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Tim Sweeney says Epic Games won't make exclusive deals if Steam lowers revenue cut

Over the past few months, the Epic Games Store has made exclusive deals with a lot of publishers like Deep Silver and Ubisoft for titles like Metro Exodus. This has caused a lot of controversy and uproar among PC gamers. Today, the founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney discussed the exclusives on Twitter. In many ways, he challenged Steam to do better.

Sweeney said, "If Steam committed to a permanent 88 percent revenue share for all developers and publishers without major strings attached, Epic would hastily organize a retreat from exclusives — while honoring our partner commitments — and consider putting our own games on Steam." However, even if Steam lowered its revenue share, it's unclear if the exclusive deals would stop because Sweeney mentioned "no major strings attached."

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What that means is open to interpretation. It seems like it just gives Epic Games a way out of this statement made by Sweeney to keep on making exclusive deals. However, only time will tell. The ball is in Steam's court, so to speak.

Do you think Epic Games will stop making exclusive deals even with Steam announced a major change? How do you feel about games exclusive to either store? Let us know.

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  • because we totally trust Tim Sweeney
  • Tim is a true believer and a visionary. He realized that the best way to make money off the Unreal Engine is to give it away, and then only get paid if and when a developer's game succeeds. He realized that the best way to make money off Fortnite was to give it away. I think he believes that Epic will be more successful as developers using UE become more successful, and his aggressive 88% split with developers is his way of trying to make the world better for developers. I have never seen him try to be clever with sneaky words. I think he's trying to do what he thinks is the right thing to change the industry.
  • Yes, by basically trying to blackmail another company into doing something that'd benefit his own company with threats of more exclusives if he doesn't get his own way. Very nice guy that.
  • If he's true to his word Steam just got dropped into the spotlight! The balls in your court now Gabe!
  • I don't think he would ever do that.
  • Whatever you earned - 30% - tax - equipment - office rental - electricity - reasonable ads - labor - IP loyalty - tools loyalty - voice - etc etc etc. How many's left? 20% to 40%. The bigger the studio is, the higher the cost it will be.
    * 20% with just a few million copies is not survivable for bigger studios.
    How many Steam users buy games full price?