Torrex fixes HoloLens playback bug, now lets you watch movies in the app

A small, but nonetheless useful update is headed out to Torrex that should be good news for HoloLens users. Specifically, the torrent app's latest update fixes a nagging playback bug for HoloLens, allowing users to now watch movies and videos right in the app.

As seen in the screenshot above, those lucky enough to have a HoloLens can now kick back and watch a movie in virtual space. Other than the playback bug fix, this is a rather small update that doesn't contain anything else of note.

If you're unfamiliar with Torrex, it's a popular universal torrent downloading app for Windows 10. The app is both light and fast, making it easy to manage your torrents as they download. In addition to HoloLens and Windows 10 mobile and desktop, the app is also available for Xbox One.

If you want to check out Torrex, the app is available on the Windows Store now to try for free or as a Pro version for $8.

QR: Torrex Pro

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  • I gotta ask, why would anyone want to watch a movie this way, viewing a virtual screen, at an angle, in lower resolution, wearing a helmet?
  • could be that you have company and you dont want anyone to have a clue what you are watching. plus you are not limited to a specific viewing angle. with time we hope the resolution gets better
  • For us in the less enlightened crowd, could you elaborate on the actual resolution of such video streams? Clearly the full view resolution is not utilized due to the in app field of view. I'd say that if it is at least 1080p that's pretty impressive...
  • What is the effective resolution of HoloLens? The device doesn't display pixels so I've never heard it described as a resolution.
  • 2.5k points per radian. But ask someone else to explain;")
  • Just think about this for a second: You can watch a movie on a virtual screen created in your real environment via augmented reality.   I like this. I like this very much. If they get this tech downsized to look and work like a pair of prescription glasses, at that point I will buy in.
  • Ahh!
    An app update specially for hololens. It is very cool!