Touch Pro 2 makes a nice dash camera

So awhile ago I picked up a nifty car mount for my Touch Pro 2 (on eBay) and lo and behold it has a cut out for the camera. It also swivels, so it is actually easy to get an almost completely clear visual path with the lens.

In short, this is how a Touch Pro 2 works as a in-dash video camera. On top of filming yourself driving through a blizzard, we suppose it's also good if you are in an accident or want to record some yahoo driving erratically.

And if you think I drive fast, I'm from New England and live New York ... that's how I roll.

Either way, it's kind of fun.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Ok, I'll bite ... I wanna see the dash mount. I'm using a generic RAM Mount that doesn't have a camera cutout.... but I always worry about the suction cup coming off the window and the phone landing on the USB connector (what I belive loosened the port on my previous Touch)
  • Believe it or not, it's this guy: I simply love it. Clicks in, swivels, solid mount.
  • I second that...I want to see the mount and how do I get one. Also what song was that in the video?
  • Song is Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy:
  • What is all the white stuff on the ground and on your car????? From Tampa, Florida, 73 degrees today and loving it.
  • Nice video!!
    I'd like to know if you've adjusted any registry settings (bit rate, frame rate, etc) for the camera. I mean, that night drive looks very good, I do not think the default settings allow for such smooth video recording in low light/at night.
    please share your camera's registry settings if you had them changed. thanks.
  • Haven't really touched the camera per se, but I am using my own custom ROM, which is tweaked out. Maybe that has somethingn to do with it?
  • is this a mount with or without a gooseneck? Hate the one with and I've seen the one without on ebay, but wasn't ready to spring for it. How is the suction? On other ebay mounts I've tried, the damn suction would come off randomly and send my phone to the floor.
  • wow...this would have been useful for me 9 years ago when i used to road race my car
  • Nice driving in the snow, Mal. I never thought anything about a dash cam until this. I could have had a lot of fun with this in my younger days of winter driving in South Dakota (no longer live there). Of course, maybe some of that driving was better off not on video. Non the less, thanks, nice job.
  • nice vid ma and loved the music not normally the genre I like to listen to but apropos for the video for sure. We may get a dusting of snow tomorrow night and Christmas Day with temps in the teens. Nothing like you guys had earlier
  • Got mine today! Right off the boat from China. It is pretty sweet, sturdy.