Tripwolf is the travel guide for all your Windows devices, large or small

It's a universal app, which we love to see, meaning that you're getting the experience on all your Windows devices. It's free to download and might be one to pack for your upcoming vacation.


Where something like TripIt is used to plan travel itineraries to the finest degree, Tripwolf is more like that hefty guide book you once carried across the globe. But instead it's perfectly pocketable and you're getting the same experience across phone, tablet and laptop. The app itself is free to download, and you get one free premium guide included with that for a very limited time to celebrate the Windows launch. After that you can purchase on a guide-by-guide basis, purchase special bundles or unlock everything for a one-off payment of £15.99 here in the UK. Regional prices may vary.

From there on out it's exactly as you'd expect a guide book to be. You get a ton of suggestions of places to go based on different categories like places to stay, places to eat, attractions and recommendations if you're at a loose end with no idea where to look. Create a trip in the app, add your favorite selections to it and pin that to your start screen in the Windows app for easy access at any time.

With over 500 destinations around the world supported with complete offline support, there's every chance your next destination is in here somewhere. With that offline support comes offline maps, too. So, you download the guides before you leave over your local data connection and never need to worry about it while you're roaming. If you create an account either through email or Facebook login you get to contribute your own reviews and photos, or follow friends and family as they travel the world.

Tripwolf says it received a lot of requests for Windows apps and we're delighted to see they've followed up on it. It's rated pretty highly on Android and iOS so it's a welcome addition to the Windows and Windows Phone stores. It's not the absolute best looking app you'll ever see, but it's got all the features it has on other platforms. Grab it from the links below now.

QR: Tripwolf

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  • Welcome
  • How does this compare to TripAdvisor?
  • Less people complaining about things?!
  • Hhhhhh
  • I'm going to download my home city and see if I have been missing anything and compare to what I know, then see if when I travel I'll buy the city I'm going to.
  • Don't have my home city. Boo. Big touristy area too.
    Anyway all guides are 29.99 usd for us Americans.
  • Thanks dev!
  • Keep those universal app coming
  • Will a guide purchased here also show up in iOS/Android?
  • Not much for the USA here.  Seems very lacking in content.  Looked for anything in Texas; Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas... nothing.   Hopefully that gets better over time.
  • I cannot understand this to be an editors recommendation. I had a look at the Cuba guide with Trinidad as a place I am involved with well. The content is just rubbish. Ugly text presentation. Very simple to refer to Wikipedia and list an arbitrary selection of places copied from Tripadvisor.
  • Didn't they just release it?
  • What's the brand of this laptop? It looks great ;D
  • Nice app. However why is it chargeable when almost the same information can be had from Wikipedia or Wikitravel for free. On a positive note, much better than lugging those old Lonely Planet guides with you on a vacation.
  • Cool