Trouble signing into Xbox Live? You're not alone [Update: All clear!]

If you're having trouble signing into your Xbox Live account today, you're not alone. According to the Xbox Live Service Status page, Microsoft is currently experiencing issues with the Xbox Live Core Services, knocking out the ability to sign in. From Microsoft:

Hey Xbox members, are you having issues signing in to Xbox Live? We are aware of this and are working hard to get it resolved ASAP! Thank you for being patient in the meantime. We'll post another update when more information becomes available.

The outage looks to be affecting signing into Xbox Live across the Xbox One, as well as apps and services on other platforms. Microsoft is aware of the issue, and we should see it resolved relatively soon. For now, you can follow along with the Xbox Live Status page (opens in new tab) for updates.

Update: It looks like everything is back to normal, folks. Happy gaming!

Thanks for the tips!

Source: Xbox Live Service Status (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Yep, not working for me at the moment. :(
  • I feel like these issues happen far too often.
  • agreed. Not good, Microsoft
  • Happens on Playstation just as much if not more.
  • This is a bad advert for Microsoft's cloud strategy.
    If their own (Xbox) platform isn't able to maintain stability, then why would companies trust Azure to deliver?!
  • Same can be said about AWS, so why crap on Microsoft? Microsoft's offerings are far more diverse in nature, the service will continue to get better as it goes on
  • Is it really crapping on Microsoft if you are not happy with the frequent outages, even if the competition is as bad? Doesn't anything need to be good as long as it's the same or slightly better than the competition?
  • Paul,no it doesn't. Stop spreading FUD
  • Skype last week down for 15 hours?  Now Xbox Live.  The power of the Microsoft cloud.
  • I don't even remember the last time but it was months ago.
  • I haven't had an outage since Xmas. Its been really good for me.
  • Also Groove as well.
  • Yep, had to resort to YouTube to try get my son to sleep but the adverts popping up all the time really doesn't help.
  • Yup. Pretty annoying. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Use Chrome, and the youtube ad blocker.  I never see ads that way in youtube.
  • Me either :(
  • Figured. Logged me out while playing MGS. I'm sure it will be back up soon.
  • This is ridiculous. Too many of this machine's capabilities are needlessly dependent on XBL.
  • I would agree with that now. It's feels pretty frequent and totally cripples the damn machine when its out
  • Too many? Funny, I'm using it just fine without signing in. People need to calm down.
  • Really? Because you must not be using YouTube, Netflix, Groove, Amazon Video or any of the other every-app that don't work either.
  • Groove is the only one of those that requires live access. I actually am watching Netflix right now. The others work in off line mode, which just redirects everything outside of live. Hell, look a few comments up and you'll see someone saying they are using YouTube. People who claim the Xbox gets crippled with live down, don't know how to use the Xbox.
  • What do I not know how to do that you do? I launch any of the apps I listed and I'm told I need to be logged in to live.
  • Did you not read? Put the Xbox in off line mode.
  • Ahh, if only the masses could have the benefit of knowing where to go online to get advice from snarky, condescending people. Instead they're staring at their console wondering why nothing works, oblivious to the existence of an offline mode that shouldn't even be necessary to enable. Maybe MS should just decouple unnecessarily coupled things and act like they want to win the living room.
  • If only electronic devices came with some kind of guidance on how to use them. Something you manually have go through. I'm sorry, it's not my fault you decide not to research the products you own. It's not like today is the first day live has been down, and there's hundreds of threads with solutions. Too many people jump on the internet and complain about things being broken without doing any research on their own. In just a little more time than it took for you to claim your Xbox was a piece of junk, you could've done a little reading and had everything solved.
  • Why should the end user have to research what they should do to get functioning apps when Live goes down?!!
    The offline mode should be should be seamless!
  • So an end user shouldn't be responsible for understanding how their equipment works? By the way, after a few tries, it does prompt you to go to offline mode.
  • It's not your fault, very true. That being the case though, you should have either abstained from throwing in your two cents at all or, of more value, chimed in with something along the lines of "I didn't know this immediately either, but as a temporary workaround you can set your console to offline mode to disable XBL app dependencies."
    Instead... Well, yeah. You see, I know things that you don't know. Everybody complaining of issues here today no doubt does too. The difference is that most of us would simply offer our incites upon seeing you with a difficulty.
    You're one of those kinds of people who makes novices hate technology. Please stop. I'd like to be able to enthusiastically drone on about a tech subject I'm passionate about with a friend without bystanders assuming I'm the kind of person who will shame them if they ask me a question because they've had one too many interactions with people like you.
  • Well we can start with A)you made the first "snarky" comment assuming you already knew the only solution and deeming the product, you admittedly don't know about, useless. B) assuming that I'm just wrong, when you know you don't know what you're talking about. C) there is a huge difference between talking about tech and fearing someone will make fun of you, and sitting in front of your computer, with the entire internet at your finger tips, almost any question you have, waiting to be answered. You were obviously too lazy to research a solution on your own, yet you decided to claim the product was faulty, even though you don't know about the product. Funny how that works.
  • Off line mode to stream online though... Granted I don't have an Xbox One, and I can't read any fine print of what offline mode says it is, that's pretty deceiving. Lol. Can't blame people for not trying. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • He is so special, I'd say he's chatting s4it.
  • Tv tuners pretty useless aswell(360 wmc extender Déjà vu)
  • My groove player hasn't been signing in. Now i know why.
  • I thought I was the only one!
  • NBD i will go mow the lawn, maybe go for a jog.  Destiny can wait a few hours/until tomorrow.  XBL is up 95% of the time, I have a thing called paitence.
  • Agreed.. I was gonna play a little instead of mowing, but now I guess I'll just go mow...
  • 95% up time is pretty terrible for any hosted service. The standard is more like 99.9%. That being said, for one of the biggest networks in the world it's also one of the biggest targets to attack so I'm not really surprised. Lucky for me I don't have an Xbox seems like I dodged a bullet tonight, just miss groove music right now!
  • That's amazing considering a mobile phone cant get signal 20% of the time. Or compared to competitors such as ps4 which os far worse, id say xbox live is leading the field.
  • Agreed.  Any hosted service, especially one as large as XBL, should be up 99.99% of the time, and should never be down for a four hour stretch.  There are redundancies upon redundancies to prevent situations like this, and they have plenty of administration staff on hand at all times maintaining it, especially in the middle of the day on a business day.  It must be something very, very bad for it to be down for this long, and there must be klaxons going off and people running around like mad in the MS offices right now.  I can't even imagine the bridge lines going on there. For people who say "it happens," when was the last time you tried to go to and it was down?  Or Facebook was down?  Or you couldn't text a friend because AT&T's network was down?  Although these things occasionally happen, they never SHOULD happen. </BOFH rant>
  • It happens!
  • Yea Issues, its a good thing as just took a break from streaming Call of Duty™ :Ghosts to watch Gunsmoke
  • Someone give me a vampire bite on eso GT:Monarch Ratchet
  • Problems signing in:
    Ms account
    groove music In general all apps that require MS account to work.
    Windows 10 mobile
  • So glad this doesn't affect things like media player!!
  • U forget that's why there is thing called downloading for offline purposes, it's no different if ur internet goes down at home, my offline games are working fine
  • Well, Mad Max is not working for me. It depends on the games and devs. Witcher 3 works fine but it doesn't depend on online. Batman won't start.
  • I'm lucky enough to be working at this time(usually always am during an outage) but Microsoft needs to find the source of the problem and fix it. Before expanding Xbox live functionality, specially with Halo 5 coming at the end of the month.
  • This happens waaaay more than it did last gen.
  • ^^must not have been around for the halo 3 launch.
  • They really need to make it so 3rd party services (Netflix, Hulu, Sling, etc) do NOT depend on Xbox Live. It's quite jarring.     And to think they wanted to make the console online only. :|
  • Actually it was online check ins not always, there is a difference, and how do Hulu and Netflix work when ur internet is down????? Is this really any different?
  • We CAN'T sign in at all. No access to our digital content. Do you expect Netflix to work out of thin air?
  • Put xbox in offline mode and then apps like Netflix will work fine. As they don't go through xbl they go through normal internet. You have to set xbox to offline mode though when xbl is down.
  • Quite the awesome tip there  Richard Loveridge. I shall try it next time.   And, for other people, errrrr, no, Xbox Live being down is not the same as my Internet being down. How is that even a question? It doesn't matter if it was a daily check in, if the daily check in fails the consequences would have been I could not play. Such a lack of vision, the same one Microsoft had and the reason now the Xbox One is so behind in sales even after the reversal. If they had not been so arrogant most likely both consoles are closer to tied right now insted of ours trailing behind. To the other one... No, I expect Netflix to work because the check in for Netflix should be performed directly with Netflix, not with Xbox Live. This is so obvious that I am baffled. If the Xbox is part media center (and they heavily advertise it as such) it cannot make every application fail every time Xbox Live is down. For online gaming of couse. For other apps, no. I am not expecting Xbox Live to never fail that would be impossible, but it doesn't have to take down everything with it.   But anyhow... As I said, the one good post was the one by Richard, thank you. and I will definitey try that as I said before.
  • Yesterday it was Skype, today is Xbox and tomorrow will be...?!
  • Of course I'm not alone, my whole Destiny clan suffered the issue. Frustrating.
  • I know that feeling bro. :(
  • So many impatient people here. I want to see u guys keep that massive Xbox live network up and everything it supports. So what if an online service is having issues, means they have eyes on to make it better. Y'all reaching for impossible ZERO issues... Issues will always be around so deal with it.
  • Does Live need to be working for Netflix, Hulu, etc to work? I use a Roku for my steaming serivces instead of my X1 so I have no idea.
  • No. If live is down put xbox one into offline mode and all the apps work fine as they bypass xbl.
  • When you have everything running on cloud servers instead of having independent servers what do you expect to happen.
  • LOL its the end of the world. Cry me a river. 
  • #PCMR
  • Ok, I was going crazy trying to troubleshoot my laptop when I realized that my Mail app wouldn't update to show my most recent mail and my Microsoft account just wouldn't sync accross any apps period.
  • How do you find out this is the widescale problem...follow someone on Twitter?
  • Now i can't play offline either:/
  •  When is Xbox live coming back 
  • OMG!!! They best fix this before I get home from work.... I want to play ESO......................................!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm more upset with the fact, that I was almost done with a race in Forza6, when it all of a sudden threw me into the menu loading screen and said it couldn't log me back into my account. Live was having issues yesterday too around this time, I was watching a movie and it did the same thing.
  • Remember when as paying users this sort of thing only happened to PSN and not use XBL users? Yea, that seems like it was ages ago.
  • Master Mind is just testing internet in the quiet room.
  • Just signed in no problem and playing gta Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I personally think it should go into offline mode automatically if it isn't able to connect to Xbox Live. I was curious has to how the tv tuner would respond to such a scenario and it worked just like any other over the air tuner.
  • Your tv tuner worked ? Huh... mine wouldn't do a damn thing.  Was watching Plex and it finally kicked me out saying it needed an Xbox Live account. No apps would run at all, and tv said it was blocked. Lesson learned was to allow Guest account to do minimal stuff.
  • Because of this issue I missed special Fifa packs, this really needs to stop!