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Tom Clancy's The Division: Underground expansion available for PC and Xbox One

Ubisoft has officially released Underground, the first paid expansion for its hit shooter Tom Clancy's The Division. It's available for the PC and Xbox One for the price of $14.99 (opens in new tab).

Here's a quick summary of the expansion, which has a file size of just over 10GB on the Xbox One:

In Expansion I, Underground, the factions of New York are regrouping beneath the streets, and planning major new attacks. Navigate randomly generated urban dungeons with up to three friends to take out this new threat and be rewarded with advanced loot. Experience an all-new incursion called Dragon's Nest, where a group of powerful cleaners, known as the four horsemen, are creating a new weapon to cleanse New York in flames once and for all. Gear up, and take them out.

Underground is also available for people who bought the $39.99 season pass for The Division, which will offer access to all three of its paid expansion packs.

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  • PC players; is DZ still plagued with hacking? Wondering if I should jump back in or avoid it
  • Nope, not for a long time. Its safe now
  • Get an XO. You won't have to do with anything like that.
  • I have an Xbox One, I even play(ed) division with a controller. I just prefer the PC in most cases for options, features, graphics.
  • Any new Achievements added with this expansion?
  • Its available but not available to play it seems. I keep getting error messages, there must be a lot of traffic.
  • Don't bother, the servers are down which makes it unplayable
  • Is it just me or is the amount of people playing this almost none now?
  • just you
  • Don't buy into this POS. These devs make EA look competent. Wait for at least a year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android