Play Xbox One with Playstation controllers and vice versa using the Titan One peripheral

You know, the Xbox One controller is pretty great. It features a much superior d-pad to that of the Xbox 360's, and unparalleled rumble in the trigger buttons to boot. On the other hand, the bumper buttons are a step back from the 360's, and will never be as responsive as you'd want in a game like Killer Instinct.

A company called Console Tuner is on the case. They have engineered a USB peripheral called the Titan One that lets you use Playstation 4 controllers with the Xbox One, and vice versa. In fact, you can even use Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and pretty much any USB controller on your modern consoles. You have to admit, that sounds like an especially useful accessory.

Swiss-army gaming peripheral

The Titan One works with five platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. It allows users to play games on those platforms with most major controllers from a wide array of other platforms, including the five I just listed, plus those of the Nintendo Wii and Wii U. Basically, if you're more comfortable with a particular style of controller, you can get a Titan one and start using that controller with all of your modern gaming systems.

PC players can get some use out of the Titan One as well. The Xbox and Playstation controllers will work automatically when connected through the device, without the need for separate drivers. That's good because Sony controllers tend to require some effort to get working on PC. Xbox controllers already have PC drivers, although it took quite some time for Microsoft to release Xbox One drivers.

Oh, but what if you're one of those snotty guys who insists on playing everything with a mouse and keyboard? Well Mr. Superior, the Titan One also allows the use of mouse and keyboard on Xbox and Playstation systems. You have to connect your computer to the Titan one through its PC port while you play with your fancy typing and pointing devices, but at least it's possible.

Could the mouse and keyboard option give Titan One users an unfair advantage in online console games? That remains to be seen.

Titan One

Pick your profile

Naturally, using one system's controller with another system could lead to issues in which the buttons aren't mapped comfortably and things like that. Titan One lets players remap and save their buttons as custom configurations. You can save a configuration for just one game if you want, and switch to another for your other juegos. It saves up to nine configurations at one time.

It goes deeper than that. You can enable turbo functionality on any controller, allowing players to hold a button and cause it to be pressed repeatedly in-game. If you're a little more inclined to cheat (or just need help with complex maneuvers), you can also create and use macros that will perform a series of button presses with a single touch. That would be handy for people who can't pull off the super moves in Street Fighter or Killer Instinct.

Titan One has its own PC software that lets you set up those custom configurations and macros. I imagine it might be hard to create those things on your own. But the software lets players download other user-created configurations, so you can grab those instead of manually tinkering.

Titan One side

Cross-controller compatibility: rad or bad?

As a controller enthusiast, the idea of using one system's controller on another system is very enticing. I've long wished I could use my USB Sega Saturn pads with my Xbox systems, but I've never been able to do that. And I know some people out there prefer Sony controllers, even though Xbox stick placement is actually more ergonomic.

Do you guys find this peripheral intriguing? I'll try to get my hands on one so we can bring you a full review soon.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • *USB
  • That too!
  • thanks for fixing it
  • Finally!!! I have a Xbox 360 and PC, but can't use my Xbox controller with plug&play cable to play on the PC. THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING!!!
    and even more: You can play anything with your favorite controller!
  • There has been a reciever that will allow you to pair your 360 controller to your PC for a number of years.
  • Can you please tell me which device and where I can find it?
  • That's just the first link I found, you may be able to find it cheaper. Also the Xbox one controller works very well with a windows PC using a micro USB cable.
  • Thats a step forward no need for console modding like was required for 360
  • Pretty cool to use other controllers, but all the programmability would suck online.
  • Yeah will play with Xbox one controller on my 360
  • Yeah. I always wanted to do that since the Xbox One controller is supposed to have better ergonomics than the 360 controller. Too bad the device is 60$... A little too expensive I think.
  • I'd go the other way around. Though i don't have a one, i've tried it and like the feel of the 360 controller better. Plus, this means i wouldn't have to buy all new controllers!
  • You might still have to plug in an Xbox One controller when using this device. I have to investigate more and will report my findings when we publish the review.
  • Would love to Get my hands on one of these. My PS4 has a Bluetooth problem so that little thingy would be great :-)
  • No thanks, I'm not looking forward having to constantly plus my charger in (;
  • But on a serious note, this does seem pretty cool.
  • Glad I'm not the only one that loves using the Sega Saturn USB pad..... Great for fighters and I'd love to get it for the XB1/PS4  
  • Very cool! I'm psyched at the thought of it.
  • Will this piece of kit allow me to use my Dreamcast keyboard on my Xbox's?
  • That seems pretty unlikely. I would just get a $20-30 wireless USB keyboard if you're in need of a console keyboard.
  • The custom buttons. Need to be restricted. Imagine someone using a semi auto gun online that has been modded with a button to be "pressed" at a ridiculous rate?
  • Can I use the Wii u remote on my Xbox one/ps4? :-D
  • Cool peripheral. Although in my case I won't need it since I already prefer the Xbox controllers anyway so I am set with that.   If I ever buy a PS (when pigs fly) it could come in handy since I detest those controllers.
  • Are controllers connected by cable or can work wirelessly?
  • I have been using cronusmax for a while
  • How do you like it? Supposedly this one is a little nicer.
  • It works great. I use most of the time with a keyboard and mouse
  • I use one too but use it so I can use a mouse and keyboard on all FPS games. Works great on destiny and BF4.
  • Are there any tradeoffs with CMax? Other than PS4 controllers ofc. Would you suggest it or this one? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yes you dont need to use another controler always. you can program combos for games. Like a SuperCombo in some fight games. Rapdfile mode, etc... Right now I only connected it to Keyboard/mouse, xbox 360 controler and an old xbox 360 racing wheel.  
  • Bad. I mean what the hell? I'm all for options but this is clearly for the poor PS users who have to live with their crappy controllers.. Saying that the X1 controller has worse bumpers than last Gen is something you just had to mention to look like Xbox users could benefit from this accessory.
    Finally, this "tool" is sure to get people banned, especially, if they start using keyboards and mouses to game with. Just play every system as it's supposed to be played zzz
  • I mentioned it because I hate those bumpers. But remember, I am really into controllers. It would maybe lead to someone getting banned if he or she was obviously cheating with macros. Macros let you do things normal people couldn't do consistently. They wouldn't be able to detect that you're just playing with a different style of controller.
  • Never faced an issue with the bumpers. I have both controllers in front of me and I just can't tell a difference between them when it comes to ease of use and functionality. Guess it is not the same for everyone.
    Players can be easily reported and dealt with, with or without macros. Using third party, unapproved hardware is, well, bad. And even without macros, it would give the edge to some people, especially when it comes to FPS games.
  • Controllers tastes are subjective so what one person like another one will not.   For example I do not see the bumpers in the Xbox One as a step back from the 360 even if the article lists that as a fact.
  • There is no way to get banned as these are undetectable. The console thinks its just a regular OEM controller connected to it.
  • There's always a way to get banned.
  • Personally I prefer the d-pad on the x1 however being accustomed to playing Street fighter with the d-pad (snes, ps1, ps2, ps3) for so long I can't get used to the xbox d-pad layout even for Killer instinct. I have been waiting for xbox one adapter (so I can enjoy killer instinct without getting thumb cramps) and this might do the job. Any chance of a review comparison between this and the cronusmax? As the titan one is not available in yet.
  • I'd love to review the Cronus Max just out of curiosity, but the two devices are so similar, for our site it would be a bit redundant.
  • Fair enough and true, I can envisage the comments from other users questioning the article lol.
  • ..
  • This is brilliant. And I don't even game.
  • could this make possible using a ps2 controller on win8 games like asphalt??
  • When is the Xbox one controller coming to pc?
  • Just hook up an XBone controler with a micro-USB cable and you're done.  Win8 should get the drivers automatically or you can easily get them from MS download area.
  • So I should just buy a controller with a micro USB cable and it'll work? I don't know... I live in Belgium, I've only seen the standard controllers for xbox. Do the ones for Xbox also work for PC?
    Srry, I know very little about controllers and stuff :P
  • Yes, Xbox One controllers have Windows drivers and support micro-USB cables, so they are PC compatible. There is a specific package that includes the micro-USB cable coming soon, but you don't really need to wait for it.
  • Thx! :D
  • Been waiting on something like this for the sticks that I have.  Now all I need are some decent fighting games on next gen and I'll be set.
  • So can use my 360 controller on the Xbox One!
  • If I can use my 360 fightstick on X1 without modding anything, I'd gladly buy this.
  • Yep, totally possible.
  • Yes finally I can stop using that damn PS4 controller and use the sexy Xbox One controller to play... Umm.. Well I'm still waiting for some good games to drop on the PS4. I buy all games possible on Xbox due to superior Live service and my friends list. Oh yeah and achievements!!
  • I want to use a wii classic controller pro with my PC. It's far superior to the 360 controller. Can it do that?
  • I'll try to figure that out when I get the Titan One.
  • Cronus max... Works as indicated. Easy to setup, for wired. Haven't done the USB wireless yet.
  • Can you use a ps3 controller on xbox 360? Excuse me if you think its a stupid question, but I'm only reading about ps4 and xbox one here.
  • Yes you can.
  • Great, I have the PS, PS2 and PS3 and one the the things I dislike most about Xbox is the controller. Now it may be time for Xbox as the next console.
  • Really?  You must have tiny girly hands then.  I have largish hands and all of the PS controlers give me cramp with the stupid placement of the analogue sticks after 20 minutes.
  • Welcome to old technology... Been using this since it was called Chronusmax Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • That's a silly thing to say. This is the evolution of that product. It comes from the same designer and has several new features and improvements.
  • Theoretically, you should be able to use a 360 controller on a 360, but also remap some of the buttons as well, for those games that don't offer alot of options for controller layout. I wonder how this would work for a x1 wheel on a 360, and visa versa.
  • That is a good idea. Master Chief Collection took out the best button layout (walkie talkie). I might be able to use it again.
  • Sure, I wanna play my Xbox One with a crap controller. >_>
  • Don't buy it then. 
  • I'm betting the macro, turbo, and mouse/keyboard functionalities will get this banned off of Xbox Live and the PSN.
  • Can I use my Fanatec wheel on Xbox One with this stick?
  • Will force feedback work using the Xbox 360 steering wheel on the Xbox One?!
  • I find it very intriguing, if not to just use my PS3 or future XB1 controller on my desktop or possibly tablet. Nice idea for sure.
  • This is sweet!
  • Nifty.  Something I can use to play PC games with my Wii U controller. :)
  • Pff ps3 is much better than Xbox 360 , more games free internet better pad
  • That comment is irrelevant to this article (and silly).
  • Sony Fanboy detected
  • What about the PS4s touchpad area? Are their any games that actually need it? Just wondering how it would be using an Xbox controller on the PS4...
  • Good question. I'll get a PS4 controller for testing, but I don't have an actual PS4 console to run that type of test.
  • Turns out it's not compatible with touch pad functions yet, but hardly any games need them.
  • I just wish there was a way to rename the buttons on your console and have the games recognize it.  I have never been able to get used to the RT RB LT LB setup on the Xbox 360 controllers.  I always think "Top" and "Bottom", instead of "Trigger" and "Button".  When I have a lot of time in, I get used to it, but if I have a few weeks away, Batman always gets killed.
  • Great mod,but the price hurts
  • But is this illegal or against Microsoft terms and agreement? I down for this but scared of being perma banned
  • Cheating in online games by using macros, turbo, etc. is certainly against the rules. Using third party accessories at all is not prohibited, so you'd just need to use the Titan One responsibly. We'll be reviewing it soon.
  • Got one for Christmas. Looking forward to using my fightstick
  • Congrats Bob!