Tweet It! for Windows

There has always been a solid selection of Twitter apps for Windows Phone, but with Windows 10 Mobile things have only recently begun to pick up. One of my favorite proper Windows Phone apps was just re-released a new universal (UWP) one for Windows 10 and Windows Mobile – Tweet It! from My Amazing Big Fork out of Russia and Ukraine.

The Tweet It! for Windows app is completely re-written for Windows 10, and it is a solid offering. The app now works on PC, tablets, and phone including Continuum support. The app is both clean and minimal with light and dark themes, but also supports some advanced features like streaming, multiple accounts, drafts, and more.

Tweet It! for Windows

On the phone, the UI takes a different route with a hamburger style button to access your mention, messages, trending and more. Although these navigations styles can be slower compared to pivots, the good news is that the developer, Timur K, has implemented the swipe from the left action to access this area quickly with one hand.

Concerning gestures, you can swipe on a tweet to reply or press-n-hold to bring up the traditional Twitter actions including like, tweet, and more. The app is also suited for mouse and keyboard use for those on PC or using Continuum with right-click support.

Another neat addition is the streaming option. When enabled, the refresh button constantly spins to give a visual indicator that tweet streaming is enabled, which is good for those who are mobile.

Tweet It! for Windows

The app also supports real-time push notifications for mentions, quotes, message, like, retweets and new follows all of which can be toggled on or off individually. Having said that, for now, it looks like granularity is not working as I see notifications for all categories.

I have to admit especially on PC the new Tweet It! looks exceptional and reminds me a lot of the now-defunct MetroTwit app. Timur seems to have nailed scaling, which is always the tricky part with designing UWP apps.

Why no update to the old app?

Tweet It! for Windows

Unfortunately, the old app is not being updated to this new universal one for a few reasons. Timur explains it on his blog, but it comes down to these points:

  • Twitter token limit was running low, meaning Tweet It! could not be sold and would have to be re-listed anyway
  • Those who are still using the Windows Phone 8.1 version may not want to update to the new UWP design

As a result, Tweet It! is now being relisted for $5.99. However, in the next day or so (as soon as the Store updates) it is going to be reduced temporarily by 50% until the end of the week. At $3 this app is a bargain for those who want a solid Twitter client.

Twitter apps can't really have a trial because doing so occupies a limited developer token for the app. Since developers are allotted only a certain amount from Twitter, they tend to reserve them for paying customers. It's a shoddy system, but one that falls on Twitter's lap and not app developers.

Download Tweet It! for Windows 10 and Mobile

Thanks, @WMaddict, for the tip!

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