Trivia Crack may be the next big thing in mobile gaming, and Windows Phone is ready

I do not consider myself exactly on the edge of trendsetting, nor do I claim always to know what the next 'big thing' is, but Trivia Crack ( has recently caught my attention.

I started playing the game a few months ago as it came to Windows Phone back in September. Sure, it is fun, but I thought it was just another game for Windows Phone. Then, all of a sudden a few weeks ago, I started getting requests from friends on Facebook to play the trivia game. I had no idea it was even on other platforms. Weeks later and friends of friends are telling me it is all the rage.

What is Trivia Crack?

Trivia Crack is to Trivial Pursuit what Candy Crush is to Bejewelled. At the core, it is nothing new, merely a trivia game as the name implies. The difference is this game connects up through Facebook, and it is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even the Amazon Store.

It also became the top downloaded game on iOS in December, which probably explains why I started hearing about it from various social circles. In fact, Business Week just did a write up about the game, as it is now just peaking in US markets.

The game though is very straightforward. Login with your Facebook account, find friends and challenge them to a match. Each game starts with a spin, and you are presented with various categories, including:

  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Geography

Your spin lands on one of those categories and that is your question. Once you accept, you are asked a trivia question and given a certain amount of seconds to answer. Users are presented with four possible responses, making it much easier to just visually recognize the answer instead of actual recall.

If you guess right, you spin again. Guess wrong, and it is your opponents turn. Once you answer three questions in a row correctly, you can opt to win a category (or 'character' as the game calls them). After winning all the categories, you win the game and can re-challenge your opponent.

Trivia Crack also features powerups, such as extra spins, or removing two of the four possible answers to help make things easier. These options are obtained by collecting coins, which you earn each time you win a game against an opponent or answering a certain about of questions in a row correctly.

Interestingly, you can rate each trivia question as boring or interesting. Presumably this feedback can weed out erroneous items from the system since the questions themselves can be user submitted.

The game sends notifications to the phone to let you know it is your turn, and so far they have been very reliable on Windows Phone. However, it would be even cooler if they make a Live Tile system that flips to reveal your turn, and maybe your stats.

Why it is so good

Trivia Crack is free to play, and there are no ads. How does the Argentinian company Etermax make money? I have no idea. Regardless, the experience on Windows Phone as an app is excellent as it maintains a 4.3 (out of 5 rating) from a ridiculous 50,000 reviews.

Combined with the cross-platform availability and the Facebook integration, Trivia Crack is that perfect pick-up and play the game that rarely requires more than few minutes of your attention. It is simple, reliable and fun to play against people.

Plus, you can pick up to play Trivia Crack on your Windows Phone then continue it on Facebook, seamlessly and vice versa.

Windows Phone FTW

The only reason I am even bringing this game up is simple: Windows Phone users are often behind the curve on trend setting games. Good lawd we just got Candy Crush Saga a few weeks ago, long after the game peaked on other platforms.

Trivia Crack though is one of the first times Windows Phone users can ride the wave of gaming popularity and not lament being left on the sidelines. Yes, people, this is it: Windows Phone can now be a part of a gaming meme. So let's celebrate this rare victory, eh?

Also, Kudos to developers Etermax for embracing Windows Phone so early. We covered its release in September, but the game has grown considerably since then. As this game continues its meteoric rise, I am grateful my inbox will not be flooded with user petitions to bring the game to Windows Phone.

Finally, if you have not yet tried Trivia Crack, you should. The game is available for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices, including those with 512 MB of RAM and we should show Etermax it was right to make a solid Windows Phone app. You also do not need a Facebook account as you can just create one for the game through an email address.

Are you playing Trivia Crack? Have any tips or tricks to share? Let us know in comments!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Funny enough, my friend was just telling me about this game and my first thought was "dang it, what's my excuse to not play this since its probably not on Windows Phone" lol
  • I can understand, two of my siblings are hardcore app-addicts, and they've burned me innumerable times.
  • *crack
  • yep, i wasn't gonna hop on it at first, but my girlfriend plays and so that meant i play... so glad when i searched on the store, and there it was... At that moment, i realized how app parity could be such a good thing, because i know how it would be to have the opposite happen(app not there). Android and iOS users are cruel :'(
  • Already addicted.
  • That's why Daniel repeat this game many times
  • Lol, same exact thing happened to me last night. I didn't even bother looking it up. Pleasantly surprised to see this article. I can be cool once again.
  • Hmm what? This game was so popular back in 2013 and mid 2014. No one plays it anymore. I remember when I got my phone everyone had it in their androids and i was the only left behind. When it finally came to WP, no one was playing it.
  • Haha, exactly! Had a friend telling me about the game and I was thinking "welp, maybe it will still be hot lord-knows-how-long-from-now when I comes to WP".... It's actually a weird feeling being in on a gaming trend
  • What's the difference between this and QuizUp?
  • It's avaible on Windows Phone since middle of last year, when it used to be famous in brasil.
  • I've been playing this game on 1520 for about a week now, and I CAN'T. STOP. PLAYING.
  • And next week you will hate it.
  • When are we getting Superbeam on WP..? :P:P:P:P
  • 'Easy transfer' is best alternative till we get it.
  • +1
  • Any comments on "Feem"? I've been using it since its cross platform but its making the video files unable to play when send to the receiver
  • Where's .... wait.
  • Great game! Just waiting for a few features not included yet.
  • Yea even though the app is there, it's still not as robust as the other OS'
  • Eh. The only things I've noticed missing are the ability to submit questions, and the xp/leveling system, which has no impact on the game itself. Aesthetically its pretty much the same
  • From what I've noticed, there are no achievements/leveling, ways to submit questions, or animations of the character/icons.
  • The group challenge games are missing too. Additionally, mine has been force quitting on load for 2 weeks +icon
  • Haha my friends have been playing it but it died quickly. Very fun game.
  • Meh, none of my friends here play it.
  • Here in my country this game was super popular, I was aching for having it on my phone. Then people got bored and popularity of the game faded away and then it came to WP LOL. It is useless now.
  • It's been on Windows Phone since September, waaay before it got big. Windows Phone never missed it. It just started peaking in December.
  • Actually in Argentina and near countries, this game was a huge hit around may/ june, before the app was available on the platform. But it still is a great addition to the store.
  • Exactly this. Don't underestimate Argentinian devs!
  • it was pretty popular on the soccer world cup, i played the version that was before the original one from september. 
  • Not where I live, it was big long before it hit WP. By the time it did, nobody was playing anymore.
  • September 2013..? Daniel you kissing me..?
  • Not sure he wanted to convey that..
  • This game lost popularity here around Brazil and Argentina some months ago. And Windows Phone was waaaay behind of Android and iOS ( even Facebook had it). Google Play and App Store has this game for almost a year now. It's funny for us to read this article, cause around May/July it was very addictive here, but not anymore, unfortunately WP was late for the party on this.
  • Exactly. When I was reading all the Daniel's excitement I was asking myself if I was missing something, but this game is not popular here anymore...
  • That's all fine and dandy but there is a world outside of Brazil and Argentina. The fact is it is now getting big in the US and elsewhere. I'm glad you find that funny, but I found it interesting. Business Week also found it interesting, just writing this article in the last day.
  • Funny and interesting :) and the entire Latin America, not just here Brazil or Argentina. Devs can confirm that.
  • "a world outside of Brazil and Argentina" = "US and elsewhere" = US and Canada?... :P
  • You a straight savage, Daniel
  • It was released on iOS and Android in Oct. 2013
  • Since it was first released on Argentina on FB, Android and iOS, somewhere over May, maybe earlier, we got a sort of app called "Preguntados", and when it finally hit the WPStore, as you said before, on September, most of us had already stopped playing. US and "the rest" are just getting the hype we Latinos left months ago. Enjoy. So WP was not and is not the first to get apps that are trending.
  • "[T]here is a world outside of Brazil and Argentina." It's funny how Americans use such arguments when they find themselves somehow excluded (this time because you guys are jumping on the train late). However, I'm in Chile and this game was very popular here and the rest of Latin America WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before it got to the WP Store and I'm pretty sure the same happened in Central America and Spain, which is in Europe, and from there to the rest of Europe. Note that's a lot more people and countries than the US and Canada and it's probably the majority of the world. So no, that argument doesn't work for you guys. IT DOES WORK for us Latin Americans when we complain we're left out by US-only contests or deals but we're just ignored when we say it. No, guys, before saying a modified argument of what has been always obvious for the rest of the world (i.e., that there's a world outside of the US) except the Americans, please, pay attention to the way you guys always overlook us Latin Americans and, basically, the rest of the world.
  • Amen.
  • I'd like this comment a thousand times if I could.
  • Hi Daniel, perhaps in the US is booming now, but here in Costa Rica it was already popular when it came to Windows Phone. Actually when I was able to play it, my friends (with iOS and Android) already had stopped playing it, so isn't funny anymore because I don't have facebook friends to play with haha the perks (sarcarsm?) on being on WP xD
  • It's better to ignore people who say things like "useless". They usually know not what they speak.
  • Right. In latin america this was a huge hit around may, so we asked then to develop a Windows Phone version, and they did, but when The game was lanched for Windows Phone, it nobody was playing anymore
  • Well it seems that in all Latin America this game isn't popular anymore and as somebody commented above, this game was popular in my country even before the World Cup
  • Yes, it was popular in 2013. All my friends would play it, even on iOS. It was released months ago, I remember playing it on my friends iPods in march
  • Yeah I've been playing it for a couple weeks with my friends on other platforms. Although it's not entirely up to par and missing some features/animations, it's insanely fun.
  • Just started playing this December. Its like crack, hence the name. Love it!!
  • It's great that we have it, but it's not all rainbows. Features are still sorely lacking behind the Android and iOS versions, or even the facebook version. You can't do challenge games, the characters don't animate like they do on other platforms, there's no tutorial telling you which powerups do what, it doesn't tell you when a question is user submitted, you can't even see your level, you can't submit questions, and really quite a few more features I can't even think of. Yes we have it, but it's like twitter. It's there, but it lacks so many features that who knows when we'll get them
  • That's true, partially why I'm raising awareness. It was updated in December for Notifications, so there's that, lol.
  • I was thinking the same thing, that you want get  more users on the app, then bam! We will get noticed and get updates!
  • A tutorial would be nice, but I can challenge people to steal a trophy from them. What other challenge games are you talking about?
  • There are 12-question timed challenges that people can invite other people to do (same questions for all I assume) and it shows a leader board that takes into account total correct answered and total time taken to answer. Players have a few hours to complete the challenge
  • Interesting. That would definitely be a lot of fun. I especially like the leader board part of that.
  • What's nice at least is that since it's still incomplete compared to other platforms, they still haven't included ads in the Windows Phone version. My friends on iOS and Android are stuck with a publicity after each game. It's nice to see the developers decided to wait until the nice stuff is all there before including the bad stuff.
  • Good point.
  • Yeah and that's true with almost every Windows app from a big company: No ads yet while other platforms have them. It's nice for us though it means the devs aren't making any money from Windows.
  • Not available in germany
  • +german1020
  • Switch region
  • Indeed. Wondering why
  • Nor New Zealand. Feel you my German brother or sister.
  • Nothing here in South Africa either :(
  • Been playing it and I like it. Would like to see some more data show up on Windows Phone like head-to-head stats but I really enjoy it.
  • I guess QuizUp is more popular but these are different games. Still good to see the platform growing!
  • Love it, but wish it wasn't watered down. But, it is good enough to overlook that.
  • I've been playing for weeks already and I wish I could stop! I had problems initially linking to Facebook but after an uninstall and reinstall I was able to link. What I noticed while my friend was playing on Android is that he does have ads while playing. I'm not sure if they just have yet to be implemented on Windows Phone but hopefully that just means they love us more.
  • I like this one
  • This game already had it's glory days. No ones plays it anymore.
  • I disagree. In fact, TNW disagrees too, doing a big story on it at the end of November once it hit the top of the charts in the US and Canada. Also, the game has 50K reviews on Windows Phone. Please, continue to inform how that is not a big deal.
  • It depends what country do you live. Here in Brazil almost no one play it anymore. One friend once asked me when this game would be available in the WP (she has a Lumia 820) and I didnt the answer. Pretty months after the game cames out and she is not interested in the game...
  • Bruhh why you gettin everyone tho? You salty
  • Wha..
  • Are you just addressing your 7-8 friends as 'No One'..?
  • i installed this game last week and I must say its awesome game
  • Lol! I was at work yesterday and my co-worker was on me about downloading the game since he had it for android. He wanted to play against me was talking non-stop trash. I told him I could play cause I had a WP and we bet lunch on whether I could play or or not. First time I have been glad to lose a bet in a while cause we had it in the store!
  • This game is blowing up; i play it constantly with family and co-workers. It is missing a few features but it works and hopefully we can get an update soon. Glad to be part of the fun while it is still popular.
  • This game was very popular in Latin America back in may/june so I don't play it anymore because none of my friends play it...they took too long to develop the app. But is good to see it's getting popular in other countries and WP users can play it.
  • Not available in Australia. LOL
  • My favorite game FTW
    Endless runners sucks..
  • They make money from ads on other platforms plus at least in the iOS store there's a version with no ads for $3 iirc
  • Games that you have to keep nagging your friends on fb are like the Jehovah witnesses of the internet. Pass.
  • It doesn't nag you on Facebook. I only get notifications on Windows Phone, which I can easy turn off for the game. You should try it first.
  • Before I bother to install it, does it NEED facebook? I don't have a FB account & don't want one. Will that stop me playing with (or finding) friends?
  • Nope, you can just sign up through email. I'll add that to the review for others.
  • OK thanks! I'll give it a try then...
  • No Facebook will prevent searching for friends, right? Is it just a thing to not have a Facebook account? If one is REALLY that paranoid about their data, can't the just choose to not post anything?  
  • No you don't need Facebook but without it you'll be playing at random people instead of friends.
  • No, search works in app so if you know there name they are still there
  • Im argentinian and that game known here as "preguntados" made a splash last year! It was the most played game in Argentina for about 2 months.
  • Why supercell is not making clash of clans for windows phone. My all friends play coc all the time and then make fun of my windows phone.
  • Start playin Halo or SongArc or Minecraft in front of em by the time..!!
  • You can tease them with Minecraft. Many educators give positive review for the game. Many parents in my city installed this game for their children in desktop. They were surprised seeing me able to play it on phone and after that, they borrowed my phone.
  • LATE!!!!
  • Haha, this was an epic reply! xD
  • This game came out for Windows Phone like half a year later than for other platforms. But still good game.
  • Are you sure about that? All evidence suggests the iPhone version came after Windows Phone in October. In fact, here is the first trailer for it.
  • Lol gotcha
  • I think you are missing the year there, as far as I know the game was released on iPhone on October 2013 at least the first versión called "preguntados" I think the developers are from Spain Edit: I see now that the developers are from Argentina and the LATAM version was indeed released in 2013. I think you might have a lot of reader from Latin America saying this game is old news in the comments I dunno if that's worth an edit in the post
  • Maybe he is right, I'm from Mexico ;)
  • I'm sure, my friends would be playing it with their iPhones, iPods, iPads... During the semester of January-May 2014 and I couldn't play with them because there was no Windows Phone version :( So, I'm pretty sure about that.
  • My kids have been playing this nonstop and asking me for answers. :0
  • I was suprised when I found it on Windows Phone as soon as all my friends started playing. While it does lack a lot of non-critical features, the fact that it's there and is pretty stable is impressive. Yet, this shows the complete unforseeable aspect of app trends... who knows what game is going to be popular next month. The only way we'll keep getting apps that are popular now.. is if developers see a higher user base, and therefore visibal potential for money-making.
  • Sounds cool everyone is hooked. Gotta pass on that. Thanks anyway.
  • Very late to the party, it was a success last year, not anymore. HERE.
  • WHERE..?
  • False. Read the data, the game peaked in mobile in December. I get maybe in your country, but the world is larger than just Argentina ;) It also wasn't even released on iOS until October, after Windows Phone. So not sure how this is 'late to the party'.
  • It was released on iOS October 23, 2013. Android two days later, WP in September 2014 so I wouldn't say it was released after WP...
  • Exactly.
  • Reading these comments it's like Daniel vs. Latin America.
  • Since it's currently ranked #1 on both iOS and Android, saying it's not a success anymore is just uninformed...
  • The app is at the top of the ios charts currently how is it not a success anymore ur not making any sense
  • I downloaded in September after it was mentioned here but never used it so deleted it. But I was working this past weekend and when I showed up the other employees were all playing so I redownloaded. I basically haven't been able to put it down since. It works very well on WP and even though it's ad free for us, it looked like the person I was playing against at work had ads on their iPhone. Notifications have been very reliable. The only real difference I saw besides the ads was after you spin and get a category, the category icon (i.e. football for sports) was animated on the iPhone. But very nice to have this!
  • Got it. Love it. Beat my family members all the time. Fun.
  • Will surely give it a try.
  • Lol. I just got burned out on it today. Just uninstalled it. Fun... But eh, trivia, been there done that.
  • We(not me) need Clash of Clan game too. Hope that they will make it to WP store asap since it was a top game on IOS n Android. Most people nowadays playing game based on the trending one.... I hope this year is the end of the game gaps. Lol..
  • Windows Phone was embraced because developers are from Argentina and theres a lot of Windows Phones users here. Before it became popular abroad, it was really popular here. One of the most famous shows in the country has a whole section where people go to the show and compete on a big screen.
  • I accidentally started a game in Spanish so I deleted it. Now I'm always getting game requests from this one Spanish guy. Can I block him
  • Wildly fun game.  Props for the devs to create for ALL platforms.
  • Sadly, WP loses again. 50% or more of this game is missing from WP. I'd love to play it on my 920, but its not even close to the experience on iOS/Android. Here's what's missing: - Friends Challenge: where you and your friends get the same questions and are ranked by # of correct answers. This by itself is 1/2 the fun of Trivia Challenge - Chat - Full profile details for you and your friends - Acheivements - Question Factory: add your own questions, rate questions - If you're in the US, it shows the UK flag (minor issue)   Play it on iOS/Android. Its like a punch in the gut when you go back to WP. This one hurts.
  • We do have the challange mode. We are missing the other stuff, but we got that one.
  • I dunno, I play 100% of the game when I use it, lol. I get what you are saying. I also see many people using this game on WP who don't care about those things you point out. Achievements? Don't care. Ads? Don't care. IAP? Don't care. Chat? It's on Facebook...why do I need another chat? Question Factory Don't care. Like I said, I get your point. But in terms of playing and enjoying the game? Your point, to me and some others, is 50% irrelevant.
  • Play it once on iOS/Android and you'll see what i'm talking about. The challenge mode isnt the PvP in-game challenge. Its an entirely separate game that ranks you directly against your friends. The Stats..they're fun too if you're comparing against friends. The point is WP rarely gets feature parity with iOS/Android. Its disappointing with games but at least those are games.
  • My problem is I never cant accept the challenge from friends from IOS I watch them send and do the challenge then when its my turn it skips to a normal question no challenge won or loss kinda blows
  • Absolutely. I don't want that much investment in a game on my phone. I just play the game between more important things is all I need from this. I can talk to my friends on other channels if necessary.
  • This actually looks very fun. I will definitely get it.
  • Available in portuguese! Yay!!!
  • This thing is all the rage at my school. I'm glad to finally participate in the "next big thing," however: The Windows Phone version is severely lacking when compared to the iOS and Android versions. iOS and Android have more features, but also has more in-app purchases and ads. It's perfectly functional, and let's you play the core of the game, but it's apparent the iOS and Android versions has a lot more polish. But at least Windows Phone users can easily use Cortana to cheat, so we still win. ;)
  • Mine doesn't work right, when they challenge me it just tells me to spin like normal instead of giving the 5 questions
  • THe game is kool, but i would like to have same options that my gf have using her android one.. too many options.. even when we win.. i pref the screen that android shows ... they should make the game = on all plataforms
  • It's been trending for two weeks.
  • I don't have a facebook account.  Does that mean I can't play?  
  • You can just make an account using an email I believe. No spam or anything. That's how I use it.
  • There are IAPs, Dan... just on the Facebook version, AFAIK.
  • If you like trivia on mobile, then there's QuizUp, which has way more categories/topics, including a video game category. QuizUp has been very popular throughout last year. Unfortunately, it's only iOS/Android at the moment. Trivia Crack would be the alternative that's available on Windows Phone.
  • TriviaCrack is the number one app overall in both iOS and Android. In fact, it's the number one paid and free app on iOS. QuizUp took too long to release on Android and lost the great buzz they had while TriviaCrack released on both platforms at the same time and took a while to build up and get to their current top ranking.
  • I guess it's regional, here in Mexico the game is not popular anymore, it was huge around June or May last year but not anymore. For some us it was just like the rest of the games when we got it way to late
  • I don't know why this game doesn't work on my phone ....
  • The same. I'm stuck in the loading screen ... Lumia 930 ... and yes my WiFi is working for shure
  • Yes , after I log in with any account it just shows its loading
    My wifi is 20mbs/sec
    Super fast but its not useful with trivia -_- + I don't understand what is the game :/
  • The settings button in the top left never worked for me.  I press on it and nothing happens.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the settings button never worked.  I filled out an online form to Etermax, and never got a response.  Just now, when I try to launch the app, it just shows the rainbow launch page with the face, and won't even launch the app. 
  • My wife and I knew nothing about it until our daughter introduced it to us over Christmas. She was playing on her iPhone. I just happened to check the Windows Store and - voila! - there it was. Now we're hooked.
  • Resuming problems was fun while i was able to play it
  • There are some features missing from the WP version, but the good thing that is missing is ads, which at least Android has
  • Just installed on my 1520. One thing I dont like is the game would not let me play it unless I gave it full permission to my FB account. It was the 2nd question where it was asking if it could post to my wall. I always so no, as I dont want some game to randomly post crap to my wall without my confirmation. So, I clicked on the "Not Now" button. Then the game would sit at the loading screen. Uninstalled and tried again. When I logged into my FB account through the app, it skipped the first question to have access to my info and asked again to post to my FB wall. Again, I clicked "Not Now" and again it stayed at the loading screen. Uninstalled again and reinstalled, same process and when I gave it permission to post to my FB wall, it went straight into the game. Not a fan of that, so I will be keeping an eye on my FB to make sure no weird stuff or crap is being posted to it. As Daniel said, no ads and its a free game, so makes me wonder if they arent getting something through peoples FB accounts to make up for it.  
  • We don't have any ads on WP, but they are there on iOS and Android. I know because my mum plays it on her iPhone.
  • I can confirm. Without permission to post to FB, game stuck on the loading screen.
  • Just revoke its access for posting to Facebook in the app permissions.
  • What? Where?
  • On Facebook. Let it have permission to get past the screen then go to Facebook and kill its access.
  • Isn't it too easy to cheat? Isn't it just a whose best at Bing search game?
  • You get 30s to answer, so unless you have a PC right in front of you, you don't get to cheat so easily.
  • Because that's the point of a game isn't it? To cheat. Jesus.
  • And we're behind update wise already.
    At least we have the app!
  • Except if you live in Australia. A game can't become big here if you're unable to play it. :)
  • Thanks Daniel. I installed this game after reading this. My girlfriend (on IOS) is installing it too.
  • Well, I don't know if it's gonna be the next big thing again since it WAS when it first arrived. It just got to WP, whereas it's been around for iOS and Android a year before it got to us. Anyway, it really is a highly addictive game and I'm glad we have it.
    Ps.: We don't have any ads on WP, but you do get them on iOS and Android, so kudos to us!!
  • See the links I posted in the article. Here in the US and other countries it is trending high now.
  • Just read it. That's incredible! I thought the success was going to be short lived. My mum loves this game!!
  • Oh man! I was finally on a trend before it got reported! I feel so cool. XD
  • I've been playing it on my android for a little while now and was shocked when I saw it in the windows phone store...felt good for windows to finally have a trendy game again..i use windows phone as my main device and basically use my galaxy as just an app device thru internet sharing.
  • The fad has gone and gone in my area already.
  • US need to hear Obama. "Somos todos Americanos". The world is not only the US, this game was a sucess until world cup here in Brazil, but now it's gone everyone here in BR stopped to play this game.
  • The world is not only Brazil, either. Just saying. It works both ways.
  • I just stopped playing. Was fun for about a week, but we were getting a lot of repeat questions. The limit of 3 lives was also annoying at the start. I would've paid for a couple more if that was an option.
  • This game is old...
  • ...okay
  • Viva Argentina :)
  • It is an add based app on other platforms, where you can upgrade at a cost to remove adds. Unsure why windows phone version has no adds (no complaints though). I also notice we (WP users) do not get special challenges...exmples trivia challenge based on specific people etc. This seems to be only available for iOS and Android. Again unsure why.
  • Been playing it for a while now but it needs a lot of polish. Basic things like unfinished graphics, missing lines, dodgy animation. And compared to the other two platforms it is missing a lot of nice touches, like extra sound and character animation.
  • But this game really, really, really sucks, I don't even know why is so popular. Is not even funny!
  • Not actually sure it's meant to be funny. It's a quiz game. Did you read the description? Do you eat bread and complain it doesn't taste of apples?
  • Was at a bar when my friend told me about it, first thing that crossed my mind was: Fuck probably only on IPhone and Android. I just told my friend windows phone probably doesn't have it. If he hadn't push me and told me to at least check, I would of never known. I play it multiple times a day now. This random hot apps is what we need more of! On side note features wise, app is better on iPhone.
  • The game isn't cheat proof though. I saw people using the Android version jumping into the google app to search for answers. I think the developers can write a code to terminate the question if the user decides to leave the app, kind of like how some apps can lock itself when the user switches task.
  • This game is really fun. And the cross platform part makes it easily my favorite game right now.
  • I've been playing since September, and thought this game want popular until last week. Don't celebrate yet though I doubt developers inside the US are as keen on WP as from other countries
  • Just signed up today & loving it. Although servers are a bit temperamental as app not available sometimes on phone & FB?!
  • Not available in my region (Australia)
  • En Argentina ya paso de moda.... Esto fue desde mayo pasado a octubre.
  • I loaded it, and tried to sign up with my email address and it just hangs and hangs forever, never goes to next screen...
  •    Already got it. It's fun but waiting for the other person to take their turn is annoying.
  • This game hv a negative against it, questions repeat after 1-2 days.
    I answered a question three times in 1 day ( it's good for me but not for opponents)
    Q. What is the Name of old guy in 'Pawn Stars'? :D appearing again and again.
  • I've seen it all over Facebook. Didn't even bother checking for it, since I assumed it wasn't available for Windows Phone... Ha.
  • Not available lumia 920 Germany :(
  • Okay. So it's another fad like previous games ala endless runners, and Flappy Bird, big deal Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fad games with social networking are pretty crucial to OS survival.
  • "answering a certain about of questions in a row correctly" needs correction i guess ;)    
  • Not available in Australia, very disappointed
  • Change region to any other country and download it
  • What a disappointing experience. I tried to create an account using the "Sign up" button, but it keeps telling me that my password is invalid and gives no explanation (is it too long, too short, doesn't have the correct mix of characters?). So I went to their website to ask them what was wrong, and it turns out that Windows Phone isn't a first-class citizen on Trivia Crack after all: in the drop-down list for "The platform you're playing on" Windows Phone isn't even listed. No wonder it's free. Goodbye Trivia Crack.
  • I enjoy the trivia crack game but affected the battery life on my lumia icon so I had to charge my phone about 2-3 times a day. I got rid of it, now my battery life is good again to go back to once a day.
  • I've been playing this game for the past two weeks. It's very addicting, hence the word crack.
  • Loving this game. I've got my wife and a co-worker hooked on it so far.