Titanfall's release date falls back to April on Xbox 360

Last week, Titanfall arrived on Xbox One and PC to much acclaim. Titanfall is the first game produced by Respawn Entertainment, the new studio formed by the creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It also happens to be exclusive to Xbox One, 360, and PC thanks to an agreement between Microsoft and the game’s publisher: Electronic Arts.

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall did not launch alongside its current-gen brothers, having instead been scheduled for a March 25 release. Xbox 360 shooter fanatics will have to wait a little longer to play the game though, as EA just pushed its release back into early April. Does this bode poorly for previous-gen Titanfall?

Delay of game

Although EA and Microsoft have been heavily promoting the Xbox One version of Titanfall since last year, they have yet to release a single asset from the Xbox 360 version. Respawn Entertainment did not develop the 360 game, instead handing porting duties over to Bluepoint Games.

Bluepoint is a studio that specializes in porting games from one platform to another, having worked on the God of War and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collections for Sony and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Konami. They also ported a couple of Sony games to the Vita.

We know Bluepoint has the chops to bring games to new hardware, but the secrecy behind Titanfall’s Xbox 360 version and this new release delay still provide cause for concern. Shouldn’t someone in the games media have seen Titanfall running on Xbox 360 by now? Microsoft wants to sell Xbox Ones and Titanfall is certainly a system seller. But the 360 version has the potential to do brisk sales as well thanks to that console’s larger established audience, after all.

Down to the wire


Patrick Söderlund, EVP at EA Studios explains the delay and attempts to calm gamers’ fears:

“I’ve been playing the game a lot, and it is fantastic.  But we see a few things that can be made even better, so we’re giving Bluepoint a little more time to do just that and deliver an epic Titanfall experience for Xbox 360 players.Titanfall for Xbox 360 will now be releasing on April 8 in North America, and beginning on April 11 in Europe.  The game will feature the same 6v6 gameplay, maps, modes, weapons and Burn Cards as the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.”

The exact reason behind the 360 version’s delay isn’t quite clear. Generally, if a game needed a lot more work you’d expect a delay months instead of weeks. I’m thinking one or more critical bugs popped up during the certification process, necessitating the delay. Xbox 360 Titanfall discs have surely already gone into production, so the extra work Bluepoint and EA are doing now won’t make it onto the disc itself. Instead, expect a title update to accompany the game on release day. Titanfall is an online-only game, so players will need to be online in order to play anyway.

Titanfall will arrive on Xbox 360 on Tuesday, April 8 in the US and Friday, April 11 in Europe. Let’s hope it turns out as well as Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare did. In the meantime, check out our Titanfall Xbox One Controller review. Don't these delays just make you want to buy an Xbox One?

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Finally bought this last night for the One. Not that I've played it, but someday, someday...
  • Ur not a core gamer u had said long time back
  • Shame on you Daniel! If you want, I'll play the game with ya!
  • You can hop in with me and Sam if you need a team.
  • Please start playing soon. We need more players like me who suck, so that I at least have a chance to kill someone besides a grunt. Come on aboard!
  • Awesome on pc
  • More awesome on Xbox One: "Xbox, go to Titanfall." "Xbox, snap party". "Xbox, record that!". Love it.
  • Good for you :)
  • Still deciding if I should get this on the One. Already got BF4 Premium as a shooter... Decisions :/
  • How is BF4 Premium?
  • It's great if your like me and try to get every single unlockable gun and equipment... Adds hours of gameplay and there's still 3 more dlc packs left to be released. It really good. I don't really like the second assault maps apart from operation metro but china rising has great weapons, equipment and maps.
  • Ok cool thanks!
  • Get it. Fast paced chaotic fun. Only complaint is not enough weapons.
  • I really liked the beta. I've already spent around £100 on bf4 which is why I'm hesitant on the purchase.
  • Oooohjh boy!!! Why is this happening to me? Is it because I'm too desperate for it? :'(
  • I got mines on tha ONE
  • I didn't know Titanfall was on PC...I may go that route, actually. :)
  • You probably should. Normally I'm not a huge graphics nitpicker, but there is a lot more frame rate and screen tearing probs than I would have expected in the XB1 version. It bugs me every time I play it.
  • Crazy...kinda disheartening to hear. PC version it is :) haha
  • There really aren't framerate or other issues on the One version. It's very good. Don't let a little FUD dissuade you from the One version: with the extra features of the One (voice commands, for instance), I prefer the console version.
  • Translation: Achievements. ;)
  • Yes! Achievements are easily the biggest extra feature of the Xbox One version. I think they're one of the smartest things that Microsoft introduced to the gaming industry.
  • Best on Xbox One.
  • Smart move holding back the release. Gotta sell those Xbox ones after all.
  • +928
  • That's ok can wait longer on Xbox 360. Doesn't really matter.
  • PC gamer forever...
    PC is much more fun :) (no hate comments please :-P)
  • I'm right there with you! Xbox is nice too, but some good old fashioned PC gaming will always have a place in my heart ;)
  • +520
  • I have nothing against PC gaming or PC gamers, but I much prefer console gaming. Sitting on the couch in the living room, 7' away from a giant HDTV, controller in hand is much more preferable to me than sitting in an office chair, in an office room, 16" away from a monitor, playing with keyboard and mouse (never liked keyboard and mouse controls). Add in the extra features of the Xbox One OS (like voice commands for recording game clips), and the console version is 100% for me.
  • But shooters are best played on pc...
    Whoever heard of counter strike (dont look like that at me, its still hugely popular in all indian colleges) on consoles ? Shooters aren't that fun on consoles, and i, who grew up with a kepboard under my left and a mouse in my right hand, keyboard+mouse is a natural extension of me. I love pc gaming ! :-D
  • "[B]est played" is a subjective concept. I loathe playing FPS games with a keyboard and mouse. WASD to move, dragging a mouse around to aim, and then repeatedly double clicking mouse buttons to shoot while staring at a screen 16" away is not enjoyable to me. I much prefer the twin sticks and triggers of the Xbox controller. Everyone is aware that using a mouse is more accurate to shoot, which is why cross-platform play never happens, but as for stating which is more fun (playing on a PC or console), to each his own. I like controllers, couches, HDTVs, and Xbox achievements. PC is not for me.
  • I get your viewpoint ! :) We differ, but how does it matter ? Game on !!!
  • Us 360 people have to wait even LONGER now? Damn that Obama!
  • Can't blame Bush anymore!
  • Good for Murica! ;)
  • LOL right it's the president holding this EA beauty back
  • Over Xbox live, can 360 owners play vs X1 owners? Just wondering now since I haven't checked Xbox.com.
  • No they can't. That would be cool though.
  • Technically, it is possible, but not developer has implemented this into a game yet (unfortunately).
  • I wonder if EA will do the typical EA $10 drop of the old Gen games like PvZ and when the 360 came out and are pushing the release back to avoid returns....
  • Well this tees me off...
  • Guess the 360 is now in the same position as WP7. :)
  • Xbox central
  • I wonder if the 360 version has gone gold yet
  • So much for my preorder.
  • Wow what a money grab Microsoft. So is anyone wondering how much money Microsoft paid EA to push it back so that anyone who really wants to play titanfall will just break down and buy the Xbox One.
  • That is a highly unlikely scenario. The far more realistic possibility is that the 360 version is still too buggy to release.
  • What makes you think Microsoft did something lol bluepoint is the company who meets and makes deadlines for porting the games to different consoles. If Nike pushes back a release date on a sneaker sre you going to blame Micheal Jordan?
  • Really lame that this isn't already ported and printed and just waiting to be shipped to stores. If I ran a multimillion dollar project like this, I'd be fired. Really bad when you commit and advertise a due date then don't meet it. Project Management 101.
  • You'd also probably be fired if you forced the development team to ship a multi-million-dollar game even though they found a massive bug at the last minute and asked for a measly 2-week extension on a game that is years in the making instead, then the game shipped and everyone ripped it apart.
  • Well ea sucks
  • I've got a wait and see attitude with all hyped up games nowadays. Combine that with being a cheap ass gamer. It'll be quite a while before I even consider actually buying this game.
  • I'm a CAG too!
  • Good. At least some console gamers will see how PC gamers feel for majority of games ported from consoles.
  • Since the Titanfall release, Xbox core services have had intermittent problems. I personally haven't experienced any problems there (have w/ game), but possibly concern there? I know they say no correlation, but I'm not sure I believe that.
  • Core, that's word. They may be changing out their cores and having issues with the change.
  • I love Titanfall on my Xbox One! But once I saw I comparison between the X1 version and the PC version, you could see that the PC version doesn't drop framerate as often and it looks much better. It is obvious, as those are GAMING PCS, while the X1 is cheaper, yet still pretty powerful.
  • You know you can buy a gaming screen for your X1 and have the same looking features, right?
  • It's not the display. It's that Titanfall on X1 is upscaled, while PC is native. I saw the comparison video from IGN, and there was a good difference, as the PC is graphically more powerful. So you can't just get a better display and expect these problems to just "go away". :-/
  • Good point, got a link so I see the vid?
  • http://youtu.be/3MmmDPblc9E
  • Absolutely wrong. I have a gaming monitor, but the Monitor isn't it. The game itself is up scaled and the XBO can't handle the power that a $2000 gaming PC can handle. The Xbox One does just fine and I haven't had any problems with it. To me I will never play a FPS on the PC. It just doesn't feel right in my eyes. I have a 24" BENQ with 1ms refresh rate, 1080P. No monitor problems on my point.
  • My eyes really don't see the refresh rate, so my meh tv works fine.
  • Too bad its not a cross platform Multiplayer between Xbox360 & XboxOne
  • Yeah, I was very disappointed when I found out last week. With this current Titanfall delay, I'm thinking of waiting another 6 months til more games are out to make the jump.
  • There's reasoning behind that...
  • This delay is the reson there can't be cross platform Respawn via Vince Zampella said it is possible to bring cross platform support, but unlikely. Everytime Respawn updates the game on the Xbox One end, everyone on the Xbox 360 won't be able to play Titanfall until Bluepoint ports the update over. Makes logical sense.
  • I'm thinking the main reason for not releasing it to 360 is mostly due to the fact that the processing chip in the 360 console may burn out.
    The reason I say that is because when I spoke with Xbox's customer support last week, they told me that due to the older Elite & slim processing core, cannot handle newer games like battlefield 4 and so forth and will eventually fail, as it.did in my case.
    Needless to say that it was a painful feeling having to part with my old friend of 5 years. Well, didn't even make it to 5. Damn you cruel world!!(shakes fist at the sky)
  • Bought it for the one with the newegg 20% discount
  •  This is Microsoft and EA saying, "If you want the hot new exclusives, buy a One."
  • Why would you buy this game for the Xbox 360? And I'm not hating on the 360 either. I mean, I love the 360, but this game is designed specifically for the Xbox One. The 360 simply can't match what the XB1 can do. It would be better to save up and buy the XB1 and Titanfall together (or just play the PC version). Titanfall wouldn't have even released on the 360 if the XB1 weren't so new, but I bet MS couldn't convince EA to go all-in on the XB1 so early in this generation.