Try Hitman for free and score the full game at a hefty discount on Xbox One, PC

If you have yet to jump into the latest Hitman game, now is a pretty good time to try it out. Developer IO Interactive, which recently took complete control of the franchise from Square Enix, is giving away the beginning portion of the episodic stealth game for free (via Engadget).

The free portion allows you to try everything in the first location from the game, the ICA Facility. And we mean everything: two story missions, two Escalation Contracts, and 40 challenges are available, according to IO Interactive. Anything you accomplish in the ICA Facility will also carry over to the full game if you decide to buy in.

Speaking of the full game, you can also grab it at a pretty steep discount. On Xbox One and Steam, the complete first season is discounted to $24.

If you've ever wanted to become the world's greatest assassin, taking out bad guys across exotic locations, Hitman is worth a shot. You can grab the first area for free now on the Xbox Store and Steam. Also be sure to check out our full review of the game for more.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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