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Todoist will get you organized


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Getting a handle with email

If I can get organized, so can you — give Todoist for Windows 10 a try.


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Organizing our digital lives is always a challenge. Between emails, calendar appointments, tasks to complete and meetings to attend, the choice you make for your personal assistant is one of the most important you can make.

Todoist is not a new company by any means, in fact, they are almost the gold-standard for people who need to keep a running list of things to do that day. Luckily, the company has a well-done Universal app for Windows 10 and Mobile and today I'll tell you why you may want to jump on the Todoist bandwagon.

Confession: I am not organized

A running joke at Mobile Nations and Windows Central is my "fly by the seat of my pants" approach to getting work done. Simply put: I don't use organizational apps or calendars very well. I had heard of Todoist before and knew it was for organizing things, but until now I had never actually tried it.

In fact, one reason I love doing this Gems series is it forces me to use apps and services that I usually do not use. Even I can learn a thing or two, and this campaign lets me take a look at apps and services I might have otherwise overlooked. So I am coming at Todoist as a complete novice, maybe even like yourself.

In that sense, I want to speak to you, dear reader, who may be in the same situation. What makes Todoist so good and why do so many people swear by it? I had no idea, but I think I have it figured out.

Getting a handle with email

Email is the key

You are probably like me in also thinking we have many options already for notes, tasks, and reminders. After all, OneNote and Cortana kind of do all of that, albeit in different ways. So why am I now trying to use Todoist?

It's simple: email.

Todoist can integrate directly into Outlook (the Office app, aka the big and powerful one) and also into Gmail (via a plugin for Chrome or Firefox) and it lets you directly save emails to your to-do list.

For me, email management is just another messy part of digital life, just as I'm sure it is for many of you. I get roughly one hundred emails a day for my work account and about a dozen for my personal. While I can read all the important emails, creating a reminder to go back and respond to them or saving the date hasn't worked out that well. Sure, you can use "flags" or "stars" to highlight emails, but I have not personally found that to be the best solution.

With Todoist, you can save a Gmail or Outlook email right to your list, add a due date, set a reminder, add notes, include other media, and let others collaborate. In fact, the Outlook integration is rather impressive as your Todoist account is another panel that just sits in your inbox serving as a constant reminder of what you need to do.

Todoist is everywhere

The other thing I learned deep diving into Todoist is just how pervasive it is across all devices. There is Outlook and Gmail integration, but there are also clients on Android, iOS, OS X and now Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Toss in the full-featured web client and some browser plugins and you have a ubiquitous task manager that is front and center all the time.

Todoist will get you organized

Todoist as a service

While Todoist can be found everywhere in your digital life, what's it like actually using it? To be honest, there is a bit of a learning curve. We'll be working up a comprehensive how-to guide on how to make the most of it. It is not that Todoist is complicated, but like Outlook itself, it is very deep and robust with lots of abilities.

In fact, as a more casual user of email, I find the Outlook 2016 client a tad overwhelming. Having said that, I also get why Outlook for Office users would embrace the commanding Todoist, particularly as it gets integrated directly into the desktop app.

To get started, you can sign up for Todoist on their website or from the Windows 10 app. The service is free, although for power users and businesses you can opt for a "premium" version of the service for $28 a year (or 8 cents a day). If you are new to Todoist, you don't need to go for Premium, but it does add location-based reminders, premium alerts, custom filters, auto backups and more. You can read about those on the Todoist website for more information.

Once logged in you can set the app to show you Today's Agenda or, if you prefer, the next seven days, which is what I use. Adding tasks is as simple as hitting the "+" symbol and typing in the job along with a due date. From there you can color code the task by priority, and add labels or filters. You can also add comments and notes to the task to save more information.

Reminders can be delivered via email, SMS, or mobile push notifications. I prefer the SMS notification — they always grab my attention.

Additional features include Projects, which let you nest the tasks under a less general heading and so that you can group things together. For instance, you can have Work, Shopping, Personal, Errands, or even Movies to Watch as Projects. Labels let you add tasks to those projects, and you can do this right when you are adding the task.

Reminders are also fully configurable on the web so that you can receive them via email, SMS, or mobile push notifications. I prefer the SMS notification as those always to grab my attention first, and they are the most reliable.

Todoist on Windows 10

Todoist live tile

The Todoist app for Windows 10 and Mobile embraces the Universal Window Platform as a native app that and syncs your accounts across devices. Once you log in one device you can download Todoist on another Windows 10 device and the app will auto log you into your account.

Todoist's Live Tile is simple and to the point, revealing how many Tasks you have to complete today and how many for the next seven days. The Tile then rotates to show you what those tasks are for today saving you time from opening the app.

Users can also pin individual tasks to their Start screen.

Within the app, you can create, modify, delete and reorder your tasks. Since the service syncs to the web, your Todoist apps – wherever they may live – are all up to date with the latest information letting you create a task on Mobile and then picking up on your PC or laptop.

Overall, I found the Windows 10 and Mobile app experience to be quite satisfying. The app is fast, stable, and I cannot say I had any problems in using it or learning how it all worked. That does not mean there are not tradeoffs versus the full web app or even Outlook desktop app plugin.

There are some missing features, like adding voice recordings or attach emails. There is also no Karma (Todoist's system for measuring your accomplishments), which is not that big of a deal unless you really need to gamify getting things done. Some have reported syncing not to be as instant, and the app could benefit from a manual sync button to force a refresh, but I cannot say that this was an issue for me.

Todoist in Windows 10

The biggest feature, however, has come back with the latest update for Windows 10: Filters. Those are now here and working as they should help you manage things with ease.

Finally, the app just looks beautiful. It's clean, easy to read, and looks great on your phone or PC. Some may complain that the main Live Tile is not transparent, but at least individual tasks pinned do fit those criteria.

Am I now organized?

As I said at the beginning, picking your task management service is going to be one of the most important decisions you make. You need to choose something that you like and that will get you in the habit of using it every day. If it doesn't work for you, what's the point?

If you are interested in trying this whole "tasks" thing, I have to give credit to Todoist for making a convenient and powerful service. My hope is we see a plugin for Office 365 and Outlook in the future as well as a Microsoft Edge extension when those go live later this summer. With all of those endpoints matched I could see Todoist becoming my everyday task management app.

For now, Todoist is helping me greatly, and we have a running bet about how long I will stay organized at my company. So far, so good! If I can get organized, so can you — so take the time, grab Todoist for Windows 10 and Mobile and let me know in comments how you use the service to stay productive!

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  • I have an SP3, but another linked device that is a quick lookup device would be great!  #sweepstakes
  • I would use  the  calendar feature so I always have my schedule available.  #sweepstakes  
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me get organized because it would allow me to stay up to date with my work and projects. It would be significantly easier to travel as I wouldn't have to lug around my laptop. The Stream 8 with all its windows 10 capabilities would help me work smarter and not harder. #sweepstakes
  • Portability running full Windows means getting organized on the go! #sweepstakes
  • I would use the HP stream 8 for calendar organization on the go and mobile computing. It's hard take my laptop everywhere. #sweepstakes
  • I would use an HP Stream 8 tablet in the kitchen to keep all of my recipes organized.  #sweepstakes
  • Would allow me to bring a small Windows tablet with me wherever I go to to keep me in the Win10 world.    #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would be great to help me keep up with all my work. A great compromise between the portability of my phone and the size of my laptop. I'd also use it for YouTube (no shame).
  • the tablet is a good tool for keeping me organized when i am in college. Having things like a word processor more at your fingertips is very handy. 
  • HP Stream 8 would be a great fit for an on-the-go tablet, which would help save battery life on my phone...  #sweepstakes
  • I could FINALLY have everything I need in one device! #sweepstakes 
  • because is a portable device so i don't have to carry my laptop around #sweepstakes
  • The Stream is a great way to stay organized and in sync across my devices.
  • own a windows laptop, a windows phone. A windows tablet will be good in some cases instead of laptop. #sweepstakes
  • It would help me be able to keep my work notes all together at work because it would be easier than a phone, and smaller than a laptop for use with OneNote, as well as work as a small media device while at home. #Sweepstakes
  • As school becomes closer and closer the HP Stream 8 Tablet would be great for productivity. Orgnising things on the go, do quick edits and taking notes! #sweepstakes
  • Perfect device for my wife, small enough to carry in her purse (unlike most other tablets/netbooks/laptops) yet full blown Windows.  it's the perfect link between the PC and a Windows Phone #sweepstakes 
  • I would use it as a shared device for my wife and family members so we can all share a calendar, email, and OneDrive.  #sweepstakes.
  • Great for my cramped subway ride to get stuff done in that half hour ride... #sweepstakes
  • The HP stream 8 would be a great tool to help on the road and for quick easy access to the needed todo's. Eliminating the need to bring along or take out and boot up the laptop. #sweepstakes
  • It will definitely brings some organization to our household #sweepstakes
  • I do a lot of traveling family and even when I am home, I am often out and about with my family - having a portable, easy-to-access device that is easy to type on would definitely help me to keep organized (todo's, reading, email, etc.). #sweepstakes
  • I was hoping that Todoist might be a combination of Sunrise, Wunderlist and Microsoft Outlook, then be available as my steroid productivity application....oh well.... 
  • #sweepstakes I'd use this for work. I'm Union President and I need a way to get organized.
  • #sweepstakes I'd like a HP Stream 8 to help me with my recipes, which I have scattered all over my computer.
  • #sweepstakes I'm a college student and a HP Stream 8 would help me organize my files. Thank you.
  • #sweepstakes This HP Stream would help me organize my whole life!
  • The HP Stream 8 would be great to take "on the go", which I am almost always traveling. My laptop is pretty bulky, so I dislike taking it along. #sweepstakes
  • I would use it at work I could log in all my analyzers that I work on with the Excel database and when I go to the different sites, I can see what work I have done to the analyzers. (The company should provide me with a tablet, but don't think it'll happen in my life time!) Good luck to everyone!  #sweepstakes
  • This would be a perfect fit along with my smartphone to help me keep up with everything that I do. The screen size would greatly help out. #sweepstakes
  • My daughter really could use this for college. She just graduated high school and had to return her school laptop! The HP Stream 8 would be perfect! #sweepstakes
  • The portability of the HP Stream would be very convenient in that I would not need to tote my laptop around. The screen is larger than my Windows phone making reading a bit more comforatble. It would be perfect for the Duolingo app as I can lay on the couch or my bed and learn Italian on a decent sized screen. I would take the HP Stream with me while traveling and use it for reading, checking and sending emails, checking sports scores, checking my stocks, listening to music and watching movies. Quick entries to Calendar and OneNote and creating documents on Word would help me to organize. #sweepstakes 
  • I can see this being a big help keeping up with work and family. Will have to try it out on my desktop. The tablet would be a cool way to use this app.  #sweepstakes
  • Just think how many web pages and email I could get through in my spare time with this!  :) #sweepstakes  
  • Since I enter sweepstakes everyday the HP 8 Stream would help me keep organized and up to date, (and maybe lucky).  #sweepstakes
  •   I need something light and stylish that I can take on work trips. #sweepstakes
  • This would be an awesome replacement for my Winbook 8 tablet, which died.
  • It would be nice to use during lectures #sweepstakes
  • Would make a VERY nice gift and I have a lot of giftees ​#sweepstakes
  • I could use a tablet for when I move. I'm moving from Texas to New Jersey (where I'm from) but my family and I will be staying with my mom for a year or more so we can pay off debt and save for a big house. I'd like to catalog everything we have before we put it in storage while we're at my mom's. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The HP Stream 8 would be useful for keeping up with my readings and staying organized on the go! #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes The HP Stream 8 would be amazing to use on my flights, so I can get some things done!!!
  • HP Stream 8 will be a good tool in the hands of my daughter to organize her day #sweepstakes
  • It would keep all of my tasks organized. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 is the perfect blend of big and small for me. I have used surfaces and they are just too big for me to want to carry them with me. This is something that would help immensly since i would actually be able to lug it around without having to carry an extra bag just to leave my house. #sweepstakes
  • I would use the Stream to help organize my personal tasks! #sweepstakes
  • We would definitely use for navigation on our cross country vacations. #sweepstakes
  • Would be awesome to organize my kids schedlues and bills! #sweepstakes
  • I would love the HP Stream 8 - great midrange device to replace my very old nook tablet. #sweepstakes
  • Having an  HP Stream 8 would  help me stay organized on a daily, weekly and montly basis. It would help me organize my appointments and work schedule as well as help keep track of my childrens appointments and sporting activities. #sweepstakes
  • Would be great to connect to a second TV at home! #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would be an awesome sidekick to have when needing to organize and schedule within Outlook, or watch a movie on the go. #sweepstakes
  • The todoist app would make my life organized.  I will have to try it out I am posting as an entry into the sweepstakes
  • Being partially blind, it's hard to see my little phone screen for apps and games!  Having a tablet would make me more productive and also allow me to play more games (in my down time, of course) lol :)  I can't wait to try this ToDoist app!  #sweepstakes.
  • I really need some organization, would love to use an HP stream tablet when flying so I can catch up on tv programs & movies Thanks for the opportunity   #sweepstakes
  • I would love the Stream 8 for organization because I love having a notebook to carry around in case I want to jot something down but my handwriting is awful at times #sweepstakes
  • Too cool! I think I might really like this feature. I, too, am a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of girl, and I could use help with organizing. #Sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 is needed.  My desktop too heavy to continue carrying around and I keep tripping over the cables and extension cords. #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 would be an awesome tool for travelling. Need to stay current on weather conditions while travelling.#Sweepstakes  
  • The HP Stream 8 would be a great fit for home organization. Between media, wifi, calendars and everyday todo lists. #sweepstakes  
  • HP Stream 8 would help keep me organized by offering a great solution with lots of apps to take with me on the go or to simply use at home. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me keep appointments, stay on task, and plan my weekly household schedule. #sweepstakes
  • This tablet could help me stay organized because it would be easier to use than an old desktop!  I could take it with me around the house. #sweepstakes
  • I purchased an HP Stream 7 for my mother last year when they were available in the Microsoft store. Great little tablet for the price. She takes it with her everywhere. While I love my Surface 2 it just doent easily fit into my small purse that I carry with me. This would definitely ft the bill! #sweepstakes
  • I could really use something like this to get organized! #sweepstakes
  • Todoist looks amazing!  After I'm done kicking myself for not downloading and using Todoist earlier, the HP Stream 8 would be a great little portable tablet for keeping organized with Todoist, and watching my collection of movies on Movies & TV! The 8" screen would be perfect for reading books and emailing my fellow bandmates! #sweepstakes​
  • This may even make me become an organized person! :) Been trying for decades.  #sweepstakes    
  • Looks interesting just would have to take the time to use it.
  • I had always hoped for a mini tablet the size of the HP Stream 8! #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me keep organized by allowing me to use apps to assist. #sweepstakes
  • the HP stream 8 would help me keep organized by keeping my qppointments, do some planning, etc..great apps too #sweepstakes.  
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me more organized with my school work.
    #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I only have Android devices right now and the HP Stream 8 will allow me to better use programs like OneNote to keep my life and my documents organized and always available. #sweepstakes
  • Definitely a better form facter than a laptop for quick outtings where a tablet is needed. It is also a better form factor than a 10" or 12" tablet, which at home is nice, but out and about is just a smidge too big. #sweepstakes
  • During school, an HP Stream 8 would be excellent for a homework organizer (even though school's almost out!). A good tablet like this one is something I've wanted for a while. Kepp up the good work WC! #sweepstakes
  • Wow this would be a perfect addition for me.  All the apps would help me out so much in my day to day functions and make life way more easier! :) #Sweepstakes 
  • I never win. #sweepstakes
  • The Stream 8 would be a great for me. I do a lot of control system programming and it would allow me to install the debugging program and carry that around from system to system rather than lugging around a laptop all over. Save a ton of time and sore arms! #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Could use the HP Stream 8 for travel! #sweepstakes
  • Yeah, organization has never been my thing.  This sounds great.  Please enter me in the #sweepstakes!
  • I have been dying to get my hands on an 8 inch Windows tablet with a pen. So many ways to keep me organized, the first of which is making note taking more portable than a Surface or Surface Pro.
  • I think this would do the work for me on keeping me organized...this looks amazing! I could keep all the things to do in one place so not to forget anymore! #sweepstakes 
  • Nice size for mobility - not as bulky as a laptop but still decently sized screen to be able to see apps, etc. #sweepstakes
  • The stream 8 would be great for helping me stay organized and do note taking on the go! #sweepstakes
  • The stream 8 would really help me keep track of my lists and notes between my laptop and my phone #sweepstakes
  • I can use the HP Stream 8 to demo Windows to my customers and write articles for my company newsletter. On my downtime I would get to play candy crush and facebook... #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would certainly replace my NOOK.  Dreaming of the Stream... :)
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me to be better organized with my online classes. Currently, I'm using a desktop which takes up too much room in my house, and it makes it difficult to concentrate on school work since it cannot be relocated to any other area of the house, like a tablet can. #sweepstakes
  • The HP stream would help me with binge watching. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would replace my old Amazon Fire Kindle!!  Ready for a new tablet!! 
  • I would love to win an HP stream 8 tablet #sweepstakes
  • I can keep my daily agenda (todoist) on this and provide mobile support to users at work #sweepstakes
  • I so need this, I can never remember Birthdays, any of my appointments, the days I am off work, when I did overtime, when I left early, when to give my dogs certain medicines and tick applications, and all the stuff I need to do on vacation, my shopping lists and it goes on and on and on. I am so disorganized that I may never catch up  #sweepstakes
  • The size of the HP Stream 8 would allow me to easily carry it around with myself to better keep my agenda up to date whether I'm at home, school, work, or traveling.  #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 is perfect for me at home or at go
  • Every time when I need to remember something, The phone just don't cut it, too small The HP 8 would be nice to carry around and enter the information in.#sweepstakes
  • it would help me keep up and keep track of all the emails I get! #sweepstakes
  • Nice device to take on the road instead of the laptop, to keep organized. #sweepstakes
  • The Stream 8 would really help me by keeping my emails organized. #sweepstakes 
  • Something small to carry would be really nice. Easier to log stuff into than a phone, and more portable than a laptop. #sweepstakes
  • Given I am going back to school I will need the help in organizing my life with a portable windows machine. #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes FTW.. (for the wife)
  • I'm a working mom, taking classes and starting a fitness plan. The HP Stream 8 would help me organize everything.  #sweepstakes
  • Installing Todoist on the HP Stream 8 tablet would help me be more organized to get more work done faster. #sweepstakes #DOMOREEVERYDAY
  • The app Todoist would definitely help me get my email organized on an HP Stream 8 tablet! #sweepstakes
  • Another great device to add to my collection.  #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 will help me keep track of Therapy and Doctor's appointments and my grandson's classes in college so I will not make a mistake and call during class again!  #sweepstakes  
  • I am old and even my L1520 screen is getting harder to read. I need this to remind me it is medication time & browsing social media & skype my grandson. #sweepstakes
  • Hey I'd like to have a new steam 8 tablet to have e books to read. I'm used to reading the physical books but I'm wanting to try ebooks and see if I can read them as fast as physical books. Help me tran an old dog new tricks #sweepstakes
  • With only a PC, the HP Stream 8 would allow me to go mobile. Imagine how much I could get done if I could deal with things as they occur! #sweepstakes
  • First off, that is a fantastic looking app! I've heard of Todoist before, but never really looked into it. This app will really help me stay organized with my busy work schedule and part-time university courses. The Hp Stream 8 would come in handy in between my phone and Surface as that "sweet-spot" device. I had an iPad mini previously and loved the form-factor/size, so this would be great to carry around the house and take to school for task management. Hope to win one! #sweepstakes
  • The HP stream 8 will help me keeping all my notes so I can remember things I need to do especially when I go on vacation I seem to loose my notes #sweepstakes   
  • i don't have a tablet yet so this would be nice! hate being tied to a desktop for hours or a phone that is kinda hard to see! #sweepstakes
  • As a parent that literally spends time adjusting my schedule to meet the needs of the family, it would be nice to find something that really keeps up with me and being on the move. Perhaps it may even give me some time to do some of the things I haven't done in some time. Purely mobile world we are in, and always on the move. #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 would help me get organized by having eveything I need in one form-factor #sweepstakes.
  • It would help me get organized by holding all of my recipes in the kitchen. Thanks! #sweepstakes
  • I'd like to think I'm already quite organized, but that doesn't change the fact that I would love to win this tablet. #Sweepstakes
  • this would really help me not to forget what to do. #sweepstakes
  • I need a tablet and the hp stream looks perfect ! It would help me to get and stay organized on the go #sweepstakes
  • On the go organization and connection is vital in today's busy world. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would be perfect for me when away from home. Thanks for the chance!!! #sweepstakes
  • This tablet would be a great travel companion as I visit our hospital ship in Africa (mercy ships).
    #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After using a 7" tablet at work and at home for almost two years, it's getting a little hard to keep track of things on my increasingly cramped little screen; I'm ready to upsize in hopes of keeping things organized.
  • The HP Stream 8 is a good grab-and-go device - a perfect fit between my SP4 and phone.
  • Perfect size to grab and go. #sweepstakes
  • We could use the stream to organize our home offices printers. Both Hp printers don't get along with my wife's macs.
  • Sweep me in..
  • i would use it to write my to do lists every day #Sweepstakes
  • 8" full x86 windows 10 device with built in LTE? sure signe me up! would be a perfect companion for my lumia 1520 as they'd fit in both of my jeans back pockets =D #sweepstakes
  • It would help me in staying organized & help me remember my appointments. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.
  • #Sweepstakes I could use this to help keep track of doctor ppointments grocery lists, etc. Thanks for the opportunity
  • An HP Stream Tablet would help me being organized. Much handier than dragging a laptop around. I can see it better than my phone. #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes I as many people would love to win this sweepstake as it would be great to have such a useful and comfortable size tablet thanks for the opportunity
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me organize my emails and social media planning.   I would also use it to organize my meetings and appointments.  #sweepstakes
  • This would help me keep better track of appointments, and other things.  Nice size for when I don't want to lug around my laptop or ipad. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry  #sweepstakes.
  • With teaching at a college level and being a fulltime mental health therapist it would be awesome to have this tablet to keep it all in order and ducks in a row #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would allow me to use some modern apps since my I can't update my Android (and it's out of space) #sweepstakes
  • I own a new company, have an 18 month old and I am the most unorganized person! So having an HP Stream 8 would allow me to make better time management choices and schedule my day and work while on the go and still spend more quality time with my son. And I am downloading ToDoist now as I know everyone can use this on their Windows Computer! #Sweepstakes 
  • This would help me so much when traveling my Laptop with case is so heavy. Would be so perfect to travel wih the HP Stream 8.
  • I am terrible at being organized. I have notes to myself on the refrigerator to remind myself of appointments, etc. I could really use a device like  the HP Stream 8 to put everything in one place and keep track of all that my family of  4 has going on.  I posted this comment as a #Sweepstakes entry
  • The stream would help me get more work done on the go, that way I'm not overwhelmed when I get on the computer and have been gone for hours! #sweepstakes
  • My kids would love the HP Stream to watch videos nad play games
  • i need help with my emails and well  frankly i am not organized ., i used to be but it seems as i get older and more and more technology comes  out i am further disorganized . i would love to win it would make so many things easier , i cant remember appointments this would help me stay organized thanks #sweepstakes.
  • What, me organized? Maybe if I win! #sweepstakes
  • Windows is the easiest OS to use, and having a single platform for phone, laptop, and tablet would be even better. There are also a ton of great productivity apps in Windows.  #sweepstakes
  • it will me learn and study well at high speed because of the better graphics #sweepstakes.
  • Currently, I have Windows 10 Pro on a desktop and Windows 10 insider preview (14xxx) on a Nokia Lumia 830 phone. Having a HP Stream 8 would sure be a nice extension to both of these! The phone is great, but limited in my capacity to utilize fully because of its small size (after all, it is a phone). I sure would like to experience Todoist on a tablet-style device! #sweepstakes
  • The size of the device would allow me to take it with me egverywhere I go taking notes and scheduling and keeping track of what I need to get done.   #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would help me get organized by allowing me to upload my documents to Cloud storage #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 is the perfect size to be portable, but also productive.  Apps like Todoist are great for making things more organized, as the 8" screen size of the HP Stream and Todoist show more, while not giving too much screen space of nothing.  Showing the right amount of information will help keep me focused on the task at hand, and keep me even more organized while portable.  #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 is the perfect to keep me organize.  So I can keep track of work project, school work and family obligation.  Keeping track of everything is not always easy #sweepstakes
  • by keeping everything and once place. #sweepstakes
  • Good way to manage my media computer remotely
  • I'll need it as a second screen when I'm writing VBA code for Excel. I would use it to store a list of ideas for a project while working dual screens on Excel code. It'll give me more room and and flexibilty compared to tabbing to the "Ideas" or "Workflow" worksheet in my Excel project. #sweepstakes
  • Hp Stream will make me take my notes easy, get organized with all my emails and being productive by notifying all the latest messages #sweepstakes
  • The Stream 8 is a great form factor for getting organized on the go! #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would make my life a lot easier. I could do so much of my daily tasks on it, faster and more efficiently.     I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry.   #sweepstakes
  • Handy device to get things done wherever I am whether I am in the bedroom or in the office! The HP stream 8 has the perfect size to carry on my productivity wherever I am. #sweepstakes
  • Often I'm travelling short distances and during those it's not comfortable to use my 17" laptop. Operating a tablet would be a lot easier than that one. At least, I would be able to quickly reply to an email or so #sweepstakes
  • I have never own a tablet.  I don't know why.  This could be my first.  And I could download Todoist to help get my life organized.  I'll probably use it mainly for reading.  And hopefully not fall asleep and have it fall on my face. #Sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 will help me get organized because I will write on it my very own UWP organizer :) #sweepstakes
  • Hi, I would be so organized ...  #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 with Windows 10 in a mobile formfactor is the best way to stay productive on the go .  #sweepstakes
  • A HP Stream 8 would be a perfect reason for kicking the old iPad out of the house! #sweepstakes
  • Every time i need to take a pen and paper and write down the todos.Now with the Hp stream 8 tablet it could be easy to just make use of todoist and make all the works organized.#sweepstakes 
  • This would help me organize my to do list (lists that is!)  #sweepstakes.
  • The email thing for todoist may just temp me to give it a try. The HP 8 would be great to bring to work to keep track of personal items.
  • The HP Stream 8 would be perfect for on the go person like me. It would help me organize my emails in a better way and make blogging easier while travelling without having to take out the bulky laptop or struggling on my phone to write something. I am posting this as my #Sweepstakes entry     
  • I am always using a computer, and the HP Stream would help me when I'm away from my desk to keep track of everything pinned to my desktop! #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would certainly replace my NOOK which keeps me organized #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 and the Todoist app would really save my bacon in that it would would be able to leave my laptop behind. I have to attend meetings in several buildings in the downtown core of Ottawa and even a smaller laptop is a royal pain to have to carry around all day .... this would be an awesome replacement. #sweepstakes
  • Having a HP Stream would definitely help in my workflow - currently I have a full size laptop, and a phone, but having somehting with a larger screen that would enable me to leave my laptop behind at certain times would definitely help make sure i stay organized, and have all my inforamtion handy, when I need it. It would be a great addition to Todoist as well! #sweepstakes!
  • I could keep all of my kids and my assignments and appointments straight. #sweepstakes
  • I need a smart device in my life! Choose me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   #SWEEPSTAKES
  • Well, I really need some organisation in my life! ToDoIst is an app which I really am enjoying on my Lumia and my desktop. Winning an HP Stream 8 will be something nice for me. #sweepstakes
  • The Stream would make it easier for me to keep track of notes and lists!  #sweepstakes 
  • That is just what I need to carry on my motorcycle trips. I can plan my next days routes at the campsite with that. Plus keep up with my work emails and such.  
  • The HP Stream 8 tablet would help me get organized, especially if paired with Todoist to help me keep track of my projects and timelines.  #sweepstakes
  • seems like a good app, a new tablet just what I need #sweepstakes
  • Pretty great app to keep organized, would help me out a lot.  #sweepstakes
  • Small enough to keep me conected anywhere I go.  #sweepstakes
  • The HP stream would be perfect for me with work, handling shipment and receiving orders.  Having access to my email and work information is a vital part of my job. Being able to roam around the shop and having access to my files( email, programs, ect) would make my job easier and show that I want advance in my job.#sweepstakes
  • First a question: Is it possible to send shopping lists via text to my app-averse hubby so he can actually get the stuff he is supposed to buy? I am currently using Wunderlist and this is not an option...frustrating... An HP Slate is something I have been looking at for a while. I need something larger so I can show instructional videos to people (something I do quite often) instead of having them squint over my tiny phone screen. #sweepstakes
  • Unfortunately i dont reside in the US or Canda, but just wanted to wish everyone good luck! :D
  • I think the hp stream is the perfect partner for me at the college. I hope recive one... #sweepstakes
  • I'd love a transitional device that fits between my 950XL and SP4. I love my 950XL, but sometimes it would be nice to have another highly portable device that wouldn't cause me problems if I ran the battery out during the day. #sweepstakes
  • It would be my everything device.  It is already Continuum.  Link it to a hotspot and with Skype it is a phone.  It is already a PC.  It is already a tablet.  And it already has Windows 10.  Like I said, it does everything.
  • I'm going to give this a try! I currently use mostly OneNote (but it can't remind me, it's juts a list), and I tried WunderList and it worked pretty good, but this integration looks rad. #sweepstakes
  • Todoist is very good cross platform app. But have you tried To-Do Prime, its very good app on Windows platform with lots of features. #sweepstakes
  • I would taske notes like a BOSS on that device. :-D
  • This is basically organizing all of my things for me, and I tend to forget things and missplace imortant papers I need, so this would be a plus in my life. With a 5 year old, a fiance, wedding to plan, school and work schedual to keep up with, doctor visits, it gets hectic. "I am posting this as a sweepstake entry" #sweepstakes
  • Todoist looks very promising. I especially like the ability to use it on various devices and operating systems: the more ubiquitous and not tied down to any one walled garden, the more successful the app will be! I try to not invest my time learning a program that I can't use it with whatever os or device that I choose. #sweepstakes And of course HP tablet would give me the flexibility that I need!
  • Would be good to get my laptop back from my daughter, this would help! #sweepstakes
  • Winning an HP Stream 8 would help me be more organized because I would give it to my mother, replacing the Lumia 640 she's using for email, music, etc. That would make her happier and directly or indirectly give me more time to get organized. #sweepstakes
  • I could use a HP Stream 8, because I am allways out and about and would love to have something that I could use to jot down notes or have access to all my files. Because the Hp is windows based it will intergrate with my windows based computer and windows based phone.  #sweepstakes
  • i would use it to integate all my to do lists this is anentry into the sweepstakes #sweepstakes
  • Having an HP Stream 8 would help me become more organized by helping me stay connected with my other Window devices (phone and PC) which would help my stay organized and not feel lost. The tablet is a good bridge between phone and a PC. #sweepstakes
  • An HP Stream 8 would help me to organize my fun , WooHoo! I'd play enough games on it to make the thing catch on fire !!
  • Downloaded app awhile ago, but didn't give it much of a try. I'll sign in and give it another go. Can't hurt, I can use a lot of help in the organizing department. #sweepstakes
  • The Stream 8 would help me keep things running even when I am running around the house in different rooms. #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 tablet will help me in my study since all my notes are mixed up in different books but with the HP Stream 8 tablet and OneNote my work will be well organised and will be available for me also on my desktop and phone.
  • The HP Stream 8 would be solely for Netflixing and keeping track of my day/being productive. So I would use Todoist on the Stream 8 because it's portable and light, while also using OneNote and other productivity apps to keep my SP3 for more powerful work. #sweepstakes
  • it would help me keep track of all the facebook events going on #sweepstakes
  • An HP Stream 8 would help me get organized with all the browser plug-ins! I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes
  • it would help me keep track of things on the go  #sweepstakes.
  • With an HP Stream 8 I could get rid of all the paper notes & lists I have lying around. I spend half my day searching for important reminders that remain elusive. Having TODOIST at my fingertips would save time and lots of trees. A real Windows 10 Gem.   #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 is perfect for when I need to access documents for school on my laptop but don't carry it with me. It's convenient and will help me stay organized. #sweepstakes. I'm entering for the contest.
  • mobility ftw #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream is a nice sized device for carrying with me everywhere. #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 will be the perfect size for the job. #sweepstakes
  • As a freelance videographer and photographer, the Stream 8 would help me keep track of my work life, I.e. when filling out paperwork digitally while videotaping a deposition.
  • Oops, forgot #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would use that little bad boy to take notes to get organized #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would save me from having to carry around a full laptop when work takes me out of town #sweepstakes
  • As someone who has never owned a tablet, this could really open my eyes to the potential of the form factor #sweepstakes
  • I would like one as the table would be more portable than my laptop but with a bigger screen tham my Lumis 830.  Additionally it has windows on it which I much prefer over iOS. This is an entry for the sweepstakes.  #sweepstakes
  • It wouldn't help me get organized, but it would be a nice thing to try out #sweepstakes
  • Todoist sounds very interesting. I moved from sticky notes to flagging emails years ago, but since it's difficult to setup on other devices than a computer flags don't carry well. Hopefully Todoist will carry to that last step of being able to use tasks better. An HP Stream 8 would be the device that i can take to meetings or to home and keep on top of what i need to accomplish. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would provide the perfect balance between my Surface Tablet and my Lumia Phone. I can bring it to meetings but also take it to the grocery store to tick of my shopping list. #sweepstakes
  • The Stream 8 would definitely be useful for me when I go to lectures, small, light weight. Can put all my ebooks in there, and do some light work will on the campus. #sweepstakes
  • I wil use it to continue my online p.g.d program #sweepstakes.
  • The HP Stream would help me in the KItchen with recipes, in the car streaming music and all over the house. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me keep my videos and music organized. #sweepstakes
  • I would use it to keep all my files in order from the cloud and from my home storage . #sweepstakes
  • I love stuff that helps me get organized.  Thanks Windows! #sweepstakes
  • I would love to have this device as a note-taking companion - I take notes in One Note all day long, and though it works fine to access them on my phone and laptop, a small tablet would be the ideal note device. #sweepstakes
  • Been wanting a Windows tablet to replace my Android tablet, and this would fit the bill perfectly! #sweepstakes
  • Posting as an entry into the sweepstakes - #sweepstakes Glad to get something I can understand
  • I would keep it by my bed so when I wake up I can turn it on to see I need to do for the day. #sweepstakes
  • This would be great for meetings where I'm following along with documents or emails that pertain to the tasks I have to keep track of and work on. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me keep track of all of my daily tasks. I would be able to create, catergorize, and sync projects and tasks easily. #sweepstakes
  • It will help me stay organized and impress my boss #sweepstakes
  • It's a great size! #sweepstakes
  • Not sure it will help me be organized.  I already use my phone and calendar settings in Windows.  Obviously, I could be more organized but I'm not sure I would actually continue a new regiment for organization.  However, I'd have to see how the HP Stream 8 fit into my lifestyle and how I actually end up using it before I know for sure.  #Sweepstakes. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry​.
  • Since my Lumia 928 isn't getting Windows 10 and my computer isn't eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10, I need a Windows 10 device. I also don't have a tablet of any kind, so it goes without saying that an HP Stream 8 would drastically help me get organized. #sweepstakes
  • Great replacement for my old Android tablets. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would help me keep track of my todo list and other schedules on the go in a more visual form than my phone can do and with far less frustration than other tablet OS's. It'd allow me to get work done and keep it organized in OneDrive on the go and thus allow me to keep my time more organized and efficient. #sweepstakes
  • An HP Stream 8 would help me be organized by allowing me to keep a better eye on my to do lists on the go. #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes my time
  • OneNote and more OneNote #sweepstakes
  • 8 inch table ti a great size for portability, entertainment, and productivity on the goal. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Streamwould help me get organized because I could download all of  the paper trail I have all over the house. #sweepstakes
  • My favorite Xbox game of 2016 if FarCry #sweepstakes
  • I could use the HP Stream 8 on the road or other things!
  • The HP Stream would certainly replace my NOOK.  Dreaming of the Stream... :)  
  • It would help me keep my business orders organize.
  • Organization with this tablet?  How about me giving it to my HS daughter so she can update her calendar with all the events I'm supposed to know about yet don't seem to remember? #sweepstakes
  • It would help me get organized because I use Windows on my laptop & dekstop and would love if I could have a windows tablet to sync everything better. #sweepstakes 
  • It could seemesly access info across many devices to keep me on top of things.  I would love having that at my fingertips #sweepstakes
  • it would help me get organized id have all my apps on one tablet device and i could keep track of everything #sweepstakes
  • The HP STream would help me organize my baking business I'm starting up. I am a military wife with 3 kids and always on the go. When Im not home its hard to organize my orders on my phone, but I don't want to drag my laptop everywhere. The HP stream would be perfect for managing my home business with its small size, yet be easier to manage than on my phone #sweepstakes.
  • I have used windows 10 on my lumia 535, it helps me stay organized in my day to day work..The outlook calender and mail is awesome and specially Cortana. Having HP STREAM 8 TABLET will help me alot in day to day work. #sweepstakes 
  • Todoist would really help me stay organized on what I had to do next. Having it portable with me on a Stream 8 would be awesome. #sweepstakes
  • This would replace my aging Dell Venue 8 Pro, which already fits in nicely as a portable solution to my SurfaceBook! #sweepstakes
  • A HP Stream 8 would be great for taking notes and learning for my son I think  #sweepstakes
  • Could use it to read offline and online content while I am at other locations. #sweepstakes
  • I'd be able to organize my work time against the job schedule #sweepstakes
  • I will have to get this Stream to go with my HP Envy desktop ...will save me from having post-it's all over. #sweepstakes
  • The tablet would bridge my laptop and mobile phone. There are times when I need the bigger screen but dont have room for my laptop. #sweepstakes
  • The HP would help be better keep track of appointments and other dates through the handy calendar. #sweepstakes
  • This would be amazing for doing schoolwork!! #sweepstakes
  • My wife loves organizing with lists and would certainly run Todoist on this tablet! #sweepstakes
  • A stream tablet would allow me to work more efficiently with a smaller device for travel #sweepstakes
  • This would be the perfect size tablet to bring on my commute to work and school, and would clean up my mess of paper notes I am forced to take every day because my laptop is just too big, with too short battery life to be practical as a true portable machine. #sweepstakes
  • I think having Cortana, OneNote, and Todoist on a slightly-larger-than-my-phone screen would help me be able to keep track of all of my daily activities.  I'd like to ditch the paper pad and replace with a digital version; perhaps this would do it.  #sweepstakes
  • Give me something that was larger than my phone but easier to carry around than my laptop. #sweepstakes
  • Would love to have this to drive Todoist/Boards when away from the homebase.  #sweepstakes
  • I'm always looking for a good reminder and organizer and can't seem to find one I like. Todoist sounds great. Integrating with gmail is a definite requirement for me! #sweepstakes
  • The Stream would help me be more productive at work, and a little play too.
  • #sweepstakes Being a single mom of 4 this would organize my life between work, chores and kids activities this would be a life saver.
  • I would love to win this. It would help me to be more productive on creating articles for my blog and a good replacement for my old laptop. #sweepstakes
  • I guess the question for me is whether I should use a dedicated to-do list app, or stick with Cortana + Onenote. #sweepstakes
  • This device is the perfect size to keep in my bag and I can't write notes on it anytime.  ToDoist FTW! #sweepstakes
  • The stream 8 would be great for helping me stay organized! #sweepstakes
  • I do not own a laptop, so having something I can use and not be tethered to my chair would help me be more organized. #sweepstakes
  • My job requires me to take a lot of impromptu notes and schedule to-dos and share with coworkers.  Having something that could replace my notepad would be be awesome. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 seems like a really good size to keep handy and not be overwhelmed and take up too much space. I have my laptop ... but always feel like it is just a little much sometimes! #sweepstakes
  • the Hp stream 8 will get me organized at home with my daily events that i must manage for each month #sweepstakes
  • If it can organize my life, I'll try it!  #sweepstakes
  • I would use the HP Stream 8 to help me organize all my pictures #Sweepstakes
  • While traveling a bit for work, the extra screen real estate would come in handy. #sweepstakes
  • The HP stream 8 would help me keep my email organized #sweepstakes
  • I'm organized in real life but not mobile. This will help #sweepstakes 
  • Cool app now that it is available for W10. Love it especially the integration with Outlook #sweepstakes
  • It would be great for having a larger display to email replys and take notes at school? #sweepstakes
  • Anything that can help keep 3 children's homework, activities and schedules organized is much appreciated. #sweepstakes
  • It's light and portable and I can carry it wherever I go. No excuses! #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream would keep  me more organized on the go.  My old tablet died a long time ago.    #sweepstakes
  • i try my best to do the same with the windows phone calendar, reminders and such, but this would be better to have it all in one location #sweepstakes
  • I had an 8" Asus for two years. Initially I used it a lot to respond to student emails but a cracked screen and two years of use later, it is starting to lag. I find responding to emails on my Lumia 950 annoying and I ususally don't want to unpack my laptop at home. I've actually been looking at the Stream as my next 8" because of the upgrades, it terms of power, it has over the my current tablet. #sweepstakes
  • I would love to compare this tablet with HP Elite X3 =). #sweepstakes
  • Nice tablet, could be a useful edition around the house. #sweepstakes.
  • #sweepstakes The Hp Stream 8 woudl be an ideal meeting companion.
  • Using Todoist would help me keep my appointments and work schedule organized. It would help me organize my day to day planning and meals. Gosh I would love to be organized! #SWEEPSTAKES
  • The stream 8 would be perfect for getting tasks set for the next day on the couch or in bed #sweepstakes
  • OneNote + Stream 8 =Organized! #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would finally allow me to dump my iPOD Touch which I use as a replacement for my old Palm Pilot. This would allow me to be in only one ecosystem and the best one as far as I am concerned. The all inclusive Microsoft ecosystem. #sweepstakes.
  • HP Steram 8 would be very useful in my daily activities,consenting to be always connected with Wi-Fi,GPS and Bluetooth. #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes I could keep track of all my appointments and events!
  • I need a "pocket PC" for work #sweepstakes 
  • The HP Stream 8 would make my vacations a lot more organized.  Between navigating to and from different locations as well as taking pictures and videos of those family moments.  Simply Wonderful. #sweepstakes
  • will bridge the gap between my phone and laptop, a 2nd screen when watching tv #sweepstakes
  • Already have windows computers and windows phones. A tablet would be great for casual couch use. All the windows syncing would keep us organized. #sweepstakes
  • definitely will use OneNote on the Stream 8. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream Tablet would allow to get organized because I could put everything on it and not have to use 3 different computers to do my work.  #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream is just a nice small tablet.  I am sure it would help me with organizing my mobile correspondances and note taking. Yeah, I can use onenote on the phone, but I love having the larger 8" tablet.  In fact, after bricking my dell venue8 pro, i truely miss this size tablet.  The keyboard typing in portrait mode with two hands was the best I have every experienced.   #sweepstakes
  • I use a combination of Todoist, Wunderlist and Evernote for my productivity system. An HP Stream 8 tablet would help keep me organized with these systems while I'm on the go, #sweepstakes
  • Todoist would be great for saving appointments and adding emails to my to-do list #sweepstakes
  • Not entirely sure how an HP Stream 8 would help me get organized, but once I had one I'd certainly see what I could do.  #sweepstakes
  • the email to do list and reminders would be amazing. It would also be nice to sync to my computer! #sweepstakes
  • This would help get me organized  #sweepstakes
  • Having a small tablet like the Stream 8 at hands reach would unlock me from my quite large gamming laptop. I think it would be great for maps in the car and skywatching late at night... #sweepstakes
  • This device would help me get away from all my paper lists, and would be portable enough to keep with me.  My phone just isn't big enough to be productive on, and I have no other device.  I'd especially like it for Bible study notes.  #sweepstakes
  • I ned something to keep me in line, keeping track of all those little things that are falling through the cracks! #sweepstakes
  • With it's portability factor, it would be easy to take the HP Stream to business meetings where I can take notes, share trends in social media by passing it around, and more.  #sweepstakes
  • HP Stream 8 would help you get organized with a pocketable tablet.  #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream is a great size. I wouldn't mind picking it up and getting productive, without having to move to my laptop. #sweepstakes 
  • When a phone screen is not enough and a laptop is too much a HP Stream 8 is the perfect fit. #sweepstakes
  • It would let me keep on top of my plans at all times. #sweepstakes
  • this powerful tool will keep me in line!! #sweepstakes
  • I travel a lot and would greatly benefit by organizing my travels with it!  #sweepstakes
  • It would help me to keep all of my important notes and information in one place on my tablet. #sweepstakes
  • Something as small and compact as the Stream 8, I'd be able to use it just about anywhere I go, even on my way there. #sweepstakes
  • I use this app everyday #sweepstakes
  • an HP Steam 8 would be great to help me organize the myriad of tasks I have around my horse farm, from timing irrigation duties to planning for horse shows.  #sweepstakes
  • Always wanted a tablet to just surf and view movies while not having to have a laptop in my lap.  #sweepstakes
  • An 8" tablet running Windows 10 + Todo list will definitely help!  Plus, it will sync with Outlook calendar, which enables me to see all my calendar events.   #sweepstakes
  • easy to carry around with me and work instead of the heavy laptop #sweepstakes
  • With a tablet I won't have to squint at my todo list on my phone. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry​. #sweepstakes
  • I would use this to keep track of my busy life and not miss deadlines #sweepstakes
  • Handy device to get things done on roadtrips! #sweepstakes
  • It would help me make lists and such. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 will let me keep track of the endless to-do lists! #sweepstakes
  • We could use the HP Stream 8 on the road for mapping and other travel related fun! #sweepstakes
  • It would help me immencely. The mobility this tablet provides would allow me to handle a lot more of the things I need to do for myself and my family online. I have a year and a half old sun and a broken Dell Venue 8 Pro​. This HP Steam 8 tablet would definitly help with filling the void that's been created. I didn't realize how much I relied on a tablet until it was gone. #sweepstakes
  • It would help with everything, since my Stream 7 bit the dust. #Sweepstakes
  • Need a Win10 version of the iPad - can't think of a better device than HP Stream 8. Thanks, Gary
  • I'm going to college as a 31 year old soon. This would come in very handy. It would mean I wouldn't have to take my 4 year old Toshiba laptop with me every day. I already have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so I could take those instead. This would help tremendously when getting my work done and keeping it all organised! #SWEEPSTAKES
  • this would really help me keep up with all my daily to dos and the cross platform integration makes it possible to synch all my lists an awesome feature. #sweepstakes
  • Good! #sweepstakes
  • An HP Stream 8 will get me to use tablets more often (besides my iPad crap.) I'd love to experience Windows 10 PC on a tablet. #sweepstakes
  • I need something bigger than my phone and smaller than my laptop. I know it would help. #sweepstakes
  • I am always forgetting meetings. The HP Stream 8 would allow me to track meetings and much more. #sweepstakes.
  • The HP Stream 8 will allow me to always be connected to the Windows OS, and now with the "Todoist" app and my Windows 10 laptop, I can always know what I need to do without lugging my laptop everywhere. #sweepstakes
  • I loved my HP stream tablet with windows 8.1 this looks like a great upgrade. #sweepstakes
  • Well this is perfect timing.  I just gave my iPad away and was looking to get a W10 tablet.  #sweepstakes
  • Good size to read books. #sweepstakes.
  • It would help me by writing out my schedule by actually having to stick to it. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would be extreemly helpful to me since I don't a tablet or laptop already. It would help to keep me organized and on task with apps like Todoist and help me keep my finances in order with the BofA app. Using the HP Stream 8 for apps like Staples for Office could help me save time with my small business. And time is money so who doesn't want to save time?! Finally, it could be very usefull for my 3 year old daughter during our car trips. She could stay busy playing games like Crayola Bubbles which would great for us both! #sweepstakes  
  • An HP Stream 8 would give me the flexibiliy to take my work everywhere. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would be a step of the off brand tablet I currently use. #sweepstakes
  • I love my windows 2 in 1 but have always wish it was like a surfacebook or other detachable to be a light weight tablet when I need it to be. The HP Steam would help me stay organized when I dont want to take my heavier laptop with me and I use notepads to write on and then have to transpose those notes on my laptop. #sweepstakes  
  • I could replace my HP Stream 7. #sweepstakes
  • Best way to stay up to date on things without a big device. #sweepstakes
  • i just cracked the screen on my windows tablet so i can for sure say how the stream 8 would help me. i take the train everyday to work and it allows me to organize my self and plan and track my day/week. plus at home its an extension of my office into my bedroom and familyroom where i dont take my laptop with me.  #sweepstakes
  • The HPStream would be perferct for helping me organize meetings so that I don't miss anything important by using my e-mail.   I am constantly having work meetings and have lots of doctor appointments as well.   #sweepstakes
  • The HP device would keep an unorganized person like me very organized #sweepstakes
  • This would help me organize my files #sweepstakes
  • the stream 8 would be an extension of my laptop as i move around the house and round the city #sweepstakes
  • have so many things on the go that it would be great to have the full version of windows on the go #sweepstakes
  • An HP 8 would help me get organized by allowing me to check my email more often, since it would be easier to carry it around and connect wirelessly to the internet with it than my laptop. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win! #sweepstakes
  • With the 32GB of internal storage, it would adequate for me to organize my family photo albums #sweepstakes
  • it would keep me organized by using it to handle my finances. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 will help me take over the world! #sweepstakes
  • It would help me stay connected and organized while I am on the go! #sweepstakes
  • An HP Steam 8 could give me a great way to reference and update production documents on set. #sweepstakes
  • The HP Stream 8 would let me see everything in one place. I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry. #sweepstakes