Tip of the Week (Part 2): Enhance File Explorer, Enhance I Tell You!

So if you missed our popular Part I (Glossy Black Bars) of this week's two-parter, make sure to take a looksy as it's pretty sweet.

Today's tip is another great one if you don't have Resco Explorer. Heck, in fact it's not bad even if do have that app as this can perform some unique tricks.

We present: File Explorer Extension (2.03)

What's it you ungrammatically ask?

It's a freeware app by bnm7bnm which adds a ton of super cool features to your default File Explorer, which is quite lacking.

Read on to catch the features of this cool app and where to get it!

Specifically, File Explorer Extension will add these features:

  • Resizable header for easy sorting by file name, date of last modification or size
  • Tree view of folders; you can now jump easily from a location to any other on your device in one step
  • Show extension option for those who ask themselves the same question I do: “What type of file is this?
  • Icon view that enables the display of files as icons similar to your desktop computer
  • Real time image preview; now you don’t have to open several files in order to send the one you desire
  • Open with Program allows you easily select an application to open the specific file you select (useful in case you don’t have the correct file associations or when you want Album app to open your images instead of Windows default picture viewer.
  • File property context menu for easy renaming and attribute changing
  • Open all executables with Parameters in case you need a special parameter when launching an application
  • Sending shortcut to Programs for instant shortcut creation of executables placed directly in Programs folder in Start Menu.:

At just 41kb, this tiny little guy adds a ton of functionality. My favorite (seen in the pic above) is the "thumbnail" preview of your pics as you scroll through them, just like on the desktop.

Jump to XDA to give it a shot or download the .cab in our software forums here.


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