Turn your Windows Phone into a credit card reader with Innerfence

If you're after a credit card reader for Windows Phone, you'll already be aware that Square currently does not support the platform. There are no plans for the company to begin to do so in the near future either. But fear not as Innerface has come to the rescue. The Innerfence Credit Card Reader works exactly as expected. Simply plug it into the headphone jack and get swiping.

What's the fee for using the service? For the full card processing system, you'll be looking at a monthly charge of $25 combined with $0.24 + 1.74% to 3.79$ per transaction. The beauty of Innerfence's solution is that it's cross-platform and the company supports Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Mac. Note that the service only recommends the following smartphones (be sure to double check before ordering):

  • AT&T
    • HTC 8X
    • Nokia Lumia 820
    • Nokia Lumia 920
  • T-Mobile
    • Nokia Lumia 810
  • Verizon
    • Nokia Lumia 822
    • Samsung ATIV Odyssey

Windows 8 Credit Card Terminal

You can find out more about Innerfence over on the official website (www.innerfence.com). The official Windows Phone app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. The companion app is listed for Windows Phone 8 only. A Windows 8 version is also available. via: WMPU

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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