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The latest mobile gaming app hit is Trivia Crack, but its method of using questions supplied by its many players has created a backlog of questions that are still awaiting approval. The app, developed by Etermax, gets an average of one million questions per day submitted by users, according to the developer's founder Maximo Cavazzani.

The app has been downloaded over 130 million times on its various platforms since it launched in September 2013. The Windows Phone version was released in September 2014. The Wall Street Journal states:

Since each submission must get a positive rating from at least 100 fellow players to make the cut, only about 1,500 new questions are being added to the game each day. "It's a problem we haven't dealt with," the entrepreneur says. "It's like building a house and a million people came to help you. We just need one house." Also bogging down the review process is a consistent glut of questions that are basically the same but posed in slightly different ways. For instance, the game on a daily basis receives multiple versions of "How old is Justin Bieber?"

Etermax plans to launch a sequel to Trivia Crack sometime this spring which the developer says will offer more ways for its massive fan past to submit questions.

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Source: Wall Street Journal