Tweet It! receives another colossal update, bringing HD graphics, custom sounds and more

Like Readit, the app Tweet It! gets my Editor’s Choice for best third-party Twitter client. It’s constantly being updated and improved with some seriously cool features. Recently, the developer Timur Khamidov has been cranking away at updates, and the latest version is truly a fascinating one.

Many in our audience are using the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 Developer Preview. That OS update allows custom notifications and more specifically, for developers to add the ability for their own sounds to their creations. Quite a few of you have requested developers do this and we’re happy to report that Tweet It! now has this as an option.

Head past the break to learn about the rest of the amazing new things in Tweet It! version 7.8!

Tweet It! 7.8 release notes

  • Updated icons and graphics for 1080P displays (Lumia 1520)
  • Tap & hold timeline icon to discover new ways to read/see your timeline, including only top tweets, sorted by rating or to see only tweets with media
  • Custom Live Tile colors selection
  • Customize Toast notification sound (must have OS Update 3 installed)
  • Live Tiles are now more detailed
  • Toasts will contain Tweet text preview
  • Launch the app and see that all your new mentions or directs
  • Lockscreen support with added Detailed Status option
  • Better Pocket integration with the ability to see what’s in your Pocket (via IE)
  • Mention user from profile page
  • Friends username list with auto-update
  • Voice assistant feature (beta option)

Yowzer. There’s so many awesome things in version 7.8 it’s hard to wrap our head around. For one, Lumia 1520 owners should appreciate the improved HD graphics (we raise our hand) and Update 3 users will love the 6 custom bird chirps that you can now use for Notifications.

The ability to customize Tile colors, improved Live Tile details (included for Toasts), and Detailed Status on the Lock Screen should make the ‘glance and go’ ability of the app a lot better for power users.

All in all, just a solid, feature packed update to what is already a great third party Twitter client for Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7.x status and open beta testing

Timur has stated that he has been working on the 7.x version for some time. Currently, the Windows Phone Store is having issues approving 7.x apps. That’s not his fault although to make up for it, he is taking requests to join the beta!

Simply head to this link:!4367&ithint=file,.xlsx&lor=shortUrl and sign yourself up for early access.

Want more? Look for the next update for Tweet It! in early 2014 and you can read more about this update on his blog.

For now, head to the Windows Phone Store here to grab a free trial of Tweet It!, which otherwise will run you $2.99. I’ve called it my favorite Twitter app for a while, but don’t take my word, give it a try yourself.

Daniel Rubino

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