The new Alienware Area 51 PC and its triad design belongs in a sci-fi movie

Dell's Alienware gaming PC division has just announced it is bringing back its high end Area 51 Windows desktop PC but with an all new triad-based design for its case that looks like it's been made for a science fiction movie.

Alienware says that the new case is for more than just making it look different than any other desktop PC built by a major OEM. The design has been created to offer a better cooling system for the inside of the Area 51. Alienware says:

"Internal fans blow fresh ambient air, quietly and directly, onto the graphics cards and the internal cable management enables maximum airflow – satisfying your system's hunger for cooler air and keeping it performing at its peak. The angled design also provides a large space for hot air to escape where a traditional, rectangular chassis only leaves a small space between it and the wall."

Alienware says the inside of the new Area 51 is roomy enough to keep three graphics cards inside, along with up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. Naturally, it will be offered with Intel's new Core i7 six- and eight-core Haswell-E processors, along with full support for liquid cooling and overclocking options. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on a starting price or a release date for the new Area 51.

What do you think of Alienware's new PC with its triad design?

Source: Alienware

John Callaham