everywhere in The Netherlands. And people worship them! fanboys are so blind. MS is so stupidly USA aimed, that's also why Bing still sucks outside of the USA!
  • So our opinion doesn't matter if we agree with Microsoft? Yeah. Seems fair. Let's address some of your points in a civilised way. 1. Microsoft don't just have stores in the USA. Canada also has a growing number of them. 2. Yes. Apple took many years to open apple stores outside of the US. 3. Paying 3 million (your estimate) on a store where most people buy their electronics at specialised stores and most buy their phones from network provider stores would be a bit of a stretch. 4. In saying this, I do believe they will come - much as they eventually did with the Apple store. 5. I'm not a fan boy. I've complained CONSTRUCTIVELY about some of MS decisions in the past and will likely do so again. Agreeing with MS about this one point doesn't make you a "fanboy". 6. We should be happy MS is making an effort in physical stores at all. If they didn't open any in N.America, then they would be hugely unlikely to ever open them outside the home continent. 7. I am not from N.America. I am not short sighted. I am not privy to MS's international plan, and so I shall not attack them for DARING to grow their business in the continent they are struggling most in - their own.
  • My comment has nothing to do with whether DJCBS is right or wrong, he is entitled to his opinion like everyone else and often raises good points, but he struggles to present the information in a professional manner. When you use harsh tones and insult others a majority of the time it comes off as rants. It's easy to post comments with that tone like he does and insult others hiding behind his computer, I doubt very much he communicates the same way face to face or he would end up with two black eyes. And what do you tell a guy with two black eyes? Nothing he's already been told twice.
  • Exactly. At the end of the day, we all have a right to an opinion...but realising we might not know all the facts of the situation and we may even be "blaming" the wrong people (eg in this case, I'm almost certain Microsofts reason for not opening a store here in the UK has very little to do with their own willingness and ambition and very much to do with the way consumers generally buy their electronics/phones here). We need to take a small step back. Sure...have a wee moan about it. Let off steam. But trying not to come off as "you agree with me, or your WRONG!" Attitude.
  • NWA needs a store
  • Come on Calgary . We want more love for albertas oil money!!!
  • I second that. Lots of oil money, plus Edmonton doesn't deserve theirs.
  • Huzzah Square 1, I don't have to trek out to Yorkdale to check stuff out :D Plus it's just one bus to get there, instead of bus>subway end of line>change subway lines>go almost to the end of another line.
  • Montréal s'il vous plait.
  • Still confused why there is no store in Columbus, OH. We have two Apple Stores and even got a Tesla store in the past couple of weeks.
  • I agree Columbus would be a hell of a lot closer for me
  • There will be eventually.  They typically open stores where Apple stores are.  :)
  • I agree as Easton/Polaris would do well but preferably Easton especially with the second Costco, REI and others expanding outside the mall. Easton has Apple, Louie Vutton, Burberry, Tiffany and other high end stores so there is no excuse from the $ perspective.
  • MS store in Compton, CA please!!!
  • Lol that will never happen, but it's nice to see we have some WP folks Compton
  • Missouri damnit!!
  • Mississauga! That's two for the Toronto area plus the kiosk in the eatons centre.
  • I am not even going to ask, because I know it's never going to happen anytime soon or even in a decade for that matter.
  • It'd be nice if we got a Microsoft Store in Australia. Kinda sick of seeing just the Apple and Samsung stores. :)
  • No Mississippi :'(
  • Haha, I have to +1 your comment, C'mon Microsoft, what's taken so long for the Magnolia state, Tupelo is welcoming you with open arms! :-P I Kidd.
  • I actually applied to the Microsoft store in square one, hopefully I get accepted!
  • No way!
    West Farm is like 10 minutes away.
  • Mexico, please.
  • Really need one in Boise. Three Apple stores... ugh.
  • What about the rest of the world why are the Americans so special
  • 1. It's not US only, there are 3 stores already in Canada with a 4th one coming. 2. Microsoft is based in the US, so of course they have dominate that market first before going global.  That's what Apple did as well when they started.  Physical stores are a risky business, so they only open them when they have budget and when they know where there will actually be customers.  Also, it depends on mall real estate space as well.  You'll probably see more international stores in the coming years.
  • If that's soo how come wp has the lowest market in the us ?
  • Just North America though. There are massive markets outside the US, a store in capital cities like London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, etc would hardly be risky. Hell it's not even about making money, it's like advertising, it's about showing off the products in their best light and educating customers who walk through the doors. To me it sounds like they are opening stores in a lot of smallish towns around the US as they expand, which is great, but don't tell me that is less risky than opening in somewhere like London which has over 10 million inhabitants.
  • 20 years more and maybe big american company will notice the rest of the world. there is no shop in London !!!
  • Microsoft is stupid
  • They are gonna lose ground to apple and other's
  • Exactly, though Apple are doing it, so it's not like all US companies are stupid. I'm sure that has been one of the key attributes to their success in the last 5 years, making people aware of their products and thinking Apple are cooler and better; when really they just promote themselves better. I'm sure with Google opening a massive new campus north of Kings Cross it won't be long before we see Google stores here. Soon they will be mis-educating people into buying Chromebooks when for 99% of people a Windows laptop would be a much better option. But if MS aren't here educating people and showing their wares then people will just believe what they are told. Sad really and maybe if they don't start paying more attention they deserve to struggle. I feel sorry for their developers working so hard to make Windows, Windows Phone and all the rest such great products only for the marketers and managers to fail so badly in promoting their work.
  • Need some in the uk
  • When will they finally head over to Germany? :(
  • Microsoft = retard
    Im sorry but its true ! The rest of the world shall wait 50 years before you even see a Microsoft logo
  • Ugh, Raleigh, NC & Greensboro,NC need a microsoft store.
  • Please open Microsoft Stores in Elgin, UK, Aberdeen, UK and Dundee, UK!
  • When are they gonna open one in London?
  • Still not even a single store in India Pathetic
  • Microsoft Please!!!! Spain!! Spain!!
  • A few stores in the UK's major cities would be nice.
  • Come to the UK!
  • I just think they should use the NOKIA STORES!!!
  • That'd be good for them.
  • I was just at the Westfarms mall yesterday and saw the huge banner for the store, very excited. Much closer than the other one in CT.
  • I wish one would come to the Maritimes...
  • Ottawa, Canada please. Nations capital deserves a Microsoft store. I'd be much more inclined to buy from a brick and mortar store.
  • Still waiting on one for the Chattanooga/Cleveland Tennessee area. No love for Gig City?
  • Maybe one day I'll get one in Short Hills Mall in NJ
  • I live by the one in freehold nj, and while i like going to the store and being able to try things out, and i have purchased things there, i'm not in love with the staff. I find they have a lack of knowledge of the products and they are extremely pushy with getting you to get pricier or buy additional extras, like warranty's.  I'm told that they don't go on commission, but you sure as hell wouldn't know it. Purchased an xbox one, surface and lenovo yoga there.  All three i was pressured (which i never cave to).  I was at a point with the yoga i was going to just say, "screw it, i don't even want it". I'm also the type that knows what they want long before they goto the store.  I buy things, i'm not sold things.
  • Damn what a bunch of whiners. Microosoft doesn't even need retail stores to be successful (obviously). They don't have the luxury of a brand image that can automatically sell stale fruit at double the price.  But as long as the stores are profilable, a global roll-out will likely slowly happen. The Canadian expansion must be doing well if they have another on the way so I wouldn't be suprised if overseas stores begin soon.
  • I'm surprised there isn't a MS store in Albany, which is one of the most 'average' cities in the US and has been used as a testing market for new products, chain restaurants' new menus, store layouts, etc for decades. Their only presence here is in Best Buy at Crossgates Mall, where the employees seem to avoid that section and there is a general anti-MS vibe.
  • Went to the Farmington, CT location, they have a kiosk set up right now, and picked up the 1520 for free on Wednesday as part of the 12 Days of Deals. I was one of the first 20 people. We have two stores in CT. So cool for a Microsoft fan! :-) I've been buying windows devices for years, 2 Cingular 2125's(5.0), Tilt 1 (8125), Tilt 2(8925), HTC Titan, Lumia 1020, now Lumia 1520.
  • I managed to pick up the Venue 8 pro (not at the $99 price) from there. I'm glad we're finally getting a full fledged store there.
  • they have to have like 3 or 4 stores in nurth jersey and theyre adding another one? bring em to south jersey!
  • Comments summed up
    1) Horray, they're putting a store near me!
    2) Why the hell aren't they putting a store near me, this is an outrage, Microsoft is the worst and Apples getting it right!
  • still none in europe or even germany... :( (digital eatery in berlin is a great idea but we need those stores too)
  • Microsoft Stores in Europe.. Make it happen!
  • Wish we could get some MS store around South Africa!!!! Come on guys!