Turn by Turn Navigation to get offline Navteq maps this week [Updated]

GPSTuner, developers of Turn by Turn Navigation (opens in new tab) (see GPS showdown), a popular GPS navigation app on Windows Phone are set to bring a new update that will feature Navteq maps with offline capabilities. Not only will the app sport offline usage, but it will be competitively priced to keep GPS apps on the Marketplace within most budgets.

The developer states via Facebook that the app for Europe and the US should be updated this week in the Marketplace (Hungary is already available). Australia will happen when they get maps for Australia, evidently. We'll keep an eye out, of course. Good news though for those who don't want to drop a ton of cash on Navigon, especially our European friends.

Via: Plaffo (opens in new tab), thanks for the tip!

Update:  We've learned that this new version of Turn by Turn Navigation will be a total on-board navigation app (maps are downloaded to your Windows Phone) much like NAVIGON.  The difference being that you can choose which maps you download. 

Not sure if we'll see Turn by Turn Southeast US or Turn by Turn England (as we are seeing with Turn by Turn Hungary) or if you select the maps to download as you need them.  Regardless, it sounds as if there will be a good bit of flexibility on the map selection that should result in better pricing points and less of a burden on your Windows Phone storage.

No word on the pricing but we do know there will be a trial version.  Expect the new Turn by Turn versions to hit the Marketplace any day and as Rich mentioned, we'll keep an eye out for the new versions and get reviews up as soon as we can.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great to hear they are still looking after us underlings down in Australia.. (not many others seem to, including MS)
  • Well they are charging $31 for just Hungary, that'll add up if you need more than 1 European country. Good to see a potential price war brewing, consumers benefit on the end.
  • I they could only add text-to-speech, with spoken street names and address book access their app would be perfect.I'd even be willing to part with a little more cash if the upgrade was an in-app purchase.
  • Will this really be an UPDATE for the existing app?I that case one should buy it now, in case the price will go up.I have the Telmap Navigator from O2 Germany but it's REALLY bad. I don't think it has ever been updated and I don'T expect any updates anytime soon.So, should I buy Turn-by-Turn? I dunno what to do...Don't wanna buy it now and in the end the Navteq Maps will be released in a different app.
  • Bring on the Price wars :-)Still waiting for Nokias move before I decide what app to go with...
  • I actually used this app a few times and while it works pretty good, i've found that multiple times when i searched for a destination by name (say best buy or microcenter) it would show that it found it but it would be like 1 or 2 blocks off of the actual location. It needs to be more accurate because if i weren't somewhat familiar with their locations i would have been completely lost!
  • I have tried to like this app but too many times if I didn't already know where I was going I took "the ramp to the highway on the right" when I should have kept going straight.
  • I was considering buying this before, but now that they will be implementing offline maps, I went ahead and got it. The price will most likely be jacked up after that. The description of the app says "Introductory Price." So if you want offline maps for significantly cheaper than Navigon, I suggest you jump now.Of course, this all depends on them releasing the offline maps update for free.
  • Not sure if this supports 3D maps though... or text-to-speech for spoken street names. If it does then i'll be buying this when it comes out for Australia.
  • I will never use this application again after planning a standard trip to Alton Towers. MS Maps worked without fail while this application kept on re-planning the route over and over again. Oh well