Treo 800w Hack: Enable MMS in Palm Threaded Messaging

Awhile back we posted how Sprint kept their word and finally released a PictureMail (MMS) application for all their WM devices.

One weird quirk is that Sprint chose to bypass Palm's threaded messaging app for PictureMail use, requiring you to send the picture via the "Pictures & Videos" program instead. This only applies to the Treo 800w. Lame.

Thanks to NightRaven and Vetack, who were working on the WM6.1 ROM for the 700wx, they figured a way to enable the built-in MMS capabilities using Palm's program. Next, Ebag333 applied this new trick to the Treo 800w and we now have a working version with a simple .cab install. This makes a much more integrated system.

Video and audio clips are able to be sent as well as pictures, of course. Click here for the thread and a slew of other pictures of the app in action.

Great work guys!

Small Correction: You can send multiple images and a text in one message.

Phil Nickinson

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